Yesterday it said that all I had worked for has been damaged and with the process of Media and Celebrities and Politicians having done so, they can enjoy some easy breathing and I could never make out which part they say is damaged anyway when they are a handful of incredibly stupid people who are soon going to cover up their stupidities with expensive makeup bought from money taken out of my work in these kinds of ways to cover it up and then the women will find pest in suits boyfriends and I will end up with twice the problem and vice versa – having said so, my work is really not so incompetent as something that they can damage on the day to enjoy some easy living but so can we see the sort of nonsense I have to put up with all the time, even though they complain about me at the local and international front; we are aware these fools enjoy nothing but the business of getting involved with my concerns to push it to the left and push it to the right and grab my Public image for their own purposes as nastily as they possibly can and really have no idea why they believe every person thinks that their stupidities adds up to a processes of being famous anyway.

They do always claim that the main problem with me is not just that I appear a character people should be picking on but also that I get about endearing myself to the poor; the endearing myself to the poor claims of which is to incredibly important as it is the one that shows why women get raped so they might secure a sense of fraternity with land and Country and why they need to make me mentally unstable so they might move into my right hand, I mean it’s the one that shows everybody the exact lifestyle their stupidities had adopted which caused them to lose their own sense of fraternity with land and Country and then become rather convinced their situation happened to have been other people’s responsibility, on account they think they have some money, are really important and can always get what they want. As for me being a character people want to bully – the omit such facts as I have stated here alongside the business of wanting to exploit my weaknesses and if I have none, rip up my academic work and finances with government funds, like we see them give their own to the frugal, to create one and get their fun by, looking like twerps who are no longer enjoying secret paedophilia on account there is media everywhere, hence think I am their toy while they complain about me every day.

They do claim I say these things but do not make financial progress which was never an issue, as the financial progress is a matter of their stupidities spending money on any fool that is making trouble for me in the neighbourhoods and when asked what it is doing, set about expressing itself by making sure it’s makeup covered stupidities are used to encumber the Book sales associated with a Literary empire I had broken up to broker equities with other Companies due to an economic crisis and it never stops while it does not share its salary with everybody else, what it does instead is claim I might fight back but their money will never run out and when a fat cat ends up with a fat arse, I end up getting threatened all the time; yet they could always work for it to begin with in the first place, bearing in mind it is also possible for people to set out product sales and customer service in a way that pulverises their lives in the neighbourhoods as well but are not doing it simply because others tend to work for the money unlike their insanity does not. Such that this was largely something Politicians did to keep hold of those colleagues of theirs that get involved with Industry to save up money that can be used to build up Political instability but they have found it so their rebellious and revolution characters must do everything that it can to ensure its property is safe from the vandalism while others suffer to allow them build the Public profiles they want. They got involved with my concerns by throwing around matters of wealth inequality and since then we have seen that they make the money and put it in overseas accounts to rub shoulders with the super-rich and talk as though they were rich and powerful at Industry and of course never pay the taxes, they have never shared the money especially the Celebrities and we can see where the need to breathe some fresh air my damaging my property, which has meant that I did not sell any Books for the day, as their stupidities was the centre piece in the storm of my problems does tend to mean that I will start to think about handling this matter of their off shore accounts and the wealth inequality issues that allowed them access to me while they never share the money with the poor and never pay taxes, in a very personal way.

I do get told that Politicians are the main problem while I am having a go at the Celebrities but we all know Politicians are an old case where the front Bench was the leadership but the rest have people in a situation where the front Bench must protect those who dare to have what they have not had or tasted before at the expense of the government and the opposition and that it will eventually grow into something of a problem with idiots that get off asking the Public to give them jobs at Government Office so they might spend time doing so, before it actually stops all together; the shopping Malls that are built to ensure I smell like my loo when I am trying to get my academic work done – they always claim it’s the process of building customer service as though it is news to me that they were a hand full of sad twisted narcissistic idiots whose only form of happiness is seeing other people suffer especially when they are expressing it at Industry and have never really taken the issue of not passing their insults at me or moving into my right hand seriously enough to end what they have claimed is a problem they have yet so far. The Celebrities I tackle because I need to ensure they got involved in future considering they clearly have the power to in the first place, the last time that we checked it up as it were.

