Now there is this question of the fact people are confused concerning when I support overseas Military action and when I do not but it has always been a simple case of the fact it is usually a choice for a people to make every time it happens i.e. to chose between tribalism or a process of knowing what the size of working population is, so that National income might be settled and perhaps it might be possible to make such things as education and health free of charge. Even now, when I explain it thus I get told by idiots who have decided they can pop questions at me in a situation that is exclusively for political self-advancement telling me I am a small man, while the question was never really whether they were themselves small Men on television anyway. The tribalism of which is usually bad all round as we all know the Politicians do them favours of getting around schools to select children that will suffer set backs which will create a stepping stone for everybody and then after that we find they cannot stop fabricating excuses that let them exercise a sense of justice that lets you understand what it feels like for people to get ahead of you in life and stay there but so is it important their stupidities had stopped threatening me as well as we all know it usually begins with a need to move into my right hand and live there making noise about teaching me all I know and the outcome is usually that they end up chasing their stupid lives lest somebody else takes it over and become hitched to that Media we see them obsess about endlessly for eternity. So it’s a simple matter of the fact they need not go around popping stupid questions which I have to answer if I wish to get on with my life, if the answer will not be enough and yes they do claim they can because they are more successful as usual; utter rubbish naturally since it’s a matter of the fact I think they enjoy insulting me because it is something they want to do with their time and not because they are successful enough to do it, never the less of which they are well aware it is not just that stupid self confidence Politicians buy them with public funds that I will extract and beat down seriously if it winds me up in a big way over their need to approach me and address me all the time as it were, there are other matters like their stupidities leading to a work life balance management with those stupid jobs that get to their heads being the centre piece, just as we can see it is the fact that we were never fed up with the sex bits that they are complaining and bellowing smoke about all the time. The point about the tribalism which may work for Politicians anyway is the same story in the Book i.e. that when people do not believe in it, we find that there is Bosnian/Serb genocide thing that happened about 50 years ago, we find that there is Iraq persecution, we find there is Daesh in the Middle East, we find there is Boke Haram in Nigeria, we find there is war in Syria and in Syria especially, nobody knows why Mr Assad is rather keen on the Chemical Weapons anyway should be eliminate the story of a dangerous Russia; this is why I suppose Military Intervention overseas and we find I did not support the Iraq war because we made more of a mess than we solved a problem – the opportunity was one of a coalition of Nations being able to intervene in an area to Nation Build and it was completely lost because Punishing some Muslims for 9/11 was more important, thereafter which the Americans cannot control their society and have had their Parliament shut down twice in the past 3 years so far, talking about how a Woman in the White House would have saved the day for a delusional good measure, so the failures of the Iraq intervention has been incalculable indeed. I understand people are saying they cannot tell if I am good and tribalism is bad or I am bad but tribalism is good but everybody has their choices to do the tribalism if they wanted, if they cannot keep their insults to themselves on account they have problems thereafter or indeed their hands off my bum because their own hurts, the idea the tribalism had offered enough power will show itself to have been a spectacular miscalculation; what happens is that its wickedness invites itself into all of my concerns while they put out the worst of their person in public places to keep the best at home for friends and family, when they had wrecked mine and damaged theirs, their difficult situation will then have become my responsibility while they tell me how to exist. It feeds into this other story of whether I support people who kill burglars; of which there isn’t a thing in the world that works like people supporting those who kill burglars anyway – how it really works is that burglary is a crime and because it involves going into the territory of a victim is likely to spiral out of control; so the beginning of a process of understanding how burglary works is going back to when you stand up for yourself in public; maybe you did a routine that involved stepping on somebody’s head in your imagination, or somebody did one that involved the idea your legs are stepping on his head – when you find them in your home a couple of Hours of days later there are usually either a victim who knows what to do or a victim who does not know what to do but either situation can end very badly. The victim who knows what to do may pick up a tool and ask a burglar if he wants to get out of the House or not a burglar that runs away came only to rob and if he is attacked while running away the victim has become the criminal according to the British Law, a burglar that antagonises the owner is a worst case scenario and could end badly for both parties but if it does for the thief, British law will rule that the owner acted in self-defence. The victim who does not know what to do is the situation we dread the most because it usually ends in a horrific situation where the burglary spirals out of control and can end in the death of a completely defenceless person in a very horrific way. Much like this other case where it is said that I am one of those people who have made an endless amount of personal resources available to women who want to be equal with men especially in the business world and it is utter rubbish; what happens as I have mentioned before is that women complain about getting past the support for career criminals social problems in order to get a career, only to be paid half what pack mentality manager or business owner pays himself for doing the same job but guess who their best friends are, especially when they have worked out the story of where women are most dirty to tell in public rather than eliminate the personal decisions they make at work with their pack mentality instead of the professional ones that they are supposed to make while at work, if it is not the women that are planning to marry men like these in future offering their support and wrecking peoples lives for them – in my case I am somebody who wants to run a business empire on a shoestring even though it is mine and the pack mentality personal decisions job people are after me as well, guess yet again who their best friends are, if it isn’t the women that want to marry them in future wrecking everything around here to run shops on shit and then employ security guards that care about that in the future; so this business of me consistently being set out as somebody women can do whatever they like with when they want to equal with men while they complain about such things as the last man that beat the shit out of them when they decided to tell a Man how to exist with Media in hand to play with whenever business was under wraps waiting for a time when the deal or exchange was going to be made, then get off and do mine anyway while they are complaining it, is delusional and it need be noted I do no such thing as support women while they are trying to do business before it gets to a stage