Now I get told I want the whole world all the time and it never really makes any sense, all I know is that with people having a need to fool around with my concerns, all I can do is tell them off, otherwise in terms of action, it is clear that if responded to those activities that nearly killed me in a way that stops them, I will have to worry about prognosis – such as whether they are stopped somewhere in their 20s which means they have time to plan another more profitable existence or stopped somewhere in their 50s which means they can then spend more time talking nonsense about killing somebody instead of bugging me and running it through everyday for decades; so this is what I am doing with it mostly – very simple matter of not seeing them around my Books instead of having to tolerate all that exists to ensure this publicity they have built of knowing me personally and being able to do whatever they liked with anything I owned became profitable as insultingly as only they can make it. We see its much the same as those stories about China holding the ace when it comes to trading; the reality of which is that I have trading arrangements with the Chinese and because Liberal America knows where my Books are, it gets off the hurt your bottom without consent Japanese one and takes over my own all together – now the only statement we see them make in public concerns a plan to get rich and which mishaps are on my head, all adding up as annoyingly as possible.

They say I underestimate how much people hate Royalty but their hate for Royalty has always been with us, the case here is one of handling me, being seen around my concerns taking liberties and respecting no persons property – it works so well every time the Politicians have spent tax payer funds to wreck the academic work of some royalty while spending some more of it to help them pass exams in school. Really starts to show what it is made of as a form of stupidity, when the Politicians attack me for making sure they cannot do whatever they like with my person and property and they do the same when I am handling the Politicians for the same reasons, the find the checks I was working on was vital for them to live in a safe and stable society all together and start to build an equally stupid crowd that believes those insulting lies they tell since the last time that they passed the exams in school and so on, which is how I get to decide they will ever have it too, while the part involving hatred for Royalty is the criminal bits.

In the end they say I am the Arch Prince who is now serving the world more than anybody else but it is the same case of money and what money is; we all know its legal tender and what should happen in each case is a process where they work for employers and march themselves off with the employers to the Bank of England to have some printed out for them according to token value that they can run their lives with – which is the same things that are happening save the part where we have all sorts of systems and structures that make it happen by the click of a mouse, push of a button or sign of a cheque. It will remain one of those facts that tell of how justified I am concerning my actions when it comes to their insanity showing up on my Books and earnings in the process, while it has its own daily concerns to pay its attention to.