I am now said to have of all the persons at the Monarchy, been the one who had learned the least from a process of others hurting me. This is not necessarily the case, I do hate the way my career had since developed into the idea that I set about getting involved with Industry to pick up one form of work that had nothing to do with me after another; the truth of it is that the need to show people what I am doing and get them reading my Books, have since given way to an activity that had brewed such a view of me, it is however a delusion fostered by people who are unable to see how far I am willing to go, to keep them off my Bookshop. It is an issue the intermediate wealth goons – never can we be free from their pyramid schemes suggesting ideas on how people can get rich; it had a nasty habit to perform on the rich, the poor it will beat down comprehensively, builds a community of narcissistic tribalism where it was possible to create a pool of wealth each time they found somebody in possession of property they could take advantage of to get rich fast and my personal favourite, it never stops tackling me to tell lies because without it, they would have no social life, the ability to step outside of their door would have vanished completely. They always claim I never had a chance but we know few people on the planet can describe their intermediary wealth ownership madness as well as I can – so what we are looking at is a process of banding together as a community, sending out one person to run me down and make a show of how important their money was and because that person had access to a pool of collective resources, they will not run out until they achieved their aim; the outcome is that they had become life sucking monsters who ensure others cannot make money to pay the way in the world on account that they had made their own and the process is meant to appeal to the inadequacies of the Public and make them richer at the market place – hence the idea I never had a chance suggests that there was nothing I can do about their community where they pull resources together, whilst the warning that mine involves setting out a Bookshop and engaging with the public without bothering people, should not become their main preoccupation or it will end badly, had since become a sermon. I do get told I keep these things to myself but I don’t; apart from the fact they are now life sucking monsters who had made enough money to pay their way sustainably but their money prevented others from making money as well and the process had since grown too big, I suppose I ended up with a prognosis that the poor people who joined in with them were wise arses and none liked it but I guess recent events have shown that I should have taken another view, that the latter were in need of leadership while the former had become monstrous. Here it become clear that most of these intermediate wealth goons were Celebrities and yes they were but it is an old story, where each time one tried to get along with Celebrities these sorts out comes were traditional results and it always produces the same effect i.e. you lose control of Public matters and then somebody beats you down every day to make me manage it, by far the one that gets to me the most is the process of ripping up my finances to go off and cheat bad people out of business deals, then show up to tell me they did it for me and did it because they loved me and wanted to protect me. Eventually is the question of people feeling as if they were being run down and eliminated which is not actually happening, it is a product of a handful of goons claiming they were fans of Royalty, like they suggest these were the points I should get into a fight with people, whilst I am an Arch Prince and there is none to fight, the effect being that the goons who watched me on CCTV and played up abusive practical jokes that allow stretching out my personality and personal space so people can get imagination up my bum and bag walls at my head, were the main problem, should they be eliminated, the busy bodies who cannot keep their hands to themselves may show up again and seek another such outcomes where those who can beat up will never stop talking and those who cannot will never stop hurting themselves. So we can see that there are no bigger fans of Royalty than the people serving in the Military and I hated the way they think that they can make the most of my career and income at will: that said, the abusive activities were an uncomfortable experience but I do wonder what I would do without it regularly, since it tended to ensure the lies were no longer possible, on the matter of people who said they had turned a new leaf and law enforcement did not have to worry about them thereof. They do claim it’s the way that Government operatives use communities and then attack those communities as well, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that they invent their own culture and apply on it as something I had to follow as if it was the Law on the land, either because they were older than I am or because they were bigger, sometimes they venture to say that they were stronger and we have ended up looking like we lived in the same existence because I am really fed up with them playing their practical jokes on me. It is becoming a recurring theme;’ access to my private life to grab what they like and get rich bothering wealthy people and a follow up of losing enough money to make me popular.

