The Men and their power issues does not bother anybody around here save the part where it makes what I am doing here toxic - It’s always said that I have an attitude of disrespect but obviously the case started off with a business of planning not to curtesy to me because they were older while their jobs existed on Media and their lives at society and they were never part of the Monarchy, so I took it that they would have shown a degree of respect for me and who I am if their children were Arch Princes instead and that it is some age based nonsense all together; however the problem with the latter disposition being that if it was aged based nonsense what should I call it when they extend the behaviour to people who are about their age in the neighbourhoods.

So we do hear them speak about the reasons people smell a musky to be that they got their hands on something they cannot do and we would never understand why people who share an Office space with their stupidities would be unable to cope with what they had tried to do anyway – however it does also mean they need an education on the way stomach ulcers work i.e. it is an injury that stays in your mind and the way to keep it out of mind are such exciting things as getting out of the door to attend to a day job for instance, which is exactly what their stupidities cannot resist messing with, so rather than complain about the smell their idiocy may want to think about where our public compassion has gone since their stupid wake. It’s the same as the women claim that I have a ‘thank you next’ attitude while what really happens is that since Obama took up Office they have dreamt of nothing apart from ripping up the lives and finances of some people, extracting money from the Public image and then grabbing the property to invest at Industry where they can claim their victims who are obviously their mates work for them; so it has always been incredibly stupid with a talent for damaging other people’s jobs and I would fancy its stupidities listened to what I am saying, stopped following me around and kept a distance from my Books, not talk nonsense about how their stupidities add up to women running the world and what the Queen wants as stupidly as possible. I could never tell if supposing their ideas created some form of National level instability, it would have meant the difficulty they create for people in terms of stress at the work place and so on had implied they were important and that the stupid theories they have about their fame was actually based on reality but I do know this is going to develop into a stage where getting off to a war in Iraq with a media campaign that will decide what becomes of the religions of the world, to cling to my property and threaten me because bad people exist by which I should get involved in violent activity that will give some glory to the satanism that they practice especially in the USA and therefore celebrity stupidities show up here to handle my person and property and threaten me on account they need money blabbing rubbish about civil rights over it, about which they had never won the war in Iraq itself all together, thus no idea their insults all over the Media who is meant to win it for them anyway, gives way to a more serious version of the business of writing books meaning that each time they see me I am either selling Books or heading off to where I am going which is none of their business, as I have tried everything bearing in mind they claim I snoop around their communities finding out their secretes so I might tell the government all about it, to ensure that their disrespect for my thinking space because they were getting conveniences from it as stupid bullies was managed alongside the process of not looking as though that is what I am doing but it is enough at this stage and I am pretty sure I am not talking gibberish when I ask them to keep away from my Books and cease following me around. My Court systems are female admittance only and they are to show up here if they want to buy and read a Book I have written, not take up my time for their stupidities, lest I has begun to tear up their own too.