They do say my actions rather indicate I am not friends of the USA but what we find instead without being patronising all together is that this is about handling a group of people who think it is their right to tear up everything you have and ensure all you work for is seen in the prism of whether or not somebody else can beat you up questions and also think it is their right not to be punished for it all together, which purpose is to ensure they make you a deal through media and Political blackmail, to let you breathe as long as you organised your life and opened it up to them that they might become more important than you are; so it’s a bit like sex which purpose is to ensure that others are themselves and I am myself all together and feeds into the issues with claim President Trump is Racist when he has not actually punished anybody for doing these things and get ridiculed for nagging them over it instead. For my part they say I love to act as if I have not done any punishing but what I have done is rip up everything the Obamas had spent money to build these fools in Europe and Asia, which allows them to ensure they tore up all I am doing and got me responding to what passes on their left and right hand side because they needed it to ensure they were happy enough to get rich which apparently is the only problem that they have got – next on the menu is the European ones wanting to talk like rich people whose position and work I make use of while I disrespect them by being the most popular culture goons who know their way around women and fine living and had invited themselves into my Office concerns to decide how it worked all day long; so it’s worth mentioning as pointing out remain campaigns during the referendum to leave the EU was based on the needs of idiots who wanted to see their children drive up expensive cars to pass  insults at every person that is certainly their mate does not burst their bully bubbles yet. For my part, I had separated their wickedness and evil from mainstream living and they will not stop handling my property or get involved with me, so I am now on course to ensure they spent most of their time talking about what they do for a living and not about how they want to be me; I am not a Police Officer who responds to their stupidities by saying they are the type that are planning to commit crimes in future especially because of how a criminal has been treated – I am not a Politician that throws tax payer funds at them talking nonsense about how they are good people, to show up destroy all I do here so as to get me responding to the stupidities of society, confiscate my Public image and use it to facilitate National sense of hospitality since the last time they got elected into Government Office, looking for more of what they are complaining about as they will not be led by their Parties and their Party leadership where both have provided it as it were – what I have done is encourage some girls to go into the Music studios where they likely think they live in no man’s land and can handle any person anyway they wish to get rich quick and make money churning out music that helps to keep boys out of the heads of girls due to the fact it was such an issue when they started pleading with me to do it over my Public work, they have since responded by setting up their own goons to make fame on my Public image blowing kisses at criminals and talking powerful nonsense of course but like I dropped out of University, the damage has already been done too; what I am about to do next is tackle all that Industrial nonsense about their tribalism showing up to stifle my earnings and do some damage that will uphold some hope that I had lost my career because they expect not to be punished for it, the way we see them give their own to the frugal, the last time we checked and intend to do it by chasing up this matter of ageists in the professional world who will not leave alone my University studies, their stupid children at school and the society bullies they get along with and shall do my best to ensure I handled it such that they knew I wanted them to buy the products with the money they have taken from here whether they liked it or not, displayed it, showed it off and do whatever they liked but bought it so the money never leaves the system, except only when they had built and worked for their own.

