Now they say I need a lot of help and support and need to move over to the left and its utter nonsense as we know that if they are not making out my career should have belonged to football people and racists, we find them come up with all sorts of nonsense to ensure I am less than they are in physical strength while their popularity idiots run me down at criminality every single day and they made dance music literally out of it with Media jobs – never seen anything so stupid in my life; then we find soon after it says I need to be on the left and turns up sometime later to attack me because its bottom hurt. I am aware I need to be on the left, as I am aware of the things I have done with culture and society trouble makers which means that according to their response, I need to be on the left to ensure that the problems do not get worse but these goons are not the one to put this forward or make it happen – besides which I have women all over my life whom they claim I develop sexual habits with but this moving to the left bits that they block all the time is what the women are really trying to do, the gestures to the left are abusive but they do not mean it as an insult but something that serves my purpose, as stupidly as possible; needs to solve its own problems and give me space. Its as they claim my Books provoke people but that was after and not before the personal diaries were full of their abuses and it continued to a point where I could not concentrate on what I was doing for reasons of people making use of my own personality – once they felt I was degenerated enough, it moved on to the bread winner insults which the parents passed on as much as the Children, to ensure they passed the exams in school and I failed mine, as though both bread win for me as stupidly as possible – so it’s not their Book and I had decided to write it at their expense because their stupidities were all over the blueprint, besides which they have not read the Books and want to be free to pass further insults at me by getting me to tell them the secrets like all idiots would. They do claim also that I am now angry and bitter and unforgiving but I am not – we know they did not pay my fees and are not facilitating my career but enjoy destroying it, which adds to their bread winner insults that make the Celebrity culture profitable, it tends to make me very agitated and very distressed – even now, we find them converse with me via a system that was exclusively developed for me to get around with a Court of female journalists when they are not female at all in the first place. They say I want to end it but they would like to know how they might end it permanently and its as simple as the fact all day long what we have is Media fools channelling themselves at me, especially when their news is heated or they were given a slot they did not like, as abusively and violently as possible, such that the culture and society trouble makers cannot have peace themselves because of it – its either they are about to shut it down by themselves or their families will soon find out what sorts of nonsense I have to put up with every time they got to work, every day; it needs to solve its own problems and give me my space. They do claim the Media gets the better of me of course which is utter nonsense; a fight with the media to ensure the goons who depend on their charity stopped chasing my bum or churning my tummy at University, wrecking my job appointments every time I step outside of my door is in order over such nonsense, not least when they blab about providing for me about which when I have protected myself from culture and society trouble makers successfully I am unnecessarily vulnerable to them and therefore their slave, when I have written a Book that solves their problems, it solves those problems so well I now work for them, so I had decided the business of what happens when I speak to people I don’t know and open myself to them because I had written a Book while relying on them not to divulge the information if they had decided not to take me on, with rely on these idiots that have ever taken something serious in their stupid lives but the Bills must be paid on a certain deadline as it were. I do get told I can handle the matter especially as they never declare they follow people up at University to wreck the academic work for the fun that those who want to be tycoons behind the scenes wish to exhibit for the future but tend to let it hurt me first but I don’t – what happens is that the society Men want you to do something about the children they raised terribly and the children want you to do something about them while others chase your public image for money, so they follow me around and spend anything I have done to ensure they were living in a dog eat dog world with each other since I have no wish to do a thing that makes them feel comfortable and at some point the choice will either be to hang up somewhere showing mercy until it became a habit while they did what they liked or to settle up the exact point at which I will get away with it and pull the plug so the neighbourhoods might explode in their faces and show how important their stupidities really are. I mean it is now clear I am unable to organise myself and get my academic work done because I am too friendly with Media and Celebrities while my experience of human beings has never actually been as stupid as these. Its usually suggested I got close to them and none knows how but I didn’t; it’s the old case whereby people get friendly with me and it is linked to their careers, so they are told the Men think they have to chose between me and their jobs, so if they are not friendly with me they will lose the career and if they are they will lose the career, after years of abuse and vandalism that helps these people keep their career and wrecked everything around here the obvious reality we face is that these behaviour were pointless, leaving me with a need to come up with a plan that will allow me take those media management jobs from those who currently own it, the most annoying of the lot being that at the time I attended University, I was not actually after them.

I am told that I am now completely finished and done for but will never admit it which is utter nonsense – what happens is that Celebrities are just a collection of goons who make money by making people happy and then deploy that money to stalk and dominate me at Industry because they were seeking some form of social and wealth equality beyond what they have already taken. The rest will be a collection of idiots talking like they want a fight and yet when I talk, they were a waste of my time looking like they will put on some makeup and exempt themselves from having to reorganise their lives because they were tarts. Those who claim my problem is due to the way I shut down their popular culture or want to handle and control me disobediently are an old story about the fact this is not their public image and we have already seen the main problem in their case to be the Politicians who stop me when I decide their culture and society was the thing people deployed to fulfil my hearts desire too, after which we find the Politicians complain and build publicity that suggests their stupidities were all my problem which is why we are always having conversations about me being done for as I am not doing anything about it until my academic work and finances have been fixed, while my Books go to Parliament to have the sales killed off like the worlds greatest evil, now that they are complaining, what they really need to do is make another decision as it were. The financial bits will be the pee, pee, pee, goes down a part of my life where it can take some money and this is the purpose of its abusive disobedience and involvement, soon we find that they have plans to make me a character that achieved and gave up the money so they can abuse him to get a head start with their stupidities that depend on peoples public image to help them exist, like something the Nazis had failed to invent, which then gives way to a process of tackling me all the time because they have money and making me subject to the gimmick of their civil rights idiots because all I can do in their view is work hard to make my business work without money while others were there first to get rich before I did, fighting for my civil rights before I was born, as stupidly as possible, pee, pee, pee get involved and get down the part where they can extract money from my concerns and avoid buying the Books, where making me feel ill like that all the time and getting their imagination up my bum is now the answer for all their stupid problems if they are not blabbing that I need hand over my assets to other idiots in their company who really know what they were doing. So we have not had a proper fight over their need to get involved with and handle me yet, especially the blacks who think my race type will be a curse for me, we ought to start with when I shut down that popular culture and the fact that thing they chase all the time is not their public image. I have done the decoy version of me ending up in their culture and society bits and each time its wasted and ignored because what they want is a power that ensures I achieved and gave up my money so they might play with my Public image to become equals then rich and more important – the Politicians need to make another decision while my academic work and finances lies in ruins over the flawed sense of right and wrong, I am not doing it and the business of constant threats from their women because I can be easily taken advantage of, we all know their men have a kill the beast before it gets beastly mentality and are very well aware they are messing around with a kill the beast killers and then give some idiots a beast to deal with before they got to kill the beast kind of character – they are not a threat to me and need to stop handling my person, Books and need to stop getting on my nerves.