So I hear this story about how most of my work is about to be censored as soon as the net neutrality revoke comes into force and it is utter nonsense; no such thing will ever happen at the hands of a collection of Political scum who spend tax payer time on practical jokes, then expect me to suffer years of financial vandalism wrought by their industry fools and end up at the other side allowing my work to be censored because their economy has come through all stuck on account no body has been working on anything – it is as though they are promising this while what I am really good at is making sure they never forget that most of their time is spent on vice and not on earning money or optimising their work capability, much the same as I will be pulling the bottom out if they secure their exit at my expense my force rather than move away from my Business and hurt their ego – so what I am really thinking is that it is a bluff, especially where it concerns European Politicians. Its much the same case we have in the Middle East; something I wrote inspired the President to take a position on Israel, so it seems as though this is the chaos theory at present while reality is that if a two state solution was created for the crisis, what would have happened would be a case where one terrorist attack from Palestine will mean blowing it to bit and handing the land back to Israel; be that the case, we do not yet know if telling Muslim goons who sit about in their backyards drinking and talking about a religious people who think they have a land getting off to International conventions to protest Jerusalem being the Capital of Israel being told to keep out of internal affairs while Jerusalem is declared the capital of Israel and Palestinians are allowed to integrate considering both side mostly want the same things i.e. Muslims want to sit with their families to eat without smelling like their toilet, Jews do not want the Muslim need to ensure society ends up in parts of peoples lives where people do not want it, to screw them up but it is far more baffling for me even so when the war mongers say they hate Jews and when asked why claim that Jews look gay, which apparently does not in anyway suggest that they understand what the issues are all together in the first place. So what I would be told is that I pretend I know a lot about how to control people who sit in their backyards over a bottle of bear blabbing about ugly ways of viewing an entire race of people but there is really nothing I can do, which is utter nonsense; I have made it quite obvious its usually a matter of open secret gossips that facilitate their civil disobedience killing somebody on the streets over some Sharia Law and the Leaders who maintain such systems are equally aware that Tyranny is dangerous business too. For me personally it appears to them that their violent disobedience and a process where I am always sore all over inside and out because of it is a matter of their disposition as really massive thieves; so the abuses are largely a matter of sending out minions to attack me and secure things that they wish to steal including my fame, what I know and my Public image – they understand that the bottom fingering causes people to hide some machine guns under the Bed but will do it anyway and when I sell that stupid society and put the money together for personal security we will find out how much of a gimmick it was for their part as well in the matter all together and of course they always tell me I cannot do it whilst we all know it must be one hell of a service being provided especially by their women a rich getting richer and poor getting poorer gimmicks that want to be played out on the lives of none violent people especially those that attend Church all of the time, hence I cannot sell that society and gather some money that will ensure when I want to find out how queer it really is somebody can show up and threaten me without consequences. Its the same with what is happening with Israel too; we all know if they are pushed and bullied into arming themselves, securing some original provocation that diplomacy will be done outside of like their Muslim neighbours, we will end up with a bigger problem as a planet. I do get told that I have dangerous ideas which is utter nonsense; this is all tyranny of Politicians and Journalists and celebrities and it is important to find out from them what is really important about these other idiots involvement with of which causes school drop out and financial failure, I am not suggesting that if I talked about the fact that the abuses and harassment that never stop until I am windy and my abdomen hurts while they later make money on my Public image to have children that will do the academic work their stupidities have interfered to prevent me from completing and why they have this deluded anal sex twit sensation about what my feelings towards them really is, so they can climb up my Public image to make money and make use of me by passing insults at me all the time. It is easy; if I sit about thinking of their Muscles serving me each time I am being lazy, think about their laziness making me important each time I build my muscles so they can talk rubbish about the stupidities they perform all over my concerns being the only thing I will see them do for money if they have the guts for it that way, I will be able to do the wickedness I have to tolerate from them everyday and much more of it than that too, so its a question of what exactly about them and their stupidities playing with corruption politicians and media fools and celebrities believe to be the bees knees; so it is not dangerous ideas, it is civil rule. Much the same as we hear the American ones claim I am being brought low whereas where they have ended up is a place where they lose money on the global stage and give some of it to Celebrities and media fools who will later have to do things they do not want to do, so we can see all that stupid Hollywood agenda madness of setting off civil rights money loving fools on my film equities has a lot to do with career criminals to need to make their parents proud, extracting money from my Public image; so I am fine if I catch them at the banking system and the hedge funds for it a fucking famous scum who think they are famous to everybody, the worry is the other stuff that suffers, where we find that Actors and Films that tell younger people to be courageous in the face of bottom chasing Political and media and Celebrity tyranny is being replaced with gimmicks that tell me to compromise and make friends and have anal sex – I am not getting creamed by them, its all just going to end very badly (I do not believe it is a crisis; its the same group of idiots - criminal history manufactured into Celebrity status on somebody else's Public image from narcissist Popular culture canopies that bring about sales, so when you say it is bad, you would mean celebrities are largely bad - whereas the reality is still that it is effing famous and if it employs a security guard to protect its stupidities you could never tell what for or from whom).