They do say the problem happens to have been that I never ever deploy my own disposition in life to get anything done but of course what happens is for example sitting down in the middle of Paris to decide when you experience religious pressures, you seek to know about Islam and then finish it off by drawing prophets having sodomy to put pressure on Muslims because if Muslim parents put pressure on their children who are facing pressures from immoral people it does not matter since they are way too insignificant but for you that will not have been the first time your atheism has ruined the life and finances of a Muslim for obviously that first occasion was to give you a head start and to ensure your mind is secure from religious pressures which will ensure your parents don’t pressure you to do anything about those who are putting such pressures on you – rather ironic you fear these pressures so much but cannot exist unless you are seeing them in other people’s lives because peoples world normally revolve around you – so there was a shoot out and people died and they involved me because there aren’t people dying in the middle east as it were, its only in France – this is how I use their own to do it as well and now they know but would it stop them from involving me like that when they know they have been having the piece of the pie at oppression and demands for blood and general prejudices on which their foolish health and well being depends; it is a question to which we will find an answer in the next episode. They claim they are picking up on what I know most of the time when finished of course but the involvement continues, he provocative and insulting involvement that ends with financial damage and tales of their democratic superiority on media:- I mean they are happy to rip up people’s lives because they are making sure their minds are in such lofty places as religious pressures will not affect them and at the same time are happy to vote for and act on the activities of a spin doctor government that spends almost all its time wrecking the things people did through their teenage years to put criminals and barely criminal fools in corners of their lives that they will not visit often, its ever so impossible to know peoples intimately from a point of nowhere for the right reasons as it were. They have this place on the left that is not to be trifled with and it creates the question whether they are talking to me about it anyway not hurting badly enough yet as it were.

So the Politicians say I like to mess about with leaders which is why trouble makers note and follow them around for it – it makes me so angry because it is almost unbelievable save the fact I know what their nature is; what happens is that the very first instant that this whole process of targeting me to make fun from making sure all I had done during my teens to keep criminals and barely criminal goons in a corner of my life I seldom explore is ruined publicly began when I was 21 three years above official adult age, so there was no part of it that was never going to bring about these kinds of results, all there then happens is a condition where I am told I might be better off simply getting rid of it so things can return to normal but of course that can be said now, however if I do then we end up with those conditions in which they had destroyed somebody and have some power to grab about bearing in mind I was targeted on account they have seen rich and successful people in the past and I look the part and am very massive and am trapped and in their hands. So the bit they really need to explain is the part where they complain about wealth inequality but have no plans to do things about money in any other way save possessed young persons trapped in tents in their backyard telling their fortune, while they detach Church from state every day, make laws about Christians when they have never been to Church in their lives and generally spread such message as the UK no longer being a Christian society, alongside how God and the devil do not both exist. So I might be told I can make it all go away so things can work normally but so do they know that it can if they go into an office to do a job for which they were elected and leave me alone; this reality will

always lead to dismissive insults from them of course because it messes with their trappings of power and this is where their true nature usually comes into its own game and it always makes me so angry. The Labour Party for example fulfils all the above means of destruction and abuse of those with potential in order to trap them and torture their secrets from them to get rich but is at the same time the party that talks most about wealth inequality, so it is never actually clear why they destroy it when they want it so much. I mean if you sell 5 million books around the world and somebody ensures you never eat and one day when some women jumps on your neck and kisses you, you fall down and pass out and end up in hospital and never return and it takes everything they do to a whole new level over the matter of human rights but if like me you are targeted just for the potential and have not sold the books yet, then you have every reason and resolve to target them as well. I might have said if they went around making sure they worked out how a socialist ideology runs a government they will find out I am right and they are wrong and there will be no problems but that does not mean I am vulnerable to them either because I will readily grab and peddle that party again; I mean I have not yet done it door to door as it were but chosen a means by which I have to set out my reasons and parameters – so I can leave the door to door to them, where they get to run faster than they can breathe and push harder than their strength allows in this our cold country so they can get from door to door to campaign for their jobs, it has a certain flavour to it. I mean there are people you will listen to in this Country who earn £30,000 pa and there are some that have made millions through business or even lottery and given it all away because they cannot have wife and kids that way but these guys are happy to earn the wages of a Couple each in parliament then get about comparing their cars with that of the riches millionaires in the Country and set out to people they want to target in order to get rich which they never can unless they are doing every single evil that is prohibited in the Holy Bible in order to feel like they are proper merchants, so I am justified for my actions as they have no wish to let me be.

There is the other side of the story of course where it is said that I deal with matters psychologically so the rest gets taken care of; it is not strictly true – the truth is a matter of parents targeting me and setting me out to build up their stupid children over me and they have built those children up to a point where they regularly get to threaten me as well – it has begun to show in little things like my very existence clogs up what would otherwise have been a wonderful life and my involvement with their lives as you couldn’t make that one up considering they have no plans to live elsewhere but a made up version of my literary empire and royal estate using media and internet, showing further in things like how I  need to back down when I see and hear their views and so on; so it’s one of those occasions where you are abused and targeted and set out to a point where young people want to pass a knife through some kinds of persons flesh to see what it would feel like and of course it gets serious when you do start to target their stupid city identity as well and it becomes something else entirely and then they can live in a cosmopolitan environment that way. So they have targeted me and built their stupid children to a point, which was their part, now they will have to reverse it too and I like doing such things because it is violent and like the Politicians they need to keep their insults and leave me alone. They do say they have the right to behave that way because they are more successful which is utter nonsense as the reality is that I broker equities which are being developed by over 50 global companies, I have a Royal Estate, a Credit of Hospitality from world leaders left for me with which to put forward equities that aid them in resolving some difficult global issues and I get it from over 80% of world leaders too; so the problem is that my property is too valuable and so I have to adopt this hard line where if I do not release much needed cash I make

