I am now told that I have spent my time bringing myself up to an equality with people who are clearly better human beings than I am, none of which makes any sense if the fact they were better human beings than I am was to be settled by the business of seeing them spend their time on Media trying to extract money from my Public image as insultingly as they possibly can, passing around those insults about me taking over a job that they should have been doing and spreading their stupidities for it everywhere I go. What is clear as a matter of certainty however is their conviction there is nothing I can do about it while I have issued boundless warnings about how their inability to keep their jobs off publicity I build for my Books as they were clearly not sharing the salary, will not suffice: about which I can easily give them a time frame to cancel it out of their schedule while I cancelled them out of mine, such that once done we would have completed the process of removing from our schedule those things that churn our tummy and any who got involved with it again on either side would be looking for trouble. So we find that the business of getting to handle people they don’t know in the self-appointed business of making others behave, much the same way their children run around the neighbourhood making trouble for everybody without being controlled, is the prognosis for this nonsense – in the US they want the Government to control gun violence by deploying other people’s Public image while they had no plans to eliminate the behaviour whereby this is responsible for destroying the lives and pursuits of young people whenever we are confused about how school violence and mass shootings are built.

They love this claim that I have lost my career and all I do is patch work, which changes nothing about their involvement with my concerns being about buying and reading the Books I have written: either way which we know what they mean to be that when their women set about claiming that as long as culture exists they are better looking than I am and have men on their side who will ensure I behaved to allow them make money on my Public image and get famous, such women are supposed to be completely unaware such rubbish will rip up my whole life, hence when they complain about me taking such actions as ensures they cannot stop telling tales of being unable to operate as real Women in their Country anymore, it is out of the ordinary. I do get told the issue is that these guys will one day teach me lessons on the treatment of women which does not make any sense to me as per the exact point these twerps got to care about women anyway – we know however they are always in league with matters of female society whereby women think the little tricks by which they get around is meant to help them protect the self from those that are bigger or stronger than they are in bad situations, but these idiots will deploy it to show a goon how to take advantage of somebody a quarter of their size and grab public image for them to make fame and fortune with, so it is still the question that never gets answered around here i.e. why these gits spend more of their time on me than we see them spend in their own female society, should we assume they were likely to take something seriously for a change in their foolish lives, hence the stupid men that get around with it teaching me lessons about handling them like it has obviously become a sermon than they will likely do. The concern about me attacking women has always been utter rubbish, since we know the prospect was always that they had amble bosoms and nice hair and beautiful faces, so if I felt they had destroyed my Public image or any property, I could take advantage of that to build myself repertoire by which I mastermind a recovery but the problem with doing this is that women know this to be a pitfall for being a woman and they never destroy peoples lives, those who claim they did are lying and if I am not mistaken, are in league with the scum that ruined it all together in the first place. The story then of Celebrities has always been something of getting off to the City especially once it had completely destroyed my academic work to blow about insults concerning respect I should be showing to rich people, knowing I might act if it became too destructive for me to tolerate, stirs up another group of gits who spend 24/7 educating me about anal sex as they get opportunistic, hence this theory of theirs that there is nothing I can do about it is rather dangerous; I have given them their exit as well as the exit serves me too, that they need keep away from my Books and stop following me around especially at the academic institutions; regardless of when I am renting a living space from White people who are going to set about corrupting my State provided security like the blacks did, the blacks who are now complaining all the time since last the boasting about the idea there is nothing I can do, gave way to an ending for the business of turning up here to be my Daddies with a stick behind me and an imagination that goes up my bum, to help them deal with the stupid decisions they have made, which got them into those conditions that mean they are unable to live in the one and only society that they have got, about which the blabbing has started again on how there isn’t a thing I can do about it. Hence I have not lost any part of my career; what happened was a business of setting out tools and processes for a career, deciding what I wanted to study to get it done and they had botched the academic work, following me around with these abuses, hence if I fix the academic work again now that all is in order, it will be well again 100% but I don’t have to answer to anybody when it is not; we can see the effects of these stupidities to be that when it shows up at University to talk my personality and use it as a tool for securing links in the City centre, its ingenious wickedness works so well with the problems of economic conditions, that it eventually culminates in an outcome where this was all the birth pains of the world’s worst recession ever whereby I dropped out of University the same year that it took real hold of the global economy – we also see whenever it starts off that nonsense about my life ending up in the hands of Celebrity and Media, it is such ingenious wickedness that it works so well with the business of keeping an eye on a process of damaging my life and career that the outcome is that they settle up on it at the precise stage whereby I had started to trade my Books more seriously and it built up into a misogynistic practical joke that meant people got services from my online Bookshop that was set to ensure they enjoyed reading my Books but did not get to buy it because somebody was turning them off, hence I ended up working for it without getting paid, built up another stupid reputation that I don’t need; the entire time which they are convinced I am likely bluffing when I say the next time they got off following me around at the academic institutions, I will build them a powder keg and light it myself, that if I got hold of that stupid culture and society they will certainly have been looking it for a last time, the Celebrity culture which is now the main issue because they cannot stop running off their stupidities on publicity I have built for my products due to their insatiable desire for prestige – so the business of those stupidities that build up opportunistic culture and society gits that are loyal to them who make a mess of my diet and my tummy to ensure I lost the Public image completely, is starting to progress into a question of whether the challenge they were offering is that I am unable to do anything about it; I for my part have put up long enough with that case whereby what I say and do in the course of running an intellectual property administration business solves their problems so well that they built me a Publicity that says I worked for them and set about enforcing it as stupidly as possible, much the same as Company owners set out that what I run around Industry villages with a Portfolio doing about intellectual property administration is something they are willing to get along with but are never the less always at war with disobedient managers who have over time come to take full advantage of the position I have taken to ensure I avoided most of the controversy – time is running out thereof and it is running out for them too. I have not lost any part of this Career: the Crown business part of it, the Intellectual Property Administration business part of it and indeed the controlling of wanton and abusive Celebrities part of it, it was obvious enough to be part of the facts of daily living at this stage. As for the women who take part in being characters that want to handle me harmfully all the time; we all know why they never spend their time in the Company of female society, why they pick out what happens between me and every male idiot with a history of decisions that make it impossible for them to live in the one society they have, taking their stupidities out on me, we all know that they are such a bunch of trouble makers that it is quite easy to ensure their behaviour destroyed the lives of the men they got involved with, which will really get the anal sex going for them too; just as it has obviously begun over a conversation concerning how I have spent time working out equality with people who are better than me while they had their eyes and hands on my income after years of familiarity based insults that ensure it exists in situations where rules do not apply, expecting me to talk about other forms of public abusive attempts at bullying such as racism instead, until they are placed well enough to make their stupidities profitable.