They do claim I feel I am entitled but I don’t – what happens is that they were terribly incompetent and this was a front for the fact they had a behaviour which set them out as borderline thieves; describing it as incompetence was obviously not a process of getting saddled with the Celebrities all over again, just to say that they are always handling my concerns while they had no plans to go along with any of the rules by which it is set out, so it means that we cannot describe what they are doing as what they do by choice, safer to describe it as incompetence.  Either way, they say the entertainment producers that broker with me were just out there looking for some means to pander to the gimmicks of a Royal low life, so that others got to do my fighting for me, the outcome is that I lost control of public matters while they attacked me and made the most of my finances to make me do it, as stupidly as possible looking clever for it. It leaves me no choice but to ensure that they had no more access to my concerns, made most of their comments about their own public image which gets to their heads, and I could get back to the matter of public control issues and get on with my own life. They do suggest I think I have had it sorted and could get on with my life then apparently but if this is not resolved amicably, we will have a clash that involved Celebrities on one hand, the public control issues on the other and myself in the middle of it. People do say I needed to stop treating it as a form of dialogue as it is meant to be seriously evil: I understand it is evil, I am handling it to ensure that matters come through properly and did not give up opportunities for fantastical adventures – the real purpose and meaning of these gimmicks is Celebrities clinging to my earnings to ask if I thought I had the means of power to wade the wickedness they planned to exact on me, I may go ahead if I please, the reasons that the other part where people band together as a community to trade in a manner which suggests I had lost something important until it became a self-fulfilling prophesy had become an important matter recently, a stage where I can re-establish normalcy by setting out these methods by which they chased financial wellbeing and each time they made money, the fact they did, ensured others could not make money and pay the bills, as compared to my own which involved setting out a Bookshop and engaging the Public with it, concerning which it was clear I did not want to make any trouble for anybody and was not seeking any myself. On the matter of whether I had a chance at all however, it is largely a case of having accessed sociological matters that kicked off over the way I pursued my studies at Greenwich University, bearing in mind also that these processes allowed City centre people to view me as a talent and informed me where I am to head with what I am doing, they had since used it as buffer to ensure they never ran out of steam while pursuing the dream of being successful, so their threats suggest that I do not have it anymore for my part as well, therefore I am not a threat to them. it is an old story about famous gits making the most financially of a part of society where smaller people that managed to get away from big bad people went to enjoy some sense of normalcy, freedom and security; the one where single mother was the main noticeable stereotype, the stage at which they decided they were going to trash my finances and get into a state of regularly being seen blabbing about teaching me lessons, is never really that which can be explained but we know that it is difficult to locate exactly how they believed they were going to go about achieving such a thing all together.

The talk of the dangers coming my way is pretty much the same – it followed me around at University for dangers associated with being able to damage my finances until I dropped out which was due to a process where I did not take it seriously enough, now it is simply doing it on the basis of some threat that I faced but the general idea involved following me around to make a mess of the career; had never explained why the practical joke continues to catch up with me as such and why I am seen as a character that is willing to fool around with.

They claim that their main problem was that I could never settle down with a partner as long as it was clear I was unwilling to get into a fight for the women but this is a lifestyle which best suits the celebrities and popularity gits, we know that I have been posing the question subtly to them, about what would happen if their need to fight others as a show of their love for each other resulted in outcomes where the Children were bullied at school and the idiots have consistently set out that they would be strong enough to sacrifice others for it by then, so I had no idea why this nonsense was still being put to me when there were so many divorcees surrounding my social life at this stage anyway and my ability to get into a relationship in my own social class had been hampered by it so greatly. I could never make sense of their interpretation of a process where consistently picking up my property and social life to get rich by, meant that they showed up later and lost enough money to make me popular once they started to get out there because they had to recover for retirement. Repeatedly, it was a case of looking like they could not only fare well when fighting others but would do very well when fighting characters that gets stronger each time they clashed, shooting off the big mouth about armed services not accepting their alternative lifestyles. In my case I am flesh man and it had gotten imagination up my bum and made a public case of it to build a support community when it runs tribalism raids from my life to the City centre and the outcome is that I had trashed it and taken over the whole getting hurt by security  services jobs and showing up over what they had built around me to run off fuck it rhetoric and now I am the one doing the fuck the community rhetoric when they get imagination up my bum because I had a big bum, which stagnates everything in this place, but it maintains that anybody can beat me up and the Media knew about it, which was a solution for all their problems.

The Celebrities never stopped picking it up, I know this can be avoided, the extras, statements, gestures, comments, body language, which leaves me with poor book sales numbers while they had conversations with other people on Public media and informed me their stupidities wanted to confiscate my social life save I co-operate with their needs, the big mouth and the well-off neighbourhood in the head with that stupid habit of telling me what to do will not stop unless it got a response from me which result is that none believed them when they claimed that I was a threat because they said so themselves. It likes to think that it had pushed me into a position where it had the upper hand but I don’t know why it always needs to pull my legs and tell lies about me, without which it had no social life and public image anyway, never mind the fact I am fed up with the poor book sales numbers because well off neighbourhood in the head will not stop getting on it to tell me how I ought to exist and cling to my Public image instead of make the comments about their own, ensuring I cannot restrict access thereof while they are not paying for Books in this place. It is nothing unusual, I mean when people say I needed to stop putting a gloss on it as it is largely incredibly evil but I am not, the facts are that each time they covet other people’s incomes like so, their response suggested that they had Unions devised specifically to collect peoples incomes for them and therefore worked on owning your income instead of working for their own, especially when they already have gotten paid by people for being popular on my Public image, as a community. The chances of success on my part are not really as slim as thought; there are many types of those stupid communities that are effectively unions that collect peoples incomes for famous idiots and industry gits; there are the civil right type, Media type and Celebrity type and so on, it needs to stop working its media job to leave me with poor Book sales numbers and shoot off the big mouth that I never had a chance, the threat are that half of them were ageist fools and the other were bigger and stronger than I am and both had some money between them but needed more at my expense which is going to end very badly, they do not have the upper hand, just deluded. This Book shop does not belong to them and I do not write their Books, there has to be a reason that practical jokes in their stupid imagination had been worked to such an extent it caught up with my professional schedule and how this therefore made them the offended party, to suggest that this nonsense cannot be avoided if it did not secure a response from me; we all get complacent on the fact that eventually they think about doing what Politicians want during elections and so Politicians had a certain amount of control on the matter but we also know that the control at parliament is never really enough.