sure nobody gets it and if I do I ensure it is secure never the less; so this is usually where they say they have it the way I do which is utter nonsense – the one they have is the part about where the possessions of their parents and grandparents and entire extended family is, which of course isn’t here, the bit where we say the families that own all the main industries in the world thing to make sense of all the wealthy people in it which of course is actually the community that Mr Obama is far more interested in than in he in the White House itself, like they all do when they want to make up their excuses for theft, that government encumbers their ability to make wealth and sucks them dry to put up good countries that help people they hate to get rich, due to that fantasy world they live in – they don’t have anything the way I do that is ridiculous; I mean they do these things all the time, wind you up to a point and then start to pretend that you are always angry and a bad influence on their stupid children too, so you do get to that state where you want to beat them down all the time as well while they think they want to control you with media and make you accountable to them with your office and it’s a competition over who is able to smile in public the most in order to deal with the effects – of course I know if I stopped acting like I am a bitter twisted goon like them the issue with Politicians will go away but I don’t see any of that happening when they go from strength to strength with the help of Politicians, not that it affects me in anyway but intent and action that Politicians support has a meaning. Now in terms of tourism in Europe the story is same as ever i.e. when people are temperament mistresses it means they can easily want to spend all their lives living naked in my presence i.e. some do say men are the real victims of sexism and I understand what they mean with reference to wicked things women do because they think nobody is watching, for example in Russia Mr Putin is the most powerful and there is somebody else that is not as powerful but she will be interested in such a person’s family and the boys and the girls to a point where he wants to get involved with Mr Putin and make him hurt them without reason or provocation, however it is a very different thing from sexism which contains realities such as women having a full existence only when they have children when we know other pressures take over as soon as they do anyway every single time and such things should not be installed by society itself as a whole or the part where the best thing that happened to the sexes as far as we men are concerned is women’s breasts, whereas like our penis it is actually a burden and the more we look is the more they want us to look while we tend to interpret it as a process of being spoiled by them etc, this is sexism and men are far from victims of it. What I mean in a larger sense is that when considering things like the European tourism industry the story Politicians will say is that people make money and give it away because they are too lazy to work for the process of keeping it whereas they are only being professional in terms of the way things work and what they don’t want to do with themselves, so the Politicians always go down a direction whereas in my case I broker equities with them for example so if I said something about the service being offered clients I will go and wreck it, hence it’s a matter of playing the servant as well – where the Americans are concerned it is a matter of the fact they think I am an important person who is going there to make important contributions to their lives and so what they have at the moment is the books and I don’t like to get involved unless I am there in person sort of thing. So the reality about the goons is that each time I see them do their usual damage around my concerns, it starts with the Intellectual Property first for maximum effect and then all others through which their twisted nature and bitterness is supposed to make money by being relieved and happy will become less and less important as well and soon enough of which we start to see their Politicians show off how sexy it makes them when they think you have become powerless to do anything about it which means they start to chase your personal life as well and then you have to deal with it by being happy to ensure they do not translate into trade and advertisement and getting rich which means the homosexuals get into the picture and wedge themselves between you and society to show violent people being happy does not exactly suit them but they do it anyway and ends with flushing your life down the toilet which you would sooner than later have begun to observe is happening – there are no excuses for it only cover ups that get more and more infuriating or are intended to be.

Of course the grand old case is people stalking celebrities but I have always known it is the wicked part of how they do their trade which is never thus discussed; I have been showing myself to the world as evidence of what they can do with it and they have continued to sack everything here in the hope one day they will handle everything right down to personal life while a higher power will claim I am stalking them; it’s not a complicated matter at this stage – they always have very poor personal lives and to that end see my books and something important but they have also become the biggest problem it faces because of their superiority to me and the matter needs to be managed, thus creating this sense we live in the same world while they have the most money and that is what is happening at present with celebrities and the whole complain part we hear – otherwise when they are being nice, they are simply wrecking everything here and opening up market for me to show me they are superior when I do not have the funds to invest it, then they can take it up and show their own version of business ruthlessness in that way. Apart from this the celebrities in my world who actually do not attack me in such ways are people that have had permission to so some things described in the British Establishment as look after me and I am currently only interested in my books and my fans and a process of making sure al celebrities that have gotten involved with me and keep messing it up as replaced with fans that have gotten close enough to be trusted. What I am saying is that they are not half the problem they believe they are, a simple case of managing my property equity and finance equity assets like I do with the industries has only but created a sense we live in the same existence; this matter was never going to be improved by a process of making them chose whenever they turn up with their problems, they have far too much money and far too much influence on the public for that to be effective.

Of course it isn’t true that my position is problematic right up to Parliamentary and Government support for my work; what is true is that most poor people are poor because they concern themselves with what happens in the lives of the rich and powerful such as myself, only that in my case there is ample disrespect from people such as HRH The Duke of York and abuses from him and the Labour Party and various other fools that are publicly need on confiscating my home so to speak which they then top up with a sense of wealth making which is based on the happiness that comes from a great injustice being dealt somebody on whom they can take out any problems they want to, this means utter destruction around here while they share it and breed advertisement and getting rich on that basis then complain about my actions as well to push it through on a daily basis which is what I have to break to bit here as I am now interested in selling my books. It is much the same with tacky day time television and shopping channel idiots we have to deal with all the time – there is no way those guys advertise a product or sell one unless there are accusations of competition between me and their house wives, there is no way that operates save the process of a literary empire which markets they confiscate and share with others, then build their own on it using media and advertisement so that they might have wealth that will not be questioned.