It has always been quite impossible to secure a process of being able to get around ones concerns without smelling like what I last ate if I omit the fact that the entire thing was being built and run by stupid Celebrities and their opportunistic society and culture gits, its not a fine idea for them to keep blabbing that there is nothing I can do about it, much the same as we see their popularity goons spend the time showing the way to get around Public matters was to do nothing about it, get on popularity band waggon and be free, then set about inventing nonsense that will allow them attack me over some claimed bad treatment of women with a big mouth, looking that character that show up here to disobediently wee on my front door every day, whom I have real difficulty keeping my hand away from as well – it’s the story of the evils of civil war, that if I shot somebody who behaved like this because a war had broken out, would it have meant that I thought women should be treated badly? They always say that there are Politicians who are determined to teach me lessons and show who is boss but I could never make sense of it for my part either; I mean its difficult to locate what lessons they will teach so confidently is that thing I complain about where they appear to suggest what we learn at school is that business is run by detaching Royalty from their Estate and spreading it around to build equality, such that it has become my reputation and nobody cares for the competency of my work anymore leaving me cash strapped, as stupidly and insultingly as human beings can get, difficult to locate if what they mean is that they will teach me lessons if I have had enough of the fact that thing I complain about all the time where my Estate and its Literary Empire is to be spread around to help people make profits in order to create economic recovery, instead of people coming up with a viable plan to save their businesses during an economic crisis, time again which we see them get off announcing to a crowd that is about to elect their stupidities into Government buildings, that it is still on like that, now issuing threats while it continues – whether they are referring to these life changing insults meaning their teenage children bought super cars which was displayed on the internet and made my problems many times worse, while I did nothing about their need to pillage my academic work and vandalise my Royal property and public image in a hope they will be able to phone call their friends at an office and prevent me from getting a job, all of which I let go off because my financial conditions was so bad I was more interested in the fact I had bigger fight to fry – whether they were talking about their abusive women setting me out as a character that looks best when misogyny is practiced on him, yet when I write Books the same big brother idiots who should be more supportive of the fact the Books put my career and finances above the antics of such women are the ones who want to get involved with me for other reasons apart from my Books, issuing threats concerning my treatment of women over popular culture. It is the same issue we have heard them complain about the last time we checked i.e. that people have been losing high end jobs because of me i.e. the Company owners have made it clear my Intellectual property administration “gimmicks” is something they want to play along with but the Politician led managers are always at war over the idea they now work for somebody as inferior as myself, ripping up the finances associated with the Books that have titles and descriptions attached which their stupidities clearly wrote the last time checked, now teaching lessons all the time which does not make them more annoying than they have ever been. They do claim it’s a matter of this sense I am very important at the Monarchy which really has nothing to do with anything when we all know it is the sanctity of the Public that they serve at Government which they have a problem with i.e. such reality as the fact that it has never been an unusual occasion to see Politicians earn much less than people who have the same qualifications they do at the Markets which was obviously a very different condition to Government all together, the Public will never normalise until they got rid of it apparently but it is myself that they believe they want to pin it as well. It feeds into this case whereby they might want to know what my decisions were if it were up to me, which beats the imagination that if I were a Public servant and the conditions of public sanctity while I performed by civil service duties were such that foolish women claim they were more beautiful in a cultural sense and once surrounded by some other stupid men get to make money they had not worked for, allowing Celebrities to rip up lives and families, I would ensure they had too much mobility for it too and likewise the fact social support systems are inundated with destitute women, the Law courts with sexual abuse cases because of the frequency in which women have to remind their employers that they ran a Company and not the Country – if these were the Public conditions, I would have set out Policy in a way that ensures Industry goons do not mess with me, lest I wanted a media mistress and a war with them to go with it too. In the end, every goon who keeps building up the sense that everything I do is wrong, needs to start being supportive by buying Books when they show up around here too, as their need to show up and create their own version of the problems are reaching sell by date.