So I do get told I should not have allowed them a head start in the first place but it was such an issue at university that they owned my career because they were graduating before me and this was actually the lighter side that involved laying claims to the sociological manners by which I went about my career, to pass the exams and become rich Celebrities that Industry idiots spend money on to tackle me and then expect to get it back without working for it at a later date; however it was a cost and benefits issue as not doing so would not have allowed me to extricate this process where they have more money thus their claims of inequality is invalid and the issues may get worse if they will not take the money and go as far away from me and my concerns as they possibly can – the part where they never share it with the poor and never pay taxes – not to mention the part where they constantly need to show up here, so writing my Books and looking after history and memory I share with friends and brokers is facilitated by stupid reasons they have invented and therefore means the business of acting in such a civil way that protects their bottoms is something I need to end and ensure they were doing it by themselves, so they can blab nonsense at me about risks of war, that we might explore facts concerning who started it first and the fact I was not this angry over the matter 5 years prior but they would never ever stop. They do claim I talk but there is nothing I can do, reality however is that when people put out products with patents on them, the likely reason is not that they are unable to defend the products but more of the fact that they want peace of mind since last they put it out altogether – their stupidities however says they live in no man’s land and regularly go into studios to help good looking people they pay peanuts relatively to decide what the rest of the world thinks about them, do whatever they like and get rich doing it on people’s property and earning margins; no part of showing up around my Books therefore, to a point where it ends up in their heads, is something they have the legal right to deploy making some stupid money on media and they are already complaining about what I do with popular culture since they are clearly not aware I think it is something lose women do to facilitate the kind of sex they want to have and that if my wife did it, my mind would say it’s something she is doing over there like women always do strange things, so my response to it will tend to be one of getting involved with it to take it over and control its madness so it ceases to do any damages that it fancies around my concerns – this is what the entire industry globally is complaining about presently as it were and they are always blabbing their ability to kill people which makes me work in this matter that sets out a case of questions they ask when they know what the answer will be that churns their tummy due of the extent of their insults being channelled at me because I want to save my energy for the violence, then blow off their big mouth about a risk of war and if the American ones blab how I fall down and never got up while they made it and became important especially as their Politicians have a need to let them address crowds of people that are older than they are, to find out whether they have a future, I am really going to teach them a lesson that they will never forget alongside it. I would prefer people left me by myself and stopped handling my Books, especially would a case where each time they thought about a Man that was their sexual alternative moving to their left hand side, they would pick their own fucking mates for it all together – lest society trouble makers follow it up and I end up with a state of mind that says anal sex is what women do as well. It does make sense of my small world effect here, where there is not enough money in the world to make them celebrities that are so famous, they may do these things and push off some talk to the hand routines at me, which goes hand in hand with their tribalism raid idiots at Industry working for own money and the Politicians with their insults reading up on government and politics so they might stop making it up as they go along, to set me out as a scapegoat who disrespects them because I would have respected them if their salaries were enough for me to respect, to tell me I need to talk properly when asked questions with respect to Government while I do not need to talk properly over any of their made up stupidities.

The big complain happens to be that I am used to these bad habits which is utter rubbish; what really happens is that I am unable to concentrate on anything I am doing at this Hermitage where I have to deal with the pressure Men and society goons build for my tummy and head and chest and bottom all day long, never mind the stories they tell about how I am living in other people’s existence – I can never concentrate because of ageist professionals and their motorist bullying, their foolish children at school and the Society trouble makers that cannot keep the hands to themselves, who are already spending money to organise their lives on account I have wasted their time as well, the way that they got me dropping out of University, since I do not see anything wrong with the fact that what settles as a tool that helps their rebellious nonsense destroy mine while preserving theirs is not above destruction and damage that they cause here as well; it feeds into the popular culture and politics and stock market nastiness since they are always doing it on the basis of being the ones that buy products that my employers are selling and this will then get me to choose the least stressful route to get a job done every time I am asked to do anything and the fact I never chose it means that I smell like my bottom all the time because if they have a problem it should hurt my bottom, if they have a question that should happen, if they have a complaint it should happen, if they think about their future it should happen, if they gain from me it should happen and if they make money at my expense it should happen on and on all day long for various reasons by which it happens – so I am starting to think about the link between my academic work and their market separatism, starting to think about writing and selling my Books on the premise of their bad behaviour so as to ensure I feel superior to them doing so and while it pays the Bills because I am determined to ensure I sold it either by their means or by mine but I sold it anyway, I will be off doing the academic work in peace – more so without being a character that is said to be happy that the world should burn than go off to be homosexual instead of cling to the Church principles at any cost. As for those who say I claim I am a hermit but do terrible things on the other hand; I believe I did detach their evil from mainstream living and not following me around or being seen trifling with my Books or Public image was the simpler option to making sure they are not at a receiving end of my wrath all the time, of which I have clearly been blessed with enough to let me avoid saying I am a modern person, to avoid their evil and its need to threaten me every time they needed money.