I mean I do get told my problem was the fact I am not on anybody’s side but an instance is when the democrats and Liberals want to squander everything I have and the conservatives or republicans had claimed I am expecting to channel their achievements while my race engages in creating the problem – I do not know how they know exactly what Public deviance an entire race of people spends its time on anyway but I do know what will happen when I deal with my own without curtailing their insanity before I got down to it. The Politicians do claim they get the better of me all the time while at the same time saying my actions do not agree with a progressive living and a good future; in terms of the latter which their actions that ensure every neighbourhood idiot with a lasciviousness can unleash mentally disturbed community croons at my bedroom window and run it off abusively, violently and often enough to get these silly women beating me down in my bed, so I become a character he can do whatever he wants with only needs complain about a bit of headache associated with their own stupid leadership deciding what this Royal Office will share with people especially regarding how people are to become financially well off and to make use of my public image for the purpose of fame of which their Political insanity can then settle for the Lion share and they had already stood up at Parliament on tax payer time issuing their foolish threats at me to make it worse, so if they do think about progressive living, I do suppose it might be worth considering their stupidities need to lay off my case at Government buildings. As for getting the better of me, we are here because these idiots have taken up a personality I have cultivated in a Hermitage and claimed it is the product of sleeping with other people’s wives after years of abuse, so it’s not just that stupid confidence that lets it approach me to demand sharing my Public image with imagination right up my anus I will beat down seriously as it were, there is also my personal favourite besides this part where I am too old for University and attend to steal ideas from their stupid children showing up all over my Public image on account my thought pattern annoys them especially at school, which involves a process that means that I had written a Book and have it on hand to sell but I am not a writer, claiming to be one annoys them and calls for violence since writers are usually famous and then after a Media campaign to grab my Public life as insultingly as possible; the one that means that although we pretend to have been through the same Public conditions, they have not been affected by criminal activity, reminding me of the fact when I spend time with my extended family, no task regardless of how demanding is ever demanding enough to make me feel as tired as I feel now. I have only one problem here and it’s the fact I am unable to do what I need to do when I need to do it because these fools have been getting involved with me and the involvement has damaged the academic work and finances, now they rely on me to do nothing about it and are issuing threats regarding the part where they tell me its purpose is to help them control my finances and my response is that they are a handful of idiots; so it seems I have something to prove endlessly and they have expensive practical jokes to express, which ensures that they find ways of making my property pay for each forms of stupidities that they had invented on account they want to get freedoms and rights, leaving me to wonder exactly who it is that will achieve to the top and lose it all, returning to the hell hole they live in to tell them the secrets to wealth but we know when they have demands it is incredibly stupid and that they have only the one talent of damaging peoples jobs. For their part, they say I have gotten people thinking I matter but I am just a bum, reality of course is that there was never a problem with being a bum, save the part where bum hurts on account their stupidities were getting to know Celebrities, Fashion people and Millionaires at my expense, talking present continuous and past participles nonsense around here all the time looking for some of mine – their Politicians might want to consider it is a capitalist economy that has recently recovered from a recession and about how they will get these idiots setting out clear parameters for the jobs they do daily instead of making trouble over processes that involve dreaming about being me and of course when the bum hurts because they are making connections, they are never going to hear from me so when the Politicians square up we get to see what exactly they have got, while I gain an opportunity to show these fools how clever they really are as often as I may want to. The part where I pick up matters of culture and society that are too much for me being self-explanatory all together as it were; the fucking idiots must have decided it is what my life’s work had become with a big mouth, like we see them give their own to the frugal if they had any.

In the end they say I really love to interfere with other people’s concerns which is utter nonsense – what really happens is that a Celebrity will come up with ideas of getting me stuck with the worst parts of their jobs on account they saw my Books and knew it existed, the part that has to do with standing up in Public places to secure adulation from the random Crowd: they will never stop doing it and then after a while take pictures of themselves at it and splash it all over the internet shoving the whole thing down my throat, hence there is clear indications as to the exact reasons they kill themselves on the drug overdoses which goes beyond just their incredible stupidities. In the end it’s a matter of Government Office, where one knows about law and justice processes and therefore is in a better position to decide what happens if we all know some of the people they claim are racists are not racist at all and some of the people they claim are criminals are not criminals at all and their appetite for market based spiritual wickedness while reprimanding a superstitious Public is quite insatiable, hence being able to decide between others and the celebrities and so on; in my case they are not making it easy for me to detach them from my Public image, move them on and tidy it up and do like to boast it has been hard work for me but whatever work there is came long after I had been made an Arch Prince and is not part of my history, so the bit where the Prince of Wales has not given up the idea their insanity is some form of love from the Public will never have an effect on me, as equally as like I mentioned before, there is a clear reason they end up killing themselves by taking the drugs overdoes. They do know that the last time it was just about their stupidities unleashing sugar babies of me and my earning frontiers was between 2003 and 2006 and that their insults and abuses have come a long way since, in fact they hate my Books for it. I do get5 told this is not how to serve the Queen but I have no idea the exact stage at which Politicians became the kids who got elected and spent all tax payers time dreaming outside of government work for a condition in which others especially Royalty worked for careers and then abandoned it for them but we all know they expect this nonsense to be part of main stream living the same way they claim I interfere with Politics while facilitating lascivious goons setting Community croons unto my sex life, only to show up with insults that means society fools want my personal life and their cracked up out of my league children want my Public image, these goons then need only to deal with a bit of headache and a barrage of abuses in Parliament will ensure I am groomed for rape and dealing with being bullied by entire Communities, so like I know of Royals that will make out sugar baby insults is crowds loving Royalty, I have prepared for this too.