They do say I never really get to speak of the main issues lest I get to express how powerful they really are and I wouldn’t know for my part anyway; I am only aware of one main issue and only the one main issue i.e. They are very twisted and very evil people who like to get into Politicians do they can cook up their wickedness and apply it to others or on others etc. The only reason I do not speak of it is because they like to pretend when they get into government Office there is nothing I can do about them from there, which is such an incentive for their followers that are obviously stupid beyond the imagination of normal people and largely are out to steal and kill and destroy and become something or somebody that they are really not which is what all those abuses are meant to help them develop a cover up for. By and large of which there is really nothing that Mr Obama can do for them around here, especially for the American ones – so if it is as they usually say when I make mention of the fact that the story of how I push myself to a point where I serve them anyway is a function of providing the leadership for which I was designated i.e. they are paying those taxes and when they stopped doing so will see another ugly side of me that they have never seen before too – staying out of my Royal Estate and public life in the process, they always say the whole thing was based on the powers of powerful disobedience, which is hard to locate exactly what the noise making was meant to achieve all along then anyway and what it is Mr Obama was going to do for them around here all along too. An example of the provocation is popular culture for instance; he sees me getting on with my own work and likes to think he will want to rival a prince, so he sets up his popular culture to copy my public life and make songs about it but it is not because he wants to steal it or create the idea that it belongs to him instead, it is because he wants to make trouble and set me out as the source that forced him to, so as to ensure I get hurt as well by trouble makers; of which during his teenage years how he got into trouble was concerned with being seen getting drunk outside at 12pm every single day, so that at some stage it has witnessed somebody being stabbed and has probably been stabbed himself for a number of times and that was before he got involved with his fellow industry fools a popularity that peddle peoples public life to help them to fortunes whether or not the owner protests all the way. So the Industry ones can tell me when I talk the way I do I stir trouble and that part will it seems eventually lead to a process where I get to the Office to sort out a way of making an example of one of them to show this empire exists to sell my Books and not deal with their problems, I will have to do that it seems before it stops and the attacks and back up stories that help them run away with my public life playing a game of being so wealthy there is nothing I can do therefore find it degree as it were. They do say in their defence that they will strike poorer people and I will suffer for it but we all know the behaviour that caused them to strike poorer people came about as a result of something else they did, so this striking poorer people will not result in another behaviour as far as they are concerned; so it goes on like that – handle my empire and make money with your empire and cover your tracks with all kinds of stories including the one where I am asking for more by handling your company without permission but nobody knows I am asking for more as what everybody thinks is that I have started trouble that I will not be able to cope with; so far they have seen there is nothing Mr Obama can do to help them in my case and I will make an example of one of these fools who are so rich I wouldn’t mind before my Empire stopped serving their problems instead of selling my Books. People cannot use another person’s possessions with that sort of attitude; it just gets to a point. Of course it isn’t true I mess around with other peoples jobs, it’s just a matter of what people will do if they fancy others in a homosexual way, the hurtful bits are in my eyes things they should do only to those they can fight as it were or expect somebody will have to play the part where parliament is not the place they are supposed to get privileges of injustice from and it gets even better because when we hear them speak of consenting adults they want to make people breathless so they can chase peoples anus, we hear them speak of civil rights but they want to get a home help from Asia and abuse as much as they would like to and then there is the part where I am given a public persona that says I am weedy which means I am like an illegal immigrant but without any of the drawbacks that is a function of the fact Illegal immigrants get the full attention of the system; so in return I have to find where they keep those Afro Caribbean clubbing and partying and boogying nonsense too for instance among many others, not a process of playing with peoples jobs. They do say if I mentioned it gets to a stage where you have to decide enough is enough on certain communities and societies and take up your case with them, it does not mean my life gets to make  any progress and it is utter rubbish too – for these fools by themselves, it is important to chase others for anal sex and keep them out of employment for 15 years until you have it or get somebody else to do it for you like he would, looking for trouble since he was a Christian but when they realise paying their bills had been secondary all along the Politicians never ever stop coming through for them but this is where the problem starts because they seen figure they can create sense they got credit cards from the government and I didn’t which is usually a very bad idea as it will distract me from my business and studies and it always happens before we hear I play around with peoples jobs. As for the part where my life is not making any progress by itself anyway – the reality behind that is the idea that unless you stop Politicians from seeking out a nice little earner that gets them a tidy sum they can add to their salaries, you will never be free from being violated by stupid men who chase and destroy beautiful things and that is where they stand at the moment as it were – generally they want to get involved with business when they know nothing about it and have already started dubbing me a tortured soul looking for trouble as I am not a part of their culture where people accept to be treated in that way, but they have already gone far enough to set me out for community croons to chase my anus and penis which means that since these women are mentally disturbed it is utterly relentless and will never go away which is also the reason they suffer so much as a result of my actions due to the fact I have set myself on the path of vengeance for each abuse too. I hear they say when I mention such things it indicates I am on the side of civil rights and hence do not actually want to be Royalty; whereas civil rights idiots are the same group of people being oppressed by those that are more powerful and those that are more moral than they are such as myself get ahead of them because we are good at what we do and despite the consequences of everything they do being based on destroying something pure and beautiful and then assuming they live in a normal world and should be rewarded for it and that nobody thinks they deserve every poverty they get, they are still devil worshippers who think doing your stuff, that your stuff has been done, that your stuff was done stories will suffice.

