So they do claim the government wants to get me as so on which does not make any sense, as the only ace they have up their sleeves is that they are the government that is signing trade deals for the Country at present and we all know they said I was completely harmless when they got off to pillage my Public image, make money off it and put the feet up at Tourist destinations passing insults at me that will get all over the world. So if government signing trade deals will become a threat since they are quite a bunch, then we all can tell from history what I will likely be seen doing about it too; in the end they say they have depleted prospects because of my activities and yet it goes beyond helping to wreck my finances because I talked about barely criminal trouble makers speaking of how the law protects the weak to ensure the strong cannot be free, so people might wreck my academic work and wait outside of University for an action from me that will be followed by counter action that may never stop, now of which they are the ones complaining about hurting bottoms which they have also blamed me for as well, it is not a corruption that I can pay off obviously, it wants to see what I will do when it wrecks my finances, when it wrecks my health, when it wrecks my family and so on, so it really deserves the depleted prospects that it is getting as far as I am concerned as well. Its like when the blacks say I never pay attention to what I am told about racism while their case goes beyond making me like Stephen Lawrence, to one where they beat me down in my home and their identity is about everything that happens outside of their doors, having conversations with gang mentality racists about who really owns the Country and talking nonsense at me like they want to tell me how to exist and how to serve them, looking like characters people want to take jobs from, as though it is unusual that those who always seek trouble tend to find it and people having the choice to blow away their stupid leadership is some sort of novelty and its pretty much the same with the white community as well. I do get told I never say anything conclusive about racism even when I point out that people do not need a sermon on the matter if over 50 million persons died about 80 years ago due to decisions made at Government buildings as a result of the second world war but it should be noted that some people enjoy telling lies, it should be noted the Police will have difficulties to deal with when somebody gets murdered for saying to another that he is spending everything that his victim has got because it is not as if his victim will run out, besides which he is preparing himself to be wealthy enough to buy the products and therefore doing his victim a favour, day after day after day, using stupid popular culture and media practical jokes; if it then develops into a violent situation which does not in my case because I tend to view it as license to rip up their culture and see who will decide I must die while they are at it as well, the question is whether Police are not human and will not be wondering if it was the provocation that caused the violence since they are being told that racism caused it and it is not the only form of insult that black boys are good at, the one that hurts the tummy and makes people smell like the toilet being the very pinnacle of their stupidities since it involves shaking people up without the violence on account they will find the effects amusing – where we get told there are underlying reasons for it but the only one is that they want to be treated like women and want to have African or American societies in the UK so they come up stuck with a society that allows women a lee way first before everybody else and think that when I for instance sell Books, I have things I must tell people free of charge so that their sense of freedom and convenient civil rights may obtain a posterity, true to form of which this nonsense always comes with stupid promises of violence they really cannot back up. So like the threat of government they say I have no control of basically, we will end up with Mr Money man insults who thinks you ignore him because he is so successful he can address you the way he does will not fancy his wife anymore and will get after younger girls who will be the type that got on my nerves and had me decide they should have very little time left to make something of themselves and then they will be off to tourist destinations to put the feet up and pass insults at me again which is where we have already been, if they are not getting into league with the Trump Administration as well all together. Its usually what becomes of this Royal Estate and or Public image becoming toxic on their account when I am not the person with the bad neighbourhood reputation or the person with the criminal record, becoming rather determined to ensure that who owns these things take it up especially where they are trying to be famous. It’s really just the old story of what the exact stage at which I classify these behaviour as damage and not public matter is supposed to be but what is obvious is that I will have to detach the Politicians from the esteemed Public offices before I start. I do get asked this question about my upbringing but it was one where there was not a lot of emphasis on the money aspects – something I have grown used to obviously, snapping myself out of my dream world on a regular basis, especially when I am to say that what I have to do is raise some money for a pension and then I will have some when I am old, to deal with stupid community croons who want me to take their case into account each time I want to push my own mind all together, while popularity idiots and celebrity fools will then notice I appear to have the solutions for all the problems as well – it works for me anyway, so when I make friends and allies at Industry and at work and am able to live like an Adult I know when people have raised their silly children to be very insulting and will be able to explore the bit where I get to decide what they do with their time as well and of course when I am being