I can never get through a day without the media bandying about something of me being vulnerable to racism while I would not listen to what I am being told and its an old story where we can never be free from these idiots bringing up stories about slavery and slave trade without being serious concerning it because they believe it’s a big joke – I mean in terms of the fact our worst fear these days is being stranded during a Holiday trip and those who waste my time over slavery and slave trade that had been abolished with feel my wrath as well.

 The rest of the time it should be noted its all insults and usually they say I went up against very important people while they were all fools trying to be more famous than I am when they got anywhere near notoriety after I got a Royal Estate from the British Monarchy, I am done living as though it is what they want to do with their time at this stage, so the business of looking like I wish to seek out some little petty wickedness I can perform on that stupid insulting civil rights that wants to tell me how to exist blabbing about how people help me achieve what those who are stronger and superior should be having which adds up to an injustice, chasing my finances while their Politicians ensure each time I do not want the peddling the faith and personal life and public image, I am opened to it, even after the business of wanting me to be dominated spiritually before I got anywhere near a job where if I went through hell to pass my exams at school while they were at it, finding a job after would still depend on my attitude, leading up to me becoming University drop out Prince for their society to play poking games that creates atmosphere that lets them sell things and make money everyday with as well, the idiots at Government buildings will open me up to them trying to make money of their own and claiming its punishment for what I have done to their careers and Political parties, leaving me wondering if I am about to do another – think hard at this stage about that little petty wickedness I can perform again, to get them on that media seeking salvation for years. I could never get my head around it anyway, after leaving University I obviously got a job but every time I spent time on those, they will corrupt my state provided security watching me on CCTV and playing with my face and my head and my body parts, where the one that comes to my tummy and bottom is usually very violent and unexpected at regular intervals to build up the stage that lets them blab about the power of Politics later on, the power I have refused to be subservient to thereby creating problems for myself – so bearing in mind the things I have done to their party already, I am now left wondering where they keep their brains.

It is never true that I got about seeing a fight with those that are more than I am in any case, just the opinion they have that suggests damaging peoples finances and academic work generally makes their victims safer if their civil rights involves a lot of insults and a process of complaining about being the population that is not protected – the part I seem to clash with all the time being their stupidities has to peddle something here to make money or it will turn to crime and then I might become the victim but it has not once yet acknowledged that I am not a fan of its civil rights even though its complains about me has gone global many times over especially when Liberal America is leading on it, where they get to tell me what to do less and less as it were. We see those insults the Journalists throw around which prevents people getting out of own home all the time and then we hear it is the power they have got to prevent me accessing my Public image and I would really love them to keep their mouths where people appreciate it not show up here blabbing so racists and gangs and criminals can hear them blab lest they end up with the ones they grew up with wanting a piece of their jobs again, which can become a violent version depending on how that blabbing at me aspects are being put forward. In the end I am a world away from where I should be because they want to control the Publicity that my Books get and build up a systematic processes that lets them control my takings at the markets as a result as well, bearing in mind also that on writing the Books I had become their enemy because it was not vulnerable to their civil rights money loving madness  that has targeted me as insultingly as possible since 2002, with Politicians complaining about me but deploying government office to open me up to them the entire time; I am not in my half Priest environment reading my Bible so I might serve the Church better and studying what I need to know to understand and do what I must when duties are required by the Crown, what will come of it naturally is that I am take it over, beat them at their own game, get them doing the fighting while I make time for life and career in the process and a little bit longer yet till they are past it.

