Now they say I am having a tough time managing haters which is not true; its the same collection of very twisted and sad goons who can never be pleased by anything and are never happy about anything which women always fundamentally implore people to stay away from and in my case I get a lot of that because they really like to chase around my personality and fit the process of doing so into those gimmicks about worshipping millionaires along with insults that indict people who have not evolved properly. The rest are mainly media fools who spend most of their time making sure these idiots can tell where my anus is and ensure my whole existence is factorised by the fact I have got one and are paying for their part in the matter all together as well. They do mention something about the power of Germany naturally which is nothing but how a federal government governs and the fact they always have societies full of hot headed society people that tolerate less and less of young people that want to make money they have not worked for, while the federated scum have showed up here to pretend they can do anything they like with the British until when they feel like picking up what I do to make wise words of feel as though they are great of social media by, then only it starts to get serious. There is always the talk of what exactly I want when I speak in such ways and the answer has always been as simple as the fact I am completely fed up with seeing them show up over my concerns to play up practical jokes and would like them to see that they need keep off the ladies and show up here for a Book as nothing I do with respect especially to building an Empire and breaking it to broker equities with companies was ever an external affair. They do say there is reason behind it since the fact I am always unpredictable means that people lose their dream jobs on a regular basis; it adds to the fact I wish to keep it up until they are past it as well since the story of being inferior to them after dropping out of University was not started when we were children who had memories we could no longer catch up with, we all know we were paying our bills when we attended University as it were. - and as for the dream jobs being lost, we are talking about the product of a practical joke that involves a need to trap me at Politics with millions of party members and thousands of officials where I can then have people make me deals over my personality while I try to be somebody. The media ones do say that they are handling me and I am set to get into more trouble naturally but it goes beyond a need to get into a habit of hurting them as well so as to prevent the bad smell they find amusing all the time too; it develops into something that I have to do to show them they are bluffing as well: at the heart of the matter is the fact they always need leadership but those who are to provide it are to them a bunch of fools, showing up here with problems that are driving it closer to the prison service while although I have the solutions he knows where my anus is to tell me how to exist that he might be comfortable, talking rubbish I used to think about when I was a teenager and telling me if I told them they were stupid I would get into trouble and everything I say is followed with a question that suggests I brought it on myself with that big mouth. Getting into trouble for talking the way I do will just be a case where they do not understand the nature of what they are doing i.e. if somebody always faced some kind of fighting at work and had to go home to a family everyday but the fighting is not about Office space or about a promotion, it is about media and what it wants to do with the persons personality to impress those that will give it more contracts so it might make more money – of course I am not going to get into any trouble talking in anyway whatsoever, there is nothing they can do and I think they are bluffing; I mean the question is whether somebody who wrecks the society evils that deploy to get people fighting for their lives in the neighbourhoods and beats down civil rights money loving madness is not very good at persecuting the Media; they always say they will rally communities and we know the last time they did Mr Trump got elected into the White House and it became a Presidency that does not like them at all in the first place, I will still be here to witness the calamity after calamity that their liberalist insults will bring upon itself never spending its energy where its problems are, if it can pick on others that it is convinced will not fight to defend self and property all the time. I do get asked to sum up what I am after just like the sum of what I want is to see them completely disappear where my business is concerned as we all know its not a case of people getting pushy about products and finding cultural ways of communicating with others to avoid hurting people in the process of selling goods which is why they love to assume those who voted for Mr Trump will be hated by everybody bearing in mind they are rather fond of using British Colloquialism, we all know its not a matter of going out to establish a relationship with consumers in order to take up aspects of their lives they are too busy to work, help them out and earn a living selling the applicable products – we know its about pillaging lives and public lives to make a million here and there like an illiterate, except they are literate which makes the problem twice as bad and I want it off my public image and property equity, an end to the damage. The sum of what I am after is to put an end to anything that gets involved with the processes associated with the means by which my Books are produced and shipped to the consumer and that stupid talk about a war will only lead to