I don’t think it’s a complicated matter; the rest of us would think I want to run a business so I will set out what I need to do and get it done properly – they would think I want to be rich and will damage some beautiful thing to get attention and then the men will be it because if you get away from them you can only play in the hands of their wives and so will the wives as you can only play into theirs and it’s like the outdoors are where they take up your time to be a law unto themselves and when they are 50 years old, the fact others have problems too has already resulted in an abuse in your direction that draws your attention to why your should change yourself because what they have worked for all their lives have not been worth it, as if you don’t actually think they deserve everything they get anyway – besides which even while that is going you typically you would be the kind of guy women ruin, you when women make you homeless you will then refuse to ask for help because you are looking after your dignity. So we have now reached a stage where the abuses of their women are no longer profitable while that stupid culture is under my control and they are out there paying those taxes lest somebody takes it up and does it for them. I am not actually aiming to improve anything here; the story is that of why things are happening the way they are – setting out to improve things would involve matters like making it publicly clear that Politicians having a nice little earner that gets them a tidy sum everyday to add to their salaries means that they know nothing about business and its a threat to your health and safety and well being because you will never be free from being violated etc. I always say I would like it if they got off my Books and cleared my space along with their media fools; so they want to be seen doing picture poster on my public life which then makes reference to the Royal Office like their media fools every single moment and people cannot spend another person’s possessions with that sort of attitude all the time, it gets to a point. It’s not a matter of taking on the Politicians, first of all I get all the support for my Books from Politicians and they are the best people to pull sales for me and not the media or anything else, then of course the reality as it always plays out is that Mr blah blahs idiot son who got elected into government yesterday thinks he is a maverick civil rights fool and wants to play it out on my income margins everyday – it is not sustainable, considering they start to speak of solving problems. So it is also said the way I handle matters exposes me to danger and to problems which it doesn’t – what happens is that these guys are he stupid ones who need academic work the most, so if I got off to do my academic work without checking up on them, the divisions on society would be on a dangerous kind and the assumption is usually that it doesn’t matter if I do it with my life, the reality is always that of a question of what if everybody else did the same too; so when it’s time to get a job and chase your studies and run the two, it’s time for them to realise how much power they have with their qualification to get about making your breathless to finger your bum all the time, meaning they have evolved yet again as it were; so what I do is push them into politics which is the only way they get to work for their own income and then ensure it does not last so those who know what they are doing and are interested in running the Country if they are done running their own business can take it up from there.