at which it will then go horribly wrong. As I have mentioned before, we have now reached a point where everybody has something to complain about with respect to my actions and my Books which were just Books before they became a nightmare on account I were a stupid writer as such, while they had a queer sense of what it meant when they saw property that is not legally their own, on account they had those violent gossips and stupid tribalism to play with. Same applies to their celebrities as well, who always tell me there is seldom much I can do while they are complaining about the fact I wish to keep them off extracting equity from my life instead of their mortgages and savings and Hollywood mansions and it is certainly about to lead to an outcome where the business of the fear I might get off and build myself a Public image to counter their need to wreck my academic work and finances to set themselves on a path that gets a head passing insults at me all the time, which will lead to outcomes whereby I completely destroy it for them all together as well. So I am fed up seeing them around my Books, I still remember how it started years ago on account they had chosen poverty and because I had not I became the person on whom their self-improvement always works, the personal diaries I write on how their insanity affects me is now full and I have turned to the actions I have taken so far because the last things I expected them to do was perform some revenge on the fact that I wanted them to keep off my Books and Public image. We can see they do claim that they have lost a lot of money but then again I do not want them building the popular culture pipelines from the US to Japan across this Estate again, while they have decided that my position warrants an activity that involves ordering my steps and have taken revenge accordingly, looking like characters people want to take jobs from because everything is supposed to have been a big joke for them. Much the same as those tales that people like me support ideas about making war on the world and we are supposed to deal with domestic problems for it; utter nonsense of course since the domestic problems were always going to happen as long as a 40 year old supporter or Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe for instance knows nothing but, thus if he shows up in the UK, will largely believe he can smack an Arch Prince and would not get into trouble for it; so we find that I force religion on them on a personal basis the way they wreck my career and finances just so they can get about deciding if I am strong enough to be on the right hand side or should move left and do some popular culture considering I have not got the energy for work and am therefore irritating to them, none compliance of which generally means that I am the thing they point to each time they want to perform self-expressions, which most of the time are usually about their woes anyway, making me feel perpetually tired all the time; it’s a favour I do them as such since I hear they want to beat up or kill homosexuals all the time, the same issue that feeds into a process where their celebrate their power to make people smell like the loo all the time which is the main reason they are very evil and very stupid individuals who always think they can do what they like because they have the power to wreck personal lives and careers as such and we all know it is sustained by the fact that they need those lies and Political entrapment that ensure the fact they wreck my life and attack me because I am good looking but am not offering anybody homosexual sex becomes that which is hidden behind a lot of disillusionment and social quagmires but it still boils down to the same fact that if they approached for sex they would never get it because they are not good looking and so need all the sexual abuse in the world and the coverup gimmicks to help them get it and so it has come to that stage where they need to understand that dropping out of University would have made me less receptive like we can see, that the need to follow it on with a process of making deals with companies they buy products from which ensure I am indirectly serving them when they buy products will lead to outcomes where their own will look like that before that stupid insulting tribalism bargain they love to make stops and that the practical jokes they have now built up around my Books will not lead to a good outcome for them as well all together. They do say I behave as though I need my Mum all the time which is utter nonsense; another one of those occasions where they have taken up my life and bent it into a corner where they can make sense of it in their own way; its pretty much the same case as ever i.e. the outcome of wrecking my academics to tell me I am good looking and have ended up in their part of society but becoming more and more irritating to see everyday because I have not been offering people homosexual sex, looking as though there might be no way that I could handle their own until it looks that way too but is only going to be a work life balance conundrum for me to sort out having as much fun as I like with those jobs that get to their heads being the centre piece. They do say it’s the way I disrespect people which I suppose is all good if I never talk about insulting an Arch Prince because my main concern is largely my prayer and dedication and all that matters at a Hermits Office and we are not talking about their right to oppress me because the people on the left and the Celebrities make them smell like their loo, thus if they are better off than I am have the right to do the same; apparently it will only likely improve if I built a public image over their stupidities as well. The game is that I think everything belongs to me but we all know I own a Literary empire but opened it up and brokered the equities to afford people time based Industrial Assets which helped the economy to recover, a risk I could take because Books did not cost so much but here we are again another 24 hours and those who want to buy because they wish to hear what I have to say will not buy, those who want to buy to reward me for a service I have provided will not on account these idiots want to wreck my life and copy how I recover or create me setbacks so when their children copy it I will grow up and give something up to do so, because these idiots need money – hence we have entered a stage where it was all about Books but the Books will be their reckoning, the Books will be their nightmare and yes they do say it’s the power of Russia and we all know what they mean is those insulting activities that involve putting together some money to go off and live the lives of rich people in the West while tackling me because I looking like I am doing the same by setting myself up as an Oligarch on the internet – I do not think I need to start making sure their wish came true, they just have the time for it and I intend to maintain their history for them so that each time I wish to act, I might never have to. We can see I have access to them not my fans and that they are telling me my Business will be dead soon because I never get out of bed to solve problems and provide a service as I am more keen to get off and make people look bad and blame people and set myself for fame over every problem I solve and then when it turns out the access I have to them while I am cut off from my fans was the problem, they said I thought I could handle them but cannot and we all know they have lost so much money across the Caribbean and Middle East that some of those abusive popularity activities have been reduced, therefore problem solved; in retrospect, the politicians have already given them the bit where peoples academics are wrecked so they are stuck somewhere giving up some youth but they still have a problem with the business of people just paying the personal bills to get on with life.