outcomes where I fish out ethnic minority entertainment moguls and set about ruining them as well, to make a clear statement about a group of goons that always tend to do the bad things they know are bad simply because another person is being hurt and then become really disobedient about stopping it. We all know for a haters I only need to organise some more women at a Journalist Court and make it all about Industry all together as equally as they know if they tell me my activities as disruptive and they wish to seek revenge, it will wind me up as the first straw to break the Camels back so to speak was when I dropped out of University – since I wrote the Books and they started the practical jokes on that, I had decided they needed to deal with social and cultural issues and it will stay that way until my property is respected. Its a great idea that managerial position will continue to change hand every time people are nice to be at the shops, they will continue their women's spite to churn my tummy and upset it all day long, then decide I cannot get to the bank because I smell or need to shop where people are comfortable with it but I fail to see what much it is about to accomplish around here all together anyway and would like it if they kept their hands to themselves: I mean I do observe them when caught out and decided to put the hands over the head and accept realities about what society is and bend down to concentrate on the studies and the job, so these activities in my view are always a product of the less consequences they have suffered for them. So they do claim I pinch everything I have and its utter nonsense; the truth is that they pick up my property to make money by without any permission, what happens in each case is that I pick up another persons brand or product and then make a statement on the way side and the outcome will be a profiling where people can see the point at which a Royal Estate existed and can see a point at which a Company brand existed and can see what I have said and it will then make sense that human beings did exist and that an Industrial community was a civilised place and it will mean that their losses mount as well – it should be a difficult task in their view when I find it easy to set them new challenges that cause them to think twice about leaving their homes to chase a job role for every insult. We see the Muslim ones and their Liberal America come up with a plan to build a counter system where celebrities had as much money as extremists did in the middle east, that involves pillaging the life of two bit Brit as revenge for the wars the British have taken part in as well and it becomes so obvious that the fact the way it works is thousands getting killed so how to fight might be located and then thousands more while that has been so that how to win might be located, has done nothing to dampen their spirits obviously, nothing still works without conflict and wars being involved. So its me making sure I had said and done something on social media especially that causes them to lose money because it really gets to them when they lose money and makes a case of me every time they make use of my property without signing a contract for it, make use of my work without permission and or make use of my Book without paying for copy. I do get told I do not handle myself with dignity but it rather appears that describing them is what is not dignified and for the Media it will never be over until it pays the bills around here as well. The confusion about what I am doing can be cleared up by using the dominance of Germany issues for instance; access to German Markets will not be given up, neither will they be able to show up here to do whatever they wished – the Books I write are the sale items, the rest are not external affairs. It seems that a manufacturer can no longer create a product at the Canopy which they can say is creatively pure any more, what we see is Cars with Panels that conjure up images of people shooting at it and later on ostentatious nonsense such as Gold Trains to ferry the super rich later on and the media ones complain every second but have never really stop performing the amusing aspects of getting on my feelings through my Books to have conversations with other people – now we find them spy on me to copy my diet then make it some privilege only they can enjoy and it is about to call up some heavy duty public control ware too. I mean the type that has already gotten them blabbing about how I need to keep off people that are beyond my league – its so difficult to locate which ones they think are the problem; the need to take over peoples lives and exhibit distasteful behaviour that they come up with endlessly plans to ensure does not get stopped or somebody that is beyond other peoples league if he is Royalty and others are Celebrities getting involved with people but I do rather think I am more manipulative than they are anyway which is more so the reasons they need to keep their hands to themselves and play fair on seeing I have no trouble talking about anus and penis insults where they are trying to get famous but I will keep my public control of building them reputations for being famous bullies that allows racists pay more attention to the whites and get the ethnic minorities into a frenzy of making me look like they are i.e. people who have to deal with younger people that are more successful all the time, both then converge on the media and I can ensure the one group of people who see to it the matter is never settled down are undermined at the pinnacle of their careers too everyday. I do get told I have some hate going for me as well which is beside the point i.e. that this is misogyny that is built up such that it is a matter of whether or not somebody needs 