They always claim when I have supplied such facts, that whatever it is I own really belongs to them and it’s a clowning around all the time as it were out of their depth, in which case I have also pointed out they love to make out I do not live in my own existence when since day one I arrived in the UK ageists have been chasing my bum on account they need my personality and public image to make fame and fortune with and it never really leaves all matters at this Hermitage which they claim that they want to own obviously. Either way we hear those insults all the time, especially the ones that say that I am a Bum and a low life, such that I have this need to get involved with those occasions we find them blab what the Boys and Girls are getting, which soon gives way to poor get poorer and rich get richer gimmicks, where I can take their own and get about being a proper low life and a proper bum with all together; the most important issue being that I have not been selling Books and they are the centre piece of the problem yet again, hopefully they will not be leaving it out when they complain and seek some privilege of injustice on account I have to endure all that nonsense because I wrote a Book and put myself out there for it. I understand they were curious about what makes me smell all the time but it’s the old case of the stupid things these guys get up to; one of those is a problem they have with my personal and thinking space which sharing it makes them feel good about themselves and imp[roves prospects of fame, so if they do not have it they will insanity detach it from me and then play up big brother routines – their mothers enjoy beating me down in my bed so I can never defend myself against their disobedience while they got dangerous with money and they all love to claim my personality is a product of sex with other people’s wives, that writers are famous and I will get beaten up for claiming I was one and really love to share my personal space all day long just to feel good about themselves or realise they had the ability to behave like white people inside of them, so after all that abuses I will travel two towns away and find something expressed which suggest they had been copying it to enjoy life with and boost their ego by and then I will feel like vomiting all the time. The other story is mainly about the assumption I do not know what I look like claiming that they do these things because I am always dirty while this is not their lives or personal space to make use of the whole time all together and they have not made a mess of me like they suppose that they have. I do hear them claim I am dealing with very dangerous people and it is said they do so in order to get me responding and when I do I will tend to find out they were talking about me; but the question of why what gets off on my case gets killed is usually a matter of the fact they love violent situations simply because they think I will not punish them for deploying my life and concerns to do it and then we find them point out support for the Military while they think the Military is about killing people, so each time they enrol, they return to demand fame and fortune public image because they had killed somebody, which never really ends well around here.

They do say I have described rich people as low lives which I have and I must affirm that they are; what happens is equally rich people getting involved with me because they feel safer that way, while their involvement follows it on the basis of dominance, it does mean I need to be constantly reminded they are a handful of traders who are not Royalty like me and therefore do not know what I know as such for Social standing and I am so constantly reminded of it that I am broke after years of working on the alliances, relationships and memories of family, broke and single. I have by the way already informed them that the way their behaviour affects me is one where I end up at the jobs market after all my work, to get bullied by other people they bullied in order to get to the top where they spend most of their time dominating me like they discuss with their friends all the time, leaving their girlfriends and wives to take very insulting liberties with me that continues to get worse and worse because they assumed they are untouchable – so she is either always talking about the bad thing husband will do if she does not get what she wants and then about the bad things he will do to me if she is hurt and extracting an income from my work and public image to leave me with a lot of life changing insults on media, never mind blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image and deploying my Estate corporate identity to look after its stupid self when it keeps a relationship with bad boys; so it is obvious after waiting and waiting and waiting without result for them to understand I have written my Books in a way that denies me success if they are busy deciding what the general Public considers to be literature in such ways and now I must act, waited too long. It’s much the same as the case where it’s said a lot of people at the Monarchy hate my guts and yes they do; all that game about what the Boys and the Girls are getting was meant to get beyond their insulting nepotism and develop into a case of the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer because somebody had turned up on the scene to pick it up and ensure the issues run completely out of hand; so it adds to this part where I am not allowing my civil living to protect them from the bullying that makes them smell as well anymore so I might protect myself from it better, which then feeds into the business of their women taking what they like from my property because their husbands are dominating figures who will hurt them and hurt me as well if they do not; so no matter how much money they have, added to the fact they do not know what I know and need to spend their lives trading like the traders they are, without bothering an Arch Prince in such ways, they will always be a bunch of low lives – it’s not a big idea as such.

The two main disposition they have come to love is either the one of claims that no matter what propaganda I run I will end up with zero cash and the other is that I have now resorted to violence in order to get by, both of which are wholly wrong: the first being that it’s a matter of stopping damages they do to foster their various theories about how others are to turn out – my case started with private security industry goons passing insults at me and then running off to play with pyramid sales system people and from then on, if they did not get rich at my expense they will wreck my whole life and my Books are not getting sold because of my mood etc – for the latter it’s a matter of their need to dig up any complications I have to deal with and run it off for years, then set about making excuses as they go along such as how I claim others are stupid about which I think they are fucking idiots, need to keep off my Books and stop following me around as it does hurt really badly as it were. It’s just reality that for some reason sick decadent Liberal American dripping with corruption and body fluids corruptibility nonsense, will sooner had made up stories about people doing something to detach them from fraternity of Land and Country, then send out women and foolish youth to rip up everything their victims own and have worked for and set about telling lies on media that facilitate their own version of populism; we all know what has really happened to be that the races have ended up where they have ended up and these goons are the only people who are uncomfortable with it and therefore will not let them all be.