So it is the same story on either way, always begins with claims I am doing what the men had bullied me into doing while my interests really lie with the women and I am biting hands that feed me with a big mouth – what really happens is that they blow kisses at the men on my social life to sell show business and turn up here to do my abusive favours; on both sides the story was always the same – keeping up the comments and abuses that leave me with the poor Book sales numbers constantly and then they get off to discuss my attitude with the Politicians as insultingly as possible while the Celebrities have not learned that the result we have was entirely expected as it is the traditional one, every time somebody with public authority tries to get along with them – they do not have the upper hand, just deluded and need to stop screwing with me for it.

They story made out is that I am drunk with power, reality of course is that they needed to stop trashing my finances to work practical jokes into my personality from the results of nauseating financial complications caused, eventually what we are talking about involved a cordial condition around Industry and where Industry met Politics, through which it was possible to maintain a disposition around Communism interests, where we got to gain access to National security information being dismantled and put to a public fight that will emphasise how important celebrities were, about which I have not really been given anything to say that talented security operatives had lost their lives on the matter but there is rumour going around never the less, the theory behind ongoing abuses and attacks from the effects are that I could never recover, so I want to make a stage for myself specifically for the recovery and build a real show from it. The next time they blab off like that and poked me as well, I will draw my own battle lines for them too. The American part they boast about in all these was the old case of a handful of bimbos getting off to abusive gimmicks that facilitated results where they were able to shower me with insults and abuses which maintained an atmosphere associated with putting money to an investment until the profits came through and were divided up, so what it says about telling me how to exist and how to feel when it gets imagination up my bum goes beyond the narcissism its stupidities wants to practice all the time, had a force behind it which was linked towards a set out objective, a means to an end of a very unusual kind. From here we had to listen to the idiots claim that my Books were provocative and the source of all problems, what they mean being that it antagonised them whilst Germany which was a man’s world, likewise the USA and Japan were the world’s 4 biggest economies, which has nothing to do with the fact this is not their Bookshop and I do not write this Books in this place, puts meaning towards the part where they tickled me again after blabbing off on media to draw battles line and they will find me draw one of my own too. The Politicians do ask how we get to control the whole thing but it is a story of saying that any money Celebrities had made, having failed to put a distance between them and others with disastrous consequences, should be taken from them – the alternative is to say that their need to be entitled to other people’s career was so intense that it grew into a Public problem, the government then set out Policy on it and everybody was free to have a go at the problem if they faced it. They bring up those equality questions which draws on the dynamics of their gimmicks, which the Politicians want to find out as well and I don’t like to get off mentioning too i.e. that they had such a rounded access to Government Office business, that it was possible to say that they had worked out a process whereby when it came to the privileges they had the Lion share and when it came to the work, they forced Government operative to do most of it – I do not mention it because it can go wrong, especially in terms of when Government operative decided he wanted to find out exactly who was going to get the Lion share of privileges. On a personal front, I have never seen them trash people’s finances to claim they could never live in a world where people did not hustle, only to hustle on their own leverage; it always goes back to the sociological matters that emerged from the way I chased my studies that it wrecked, and its stupidities having gained access to it. In the end if we took a look at society for instance, it is full of people who always spread it wide and far, so when they sit down to do business nobody gets off bothering them on social matters, hence it always comes down to that one or two things that they had left, by which most of the time, they pile it high and sell it cheap; the interest these goons show in this goes beyond the fact I am orientated towards that direction on account I am working with Equity, it is largely a matter of an ability to invent a gimmick that applied to other people’s lives with respect to what they believed to be a fun process of causing people a lot of suffering to get rich without having to day a day’s work for it, the American ones with suits talking rubbish at me and really setting the stage for well off neighbourhood in the head telling me what to do gimmicks, wearing suits to shoot off their civil rights mouth at me, about to set the stage for the way that I drew out my own battle lines too.