1,000 - £2,000- £50,000 or is really desperate for money and they have had enough time made out for them even by myself to seek other methods of making money and being real men. They say I need to be more forth coming about my reasons for taking the actions I do but everybody can see it goes beyond a lack of respect for me and my Books because practical jokes that get me to react is the way to go, goes beyond clinging to my patent income margins as insultingly as possible to play up people power and make comments about wealth as abusively as possible, it comes right down to that old case of being successful to join the league of leagues where a celebrity can show up to make money from a company and it can be arranged for you to have your first experience of sex with her, of which nobody knows why they love to get involved with the arrangements I have with people and celebrities in my life all together anyway, then make up another set of statements on public places that fundamentally suggests they are not looking for trouble; the sad little twerps have not yet taken in the fact my bottom hurts and they need to lay off it, talking nonsense at me about getting involved with people who are beyond my league and then also that celebrities serve me sexually too when they have no evidence – what they do have however is a trust issue when a celebrity gets contract with a company and sets out to express where she has a relationship with me bearing in mind the products show up at the High Streets and there is a problem involving corner shops and top shelves – they might not think an Arch Prince is important but others do. We now hear I am finding out facts about Celebrity lifestyle that makes it much less glamorous than I thought which is utter nonsense; the matter here was to concentrate on my Office and not fail my exams any more as a result of Celebrities showing up over my concerns and there arising a need to broker equities with them, it turns out I have uncovered some gruesome facts naturally and I can see the male ones especially want me to keep out and it was never my problem they were hugged but not held long enough all together anyway. So I am always being held to ransom for not handling it decisively which I am; apart from keeping my public control close to heart, it seems it is developing into a reckoning for their insults which appears to be the only thing they are actually skilled at all together and it seems it will be coming through one after the other and the other and other etc. – the media will be undermined the whole way since they cannot simply let it be.

The talk of me being obsessed with conflict matters but unable to take the strain is an old one; reality naturally is that they normally view the Military as a place they can go to make sacrifices that are greater than everybody else, this is because they spend all their time on the vices and get along very well with local neighbourhood perverts that abuse people in sexual context, run sexual abuse rings thereafter which becomes a Police matter, to look after their media career that is wholly supported by undermining other peoples choices and wishes as well as taking people for granted after pushing them into a have everything everybody else wants desperately corner. What the vices they are obsessed with does is train them in the mannerisms of the conflicts and then the knowledge of it lives with them all their lives while anything to do with paying some price in some National security scene adds up to the greatness of knowing all about it and then going in anyway. We are here however, not because when done being stuck with the deviance they show up to determine what is to happen with the finances and academics of moral people but because of the Politicians that facilitate it and complain later because they believe they can always take advantage of the victims and take them for granted as well. So I thought they needed to be in a situation where they complained about it until a public issue emerged from the process of doing so and yes they always claim I do that and then cling to them as well over racism and extremism which is utter nonsense; what happens rather is that they can take up my time easily and ensure I go for years without doing anything about racism while I am expected to live with the consequences of expecting the security to fall on my lap – so what happens every time I resolve the issues they create for me is an outcome where I drag them back to fix every problem they have created for me as well and then it becomes a form of story, one over the other; they rip up peoples finances because it is an enjoyable practical joke over the desires they have concerning peoples bodies and personalities, then they ensure the victims are unable to do anything about extremism and violence around them for years so when they do it blows up and then get up on media to build up leverage and control that makes them feel firstly that it is not their fault what happens and then also that they have either important or good looking people under their narcissist control, right up to a stage where they have no time left for the jobs they were elected to do and consistently tell the Public that it was all a wealth inequality issue performing their own evil in that way as well but what really then stands out if how their culture goons think that if wars break out they will get an opportunity to perform heroic deeds, while it is not and in their case the demands these culture goons place on them goes beyond the neighbourhood idiots talking rubbish at me all the time because they have big fat Children at home and becomes a case of salvation from hurting bottoms since they were never a bunch of very stupid people and if I said so I would have gotten into a lot of trouble.