Now it is said I blame the celebrities when they have done nothing wrong, which is not really true; Celebrities in the Court have very specific roles for their position; take for instance a Celebrity comes from South American, builds a Primary school and is in good terms with the Mayor of Rio, so this is one that can become a clear-cut role at the Court but is just a beginning, the rest are time wasters and more. So, it’s not that I do not know the reasons I pick up structures I build for people like this to make money playing around with music by is revenge for some aspects of my activity that makes class A drugs business unproductive but in the end, when I do not want them to do it, they shouldn’t do it, lest the lives of those whom I want to it, is risked in the process, thus where their problem begins i.e. I may want to get rid of celebrities who do not have a role but I cannot as far as they are concerned. It’s not that I am worried about danger created by their recklessness either; the Court is likely to be a team where one person is good at songs about that ex-boyfriend drug dealer who needs to have his drug dealing made less productive at the market and another will be good at songs about Officers that work undercover, got divorced and are worried their ex-wives will leak the secretes. They speak of this case where I revel in the fact my sexual habits is causing divorce by celebrities and television stars and that I am never apologetic about them; for the former of which the divorce is caused by sequences of events about which I may have been involved such as the fact it all started with a process where people really love to abuse female journalists on account they are something close to a priest in his vestry clothes etc since they have jobs that do not cause them to perform immoral acts but only to talk facts of what actually occurred and pays comfortably, the one that keeps me perpetually aware of dingy neighbourhoods where single mothers who live in fear exist in the US all the time, while idiots make pornography on my feelings as well, so it got past that and ended up stuck with the male colleagues wanting what the female ones have got creating hell for us, got past that and then the media manager thought it would be a joke if they wanted to get rid of me and take over this aspect of our activities to control media operatives, got past that and guess where we ended up, if it isn’t the husbands that fantasise of me and these women being their slaves in order to solve all their problems and serve them without question, acquiring their divorce and blaming me for it, which of course does not stick at all, when everybody can see what their prepubescent pop star goons get up to around my case and concerns. We hear them complain about an alliance that involves me and women that are older than I am all the time because it means that disposition where I fancy older women means I am not vulnerable to ageism when it only attracts the attention of schizophrenic women who bear down on people sexually and so they need to get rid of it and have super son they can bully to make them and their teenage bullies who think they know more are modernism and respect for age better than everybody else using popularity culture canopies at Industry to get rich and famous, the result is that they claim the left hand side has completely vanished and that it is my fault and I am left wondering how that came about too, since it is obvious childishness costs people their employment no thanks to other forms of madness they invent and play out with Politicians in the first place, an indication of what they really think of me apparently. The other question of not being apologetic for my sexual behaviour is of course because there is none – it’s all a case of trust and those who complain about it do because they feel it is okay to have a crush on an Arch Prince, then get involved with him and break a trust; hence tummy churns and it wants to churn mine with feminism all the time, like we know it loves to gamble that stupid civil rights. Hence the blacks do tell them they should be noted when warned that I am dangerous which is an old story; the blacks never listen and it is winding me up in very real ways too, blabbing about Africa when I have lived there longer than I have in the UK and we all know that in Africa it would have already turned to a case of the reason it is important for women to stay at home and attend Church where they take the kids along than to show up at the work place and then they wouldn’t want the Africa stuff so much anymore but which is not the only one since although I have done it here in the UK, in Africa I would have been able to do it as a community, where some people just don’t understand that being an ethnic minority means people are able to make you feel flustered all the time – they really think there is much they can do about me when they see me with older women but then again of which the UK system does work anyway, since it will likely get off claiming that I brand its activities a comedy drama on TV which destructive effects are clearly expressed when involvement with me causes me to drop out of University, by going off to drop out of University over my religion and faith as well but about which it will then have been up to the Police to decide who is making money in ways that constitutes a threat to the general public – hence the system does work. However I have had quite enough it and stupid black women showing up to help idiots build wealth that clearly and obviously belongs to them onto dizzying heights and standing at the shops to pass around blame culture all the time; I mean they bring others from Africa to join with the UK ones and think they can dominate and now they are all stuck in the Middle Classes have started to realise it is going to blow up in their faces as well and that will unlikely be their only problem considering I am always being abused while nobody has ever seen me launch a campaign against their 3 to 5 bedroom arrangement neighbourhoods and nobody has seen me carry a placard chasing a campaign that says they look like characters that are always losing careers to somebody else, so they can blab about racism when it really hurts. Hence eventually the insults that wants a moral religious person it can bully without consequences in order to take advantage of something pure which is the route to riches that it loves to sell up to Industry fools at the City centre means I am regularly being accused of performing actions that cause people to cut employee pay in order to make profit, while my actions would rather have ensured they lost money for cutting employee pay i.e. if it does not make economic sense it shouldn’t be done – the bit where it cuts pay and employees leave and business slows down, allowing somebody else to absorb the market and the employees in the process; usually a matter of who lets them push boundaries, break and bend rules at their expense without consequences and who does not; they would tell me it does not work when they get rid of competition but so did they tell me the money will never run out and we now know they are desperate. I mean it is clearly in somebody’s interest apart from the world they live in, that the Economy works the way that it actually should?