told what to do by society goons, so that the vices might pay attention to my life and show up here to tell lies and hurt me all the time, the feminists paying attention to my bank balance, nothing will be deniable. As I have said before; there has always been one reason for these activities and its pure evil – the need to show evil is powerful and useful but their problem is that they cannot accept an Arch Prince saying it is not his cup of tea until they are stuck between a rock and a hard case yapping in public places all the time about insults that can stop me from making use of my public image as well, which just happens to be everything I am since when I sat my GCSE, that they have not got the means to back up as it were; so we see them claim I am seen attending Church all the time but I also expect a Police Office to fire a weapon in order to save my life and community as that was the main thing for them as it were, between a rock and hard case, hates my guts, complains about damage to retail business but thinks my Book sale one was a toy; what I am going to do for these guys is take up the culture and society and do it better, then when I get the academic work online again and have it completed I had better still found that stupid Politics showing up all over my concerns to express some stupidity about making me do what I do not want to as it were; they really do need to find another toy as they can see this one is deploying their security systems to make fame for himself, planning to trap them at white culture so that they might spend a life time on celebrity culture that can be taken from them as well, for every abuse he suffers at their hands, so their Politicians might continue such behaviour as pillaging my finances and academics to set me up for them to tummy whip and bottom whip and head whip and whip a private parts talking nonsense about how I am thinking about their careers until they became important like Obama as it were, the assumption being there would likely be no consequences while it is the reason we have ended up where we have, the way I get told I work too hard on the matter as we can see few people know of the half of what I have to do to keep them off my concerns, especially my income. Hence when it comes to racism, its apparently possible to converse with a racist your size, so being overwhelmed with racism is usually an expression of their ego; while those who issue those threats all the time are the ones that have not been groomed into dealing with crowds and looking ripe for the kicking when people love to tell lies as well as it were, hence all over the place currently with an assumption I would not be able to hit back as well; we see the same expressed by the City centre goons who tell me I would not say anything I have said where it really mattered but I think all I have said above with respect to what I would do with if their case was my main concern is quite clear as it were, the point still sticks never the less; Book selling is retail business too, if they are complaining about their own. I do get told its a mystery what I am doing at Industry considering their abusive involvement usually means that one cannot consign them to history or shutdown a part of business that is not paying me, stuck it all plodding on while they extract money from my Industry endorsement alongside their brain dead Celebrities, who soon start to express Chieftain behaviour which is usually a worrying sign of the gang land blow out of the effects of overseas tyranny or lazy republican stupidities on UK soil; what happens is that I develop and broker Equities with Companies and the Canopy Equity is the one that provides them support systems and time based structures to make the transition to sustainable Energy, which is more of the products that meet everybody's taste, the rest are mostly products with their own inbuilt personalities as such, that sets the companies apart even when they provide the same goods such as Automobile, so sell my Books of which my Public image largely works alongside an Intellectual Property Administration system at the Estate; we see the same practical jokes concerning my Books as well, it has gone from the idea the media is aware of a Book contract I have won which I can keep if I shut up, to a need they have that wished to decide if they have the power to stop me from having money or not, to a reality that I have had Books Published and need to work the Books as far as my Publishers are concerned because they want to earn their money, which has then become their insulting practical jokes concern as well and its not going to make my onslaught on Media and Celebrities especially the backyard ambushing people in every aspect of life any less vicious than it is at present. The Islam issue comes into this as well i.e. while the general idea is that I want to dominate people, reality is more of people living around me, so I keep to myself a lot because its like that cause where you live in a neighbourhood and you club and party and note that you are always thinking of the beautiful woman that lives in the neighbourhood if there is one, those who show up to bully and push and blab which not taking them on I can do will find I can by simple processes of work life balance where I need that stupid job they have got or even sex work balance where I know of a sex life that will involve the way their personal finances should be approached - so there is a part of Islam where they believe that at some stage Jesus Christ and Mohammed will Team up with each other, hence not really largely what people think of Islam as something that will fancy somebody like me but the reverse is rather the case - much the same as what happened when Iraq was invaded, I had my influences of culture all over the world where they were going on about the bit where its usually a period of romance before a period of domination and oppression and while I am managing the concerns that come to me, Iraq was invaded and statements made about my type, so that went as deep as the rabbit hole had to go and they think they want to prevent my Books getting published or sold.