I am now told that I need to stop doing what I am doing which does not make any sense when I am dealing with people who have never stopped performing a process of slash and burn on my personality, my Public image and the Book sales prospects by which I put myself out, every time I step outside of my door, if we have ever seen them give their own to the frugal, I do not have to stop doing anything whatsoever as it were. I have warned them enough times, especially the Media, to shut down those comments and so far, it is not working, while I are very aware that I have had enough of their gimmicks showing up all over my livelihood like that all the time.

It does come to that old question of why I find it so difficult just to get along with them but it has nothing to do with getting along, it has everything to do with the fact they are incredibly full of themselves – so I will see it gather up in a street corner talking and having a guys time, should I go there and rob shoulders I will get beaten up, once done it will happily get on media to tear up my academic, slash and burn everything about me to work the fact it thinks it has a god given right to fame and fortune all the time and then there is the being distracted from my religious concerns in all that as well making me very temperamental the whole time. Its slash and burn of everything I have and do all day with them and each time we have these other distressing bits they consider amusing thrown in, where we hear such nonsense as these above i.e. there are things I need to stop doing.

They do like to say that if what I did was clear then none of these would be happening but I rather think that there will be a war between myself and Celebrities, to ensure what I am doing is clear as my livelihood will have ceased to be their toy before that improves all together as well – I mean we hear the Celebrity ones say it all the time, that their worst enemies are those who have the effrontery to take back careers that had already been taken from them, which leaves everybody wondering where they leave their own brains, since it would not have been taken back if they had taken it from the owner in the first place. So leaving this sense I am at logger heads with everybody while I am not; proven by the fact they love to inflict distress on me because they had gone about spreading stories that it gets me giving away trade secrets and goes beyond their need to buy shares in the partnership that other people established with own consumers and sit around it attacking me all day making claims that I work for them, it feeds right into the fact that their position at Industry appears to be a problem for other people all of the time. What I have done with it is that which I have no plans to change i.e. what happens with self-employment is that people pay for goods and services used, so sometimes people like me happen and there is a lot of work done, no payment made, not that people are not paying, they will pay some day but they simply have not paid yet – they then show up to make what they might have considered a bad situation even worse and their game is to ensure there are lots of work done which are not being paid for, leaving them an opportunity to collect the money using media and when I resist, then there is widespread bottle neck at self-employment which affects them the most, the attitude however has not changed, what we see is more abusive new ones being invented. Just the same we find that they had lost the Brexit part of their gimmicks all together and the people who do the Celebrity work better are off to do the Celebrity thing which is actually the better result than the part where their need to invent insanity leads to others doing it better than they do, hanging around the local communities doing crime. Where it all kicks off is that I was born and raised to be a Diplomat and it is what I will complete my academic work and get off doing – what happens is that each time I decided I wanted to run with a Court of Female Journalists, deciding prepubescent goons with imagination up peoples bum are to move left because women want to talk about it all the time, the Celebrities take it over, destroy it and build me another relationship that is mostly concerned with sexual activities which sooner had become something the pornography Industry can run with – their goons are always so certain of my vulnerability but if I ran off the business of waiting for their ageist madness at the retirement and garnished it with a need to protect myself from their market separatism based abuses, it would have been obvious that I am not and those who like to speak of me getting a beating do not yet appreciate at least by their standards, that they may be dealing with a dangerous person as well. The US Democrats claim to have an issue with me as well all together and we know what is what anyway; these lies are never really exposed until either women are sore all over or people like me are the targets they cannot have enough of attacking; I have warned them enough times about those communities they have built who have ideas about what to do to me as insultingly as possible, while I am meant to wait somewhere for the time that they were going to do it all together as it were – they are not faring well in my wake too, need to shut down the insults and comments, it damages my Books.

The other part of the story being my showing on social Media and the consideration that it is bad for others, especially young people but it is not necessarily like they have put it – the main menace on social media are actually the important people who show up on mainstream Media often and it is the gimmicks they play up with peoples lives and property which leaves people exposed to the predators and then those that are left behind get picked off regularly. In my case what happens is that I am not vulnerable to it as such but the sheer volume of people trying to create the main gimmick that is a matter of losing a great idea for making money to somebody else who was coyer is what does most of the damage. The conditions are very specific otherwise; it can be a case of women who have children, most times I see it’s the women who have male children and they cannot raise their children like they should because of the Men, so they get involved with what I am doing – other times it can be a company profile which is handled by the secretary of the manager or owner of the company, she or he follows me not the Manager but what is seen suggest the entire company follows me right to the top; finding out what is happening will take time, patience is key – I have to day however that I have a high conversion rate for this type, so the usual outcome is that when the top people find out, they either decide that they want to see where it lead or they join up as well. The more serious aspects concern the Companies like JP Morgan, Scottish Widows, Investec and Various Multinational Banking and Finance institutions that are following, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Lamborghini BMW and various National, Local and Multinational Manufacturing Companies that are following, CEOs that are following, some of which are very active like Stella McCartney and Tory Burch, Galia Lahav, Georges Hobeika, Stephane Rolland, Ian Stewart, many others and the two to five star Hotels, Resorts and the News outlets that are following; when Confidence exercise is needed I must give one, when exposure is needed I must give one but trading only happens at the point where they had taken time off general engagement and the business of filling in the blanks at the working and personal relationship that I engage in, which also gets me filling in the blanks of those who disturb in order trespassers with with a headache, due to a Trust process being built, only after that do they start to read my Books: so the problem is that they never get past this stage because the Men, the big boys and girls along with the Celebrities never let it happen, it’s almost impossible to pull it back every time they have; I have as such issued the warnings and will now proceed towards making a living by hurting them like I declared but so are they very full of an assumption that I will likely create them the sort of damage that they can recover from; they love their pranks in much the same way I am the  main fulcrum by which the British Monarch pranks everybody over Social and Political stability in the Country.