We are not talking about when they think I cannot guess what their fat idiots body type is like as well, blabbing which bits I would not say where it mattered while I would dress it well enough to ensure people understood why I did it and it would have been clear they are always discussing racism and slavery and slave trade over my finances because it was a position they could push me into and make their stupid complains heard by the world over my finances instead of work for money and are always blabbing about racism because its about what my body should be used for as though all these facts do not also show they are fat and greedy as well. Pretty much the same as that case where people wonder what the root cause of the racism really is but everybody else knows it’s the bit where they cannot stop building publicity for peoples body features and then getting to the stage where they can call on a crowd to acquire privileges from it later on and it will be poked and it will be handled and it will be treated like an item – when it brings up racism and slavery it does not want to discuss the fact its worst fear would be when it got stranded during a Holiday, while slavery was the one where being stranded generally meant you were another person’s property and we have not even started putting Auswitch into the picture just yet as it were, it never stops, carries on every day and cannot let people a moment peace while it wants to ensure that it has built itself the means to complicity with Media and all I want is to control Publicity for my Books while they want to build up a systematic process of publicity that lets them control my earnings from it all together. they always say there is two sides to every story and that I am a bit of an extremist who especially takes the case of Male prerogative issues too far but yes there are two sides to every story when things happen but at what stage do you give way to somebody else, at what stage do you walk down the road and instead of your fingers up peoples big and nice bums because you have a nice car and they are walking about as though they were better off walking than you were better off driving, you gave way to somebody else when you can driven past a particular point, at what stage do people expect to say their bits and give way to another person, at what stage do we human beings give way to other human beings?

I do get told I still think I have a Royal Estate but have not while I suppose everything is rather simple and clear unless society is part of the Monarchy as well, which it is for as long as I see fit. Like they speak of my view of the Prime Minister’s performance on Brexit which I do not think is bad as they suppose I do, since she is rather clear that Brexit or not, we will not be living in a Male prerogative Britain – naturally of which I have never really gone along with some aspects that makes out it is the money of the city centre ones that is running the Country, so the goons might show up to keep me out of employment and employ the criminals in my neighbourhood to corrupt my state provided security by. We have already seen the Media and Celebrity ones find it so difficult to live with the fact what I wear and eat and how I handle myself is none of their business, as it is clear if I did not live in a world where I could build an empire and break it up to broker equities with companies and buy them time to recover from a recession, we would have been worse off as a Country, even now as they think my Empire is worth Universal Credit all together as it were – it is pretty much the same as women and careers issues that gets completely out of hand everyday while we never see the goons spend time with their type i.e. those little women who really love to be punished by Men in suits and love to show up to fool around, when you ignore her it hurts but being hurt is not necessarily a bad thing, we do not see them spend time with women like that because they know winding it up means it will want to die at the hands of its master – what we see the idiots spend time on is the process of telling me that I am scared of my own shadow while they love to play games with aspects of culture and society that can get people deciding what is to happen to another human beings life after which we see them get around bothering the security services because those who have jobs there do not seem to be getting along in any way with a collection idiots who think they can help somebody out with the £30,000 to £50,000 job, simply because they were tough; hence their own concerning my case i.e. they play around with aspects of culture and society that lets people decide what is to happen to another human beings life and if mad enough, can have a go at mine with it, being scared of my shadow. Feeds into sexual assault issues and that question above of there being two sides to every story quite right but at what stage do people give way to others? Never mind the one about their insolent clowning around where I must drop out of University and sit about reacting to their stupidities so they might abuse me to create atmospheres they can make money by, wondering if people are supposed to be that insulting when they deploy another person’s work to boost their incomes and it goes back to the prognosis of extremism and racism and slavery issues as well, where the bits in which the fat criminal goons give them what they think their body type is lacking and those they love to abuse what is lacking, so when they have the legs amputated because they were trying to kill another body type their stupidities do not think it adds up to slavery as well; I have had to put up with this nonsense at some many forms and stages including one where it is said that I am able to do what I do because I have made a deal with racists, when they do not even know and cannot tell what somebody who has made a deal with racists looks like – normal people will view what I have said here as a clear warning, considering also that at this stage Trump is racist; I mean at this stage I have civil service people and people at the Monarchy rendezvous with me on Media which for me is looking good, to ensure that tax revenue can be recovered from Celebrities and that people do not have money taken out of their daily concerns and then out of the Treasury as well the way that bend and break rules goons want to run the world with popularity culture anyway; the Party is over and the Tribalism raids have been proven to do what it does best - can never stop lying about the civil rights and can never stop showing up around my Equity broker business to turn products that are brokered into free products due to its idea of what sales and freedom business is all about; will not leave me alone and take a hint when told I am not a fan of its civil rights.