The reality is fantasy of bum fingering that is filled with so much hate they can do it without touching you to put the pain into you does not mean you are flustered about your money, it means you are a little shit messing with what he wants and the fact he is really powerful and its much the same with chasing your penis, it does not in any way mean that he fancies homosexual communities, it means you think there is anything you can do about the violent way he has just fingered your bum when you have such a small penis; so I am the one making sure people handle things in a procedural way around here and that is not something they ought to take credit for as well, as we all know what the rudimentary way of handling them really is. For me it plays out eventually on the importance of my work where they see me broker equities with auto manufacturers for instance and set out to befriend those and mess it up for me and soon you find auto manufacturers complaining about people chasing their anus and penis and the importance of my Business becomes even more magnified. The part where they say I think business people are on my side when they are not being ever so wrong as it were, since we all know but they don’t, that I for instance broker creative equities so crossing over regularly to the area where a product has become an old product and a new product is now the star of the company,  to get involved with the transitional process of spend time with the old product is counterproductive and in a violent way because those processes have a cultural dimension to them too. There is that tale of course that I have brought all I had to futility and played it out for Industry people thereof but it is the Politicians that have lost the most as a result because the whole process of all I doing being question to brew a lack of trust they find amusing and will allow them a trappings of power where they move into my right hand and so on was bad enough but it had to be followed up with the destruction of my Book sales and academic work which was unbecoming but will have no consequences attached, so that everything I had fought for now lies open for all goons with money to pick a self improvement from and ensure they are in a position of supreme dominance because I will not be fixing my finances in an instant – while they turn up at that Parliament to talk rubbish at me all day long. So the Industries understand where I stand very well – only media and popular culture need a lesson as it stands.

The story that I chase anything and everything and end up sending out the message I am up for anything and everything is up for the taking is actually not a true one; the reality is that of the Politicians having this wanton insatiable need to rip up my finances and academic work and make it appear amusing – so I have to set out a way of bending them over with the use of their corruptions and the ideals on which their jobs depend too, just to show them they don’t actually know half as much as they like to pretend that they do; so now we will wait and find out how they intend to get out of it without the combination of respect for people and a process of telling the truth which actually does not involve deploying my personal faith or public life because there is no way in which I will let them do so for my part as well anyway – hence obvious realities cleared on the case of what they have found out about the things that religious people did not do because the lines had not been crossed by them, because of course what brought it all about to be specific was the beginning of the persecution of the last 15 years itself being that when people tell me they will get me into trouble with Politicians who don’t like moral people messing with their jobs, it is the fact I tell such idiots that the Politicians will need their ideals to look after their jobs, which constitutes the attack I suffer from Politicians because it implies I am telling them what to do as far as they are concerned. The rest is just popular culture people and media who like to think I am afraid of civil rights whereas I face the risk of civil rights almost twice as much as they do for being Royalty and have no need whatsoever to be afraid of it – however which their insults will not do, so they have to end up in a place where they entertain 20 million crowd one moment and the next I write a credible blog that says they were deploying my public work all along, which means they make the money but are never ever famous – now they have resorted to damaging the part that says something about me that is the me that is the me that people are talking about that is the Arch Prince that does what he does and if they actually do I will cut up their popular culture to a point where even I will like it too – walking around liking things and saying things like, that is good music and all.  I am just trying to say the idea I set out a sense that all is up for the taking is not actually the case.

We hear very frequently of those that are going all racism on me all of the time and it will never make sense to me as well; when I returned to the UK from Africa in 2001 it rather seemed these guys could do and undo, as in do activities that bring a curse upon them and recycle whole societies to ensure people they have selected are targeted by the problems – today it is not anymore because they took a step too far around here; started with the usual black people pulling me in one direction and whites pulling me in another because it is supposed to take up my time while Politicians spend tax payer funds since they were not wealthy enough at that time to ensure it is successful but when the problem really kicked off was when the delay afforded them the means to cordon me at every single academic pursuit I might engage in as measured from currently skills and qualifications since it was over time depending on how strong headed I became with that their big mouth, meant to yield an outcome where I cannot study an cannot get a job and have to go into business as an illiterate which means then that they can show me the meaning of a difficult existence because I had the temperament to cope and they had plans cooked up for their own stupid lives; they should never have touched the Books if they had no plans to purchase their copy yap yapping markets I build that their more worthy children will deploy to get rich, they should never have handled the public life if they had no plans to employ it and as for going all racism on me, tempting me will lead to even more trouble than the one that is hurting them at the moment and black people will not stop fighting for my civil rights before I was born with their insolence yet so I am assuming enough have not yet perished as it were. Its only the extended version of what I mentioned earlier i.e. to keep from being violated is to keep Politicians and Political persons which existence of them is akin to sociopathy all together from acquiring a nice little earner which complements their salaries especially for those who have already got a job because the fact they know nothing about business will always mean violation and general sexual violence for others while they chose to work on people instead of a job to maintain personal happiness and get involved with the rich which will provide them with access to cash and financial dominance that never seem to make profit at the markets without the sexual and sexual context abuses.