The question people have asked of recent is whether I am being bullied by Members of the Royal Family, which I am not – firstly of which what I do is sell Books I write and if people listened to what I was saying or read any Books I wrote these kinds of questions would not have arisen but I rather prefer talking about it in terms of the fact they can never stop lying about their civil rights. Then again, in terms of people at the Monarchy who hate my guts the story has always been the same; that if I got myself involved with a scandalous situation I would have cleaned it up myself but when they do they get me all stuck with ageist idiots at Industry who want to make money where clever people and lay people are and it’s all about handling my finances to set me out as a person that responds in exhilarating manner when being punished or rather attacked. So it tends to brew that old story of the fact Politicians are very keen to ensure the battle between grown up clever people and grown up idiots did not become how the order of the day was decided but we still see these kinds of provocations where it shows up to drive its car a certain way and disturb people to point fingers at me and make certain sounds with the vehicle which encourages people to chase my Bum until I dropped out, so I might sit about reacting to the stupidities of society as soon as that happens and it began when it saw me step into Church and therefore made a promise not to defend myself from others when attacked therefore meaning they could do anything to me they wanted because I promised to allow them – once done, it will then proceed from appointing itself to decide what happens with my academics and finances like so because I stepped into Church, to appoint itself a duty to keep an eye on me and just ensure I am never relaxed, only to explain its position as something to do with the fact it wants to live in my personality which must have become a separate thing from me as a person all together by then apparently.

It has never really been a problem for me; they want to teach me lessons because I am not making them crawl under a rock by expressing what I think about their ability to decide what becomes of their front porch and backyard, showing up in public places to make use of my Books without paying for it and pretending I am being affected by stupid strange charms they have and so on and I want to sell the society for money as well, the more they push it is the worse it will get – the story of cowardice being a simple case of the fact they need to explain to the Politicians every time they have something to tell those what exactly they thought was wrong about seeing me in the Universities that they simply could not let it be unless people chased my bottom until I dropped out. For me it will be a case of that bragging that I am not aging well because my crime was being born into the world after they were a part of the work force, making me wonder what they suppose the effects of my actions will be as well when I have promised them I will be waiting for them when they want to draw their pension to make them understand what it really feels like as well. In the end the biggest agitation they have is that I have written a Book that their freedom people democracy is not necessarily a moral thing money madness goons can take advantage of and this is what brings on the anger a lot of the times i.e. the fact it is not their Book and was written the way it was for exactly the same stupid reason.

So I do get told these actions are disrespectful of people who have done National service but I would not know anyway, I know there are trained professional soldiers in the Country and so am I aware there are idiots who want to fight their enemy with the system getting involved – so it has fought and defeated its enemy but that is not enough and it still comes back to the same case of Politicians turning the purpose of government Office on its head not a matter of whether or not I should be doing something about it i.e. they can never get on without spending other people’s lives and property while building criminal arrangements and gangs; so the fact they will always do the sexual context abuses and sexual harassment abuses is a guarantee, thus Government Office should never be used to beat down small people that are getting it sorted out for themselves but what the Politicians have done is use them to enforce the will of the system while expecting me to think about the fact they are playing with dangerous matters. For my part the idiots did show up to deploy my Royal order to defeat their enemies and are here because they got shot at by those enemies fighting my battles for me at a limit as it were – so it wants to own my personality as a mark of respect for those who have done National service violence and I want to sell its society for money not because I need money as it is never a case of being efficient with money making processes. The American ones sit at the very heart of this stupidities when they say their need to interfere with people’s concerns and play up stopping payment routine is due to a responsibility to control serious and organised crime in the world but we are looking at a case where without the small man buying drugs on the streets people will have had to walk into the central bank to cash the authorisation that has been given them by those who employed them to sell drugs; so getting that low to stop payment, attacking me for making such businesses unprofitable for my security and that of my people and then tackling my own payment as well leaves a lot of mystery in their view as nobody knows the consequences are the reasons they are such a bunch of fucking idiots with money to spend doing peoples stuff. All very good at using their emotional nonsense to highlight other people’s mental orientation while stealing property and then we hear them tell me that they feel as though the health of their mentality is being blocked off but since I returned to the UK in 2001 they have always done these things where they need a hate figure to concentrate and pass their exams in school for instance, hence in my case they dream constantly of an eventuality where we were tangled up and by the time we got separated they were better off in order to make use of my religion without getting along with the rules as wickedly as possible. So where these sorts of Matters are concerned is where I am being asked to talk about Brexit as we can see it is always easier to work with Americans who are rather very clear about the fact a thousand and one wars ongoing does not change the geniuses of these idiots in terms of finding ways to chase peoples bottoms and make a mess of people all the time, while we British never fancy those who want to do us favours with their evil cultures, so they might have rights of sexual harassment; what then happens with stupid Americans is that while we British are doing both, they have got a problem and nobody really can make out what indeed is wrong with them all together – the same way Europeans said we should have opened up our culture and gotten more competent in the role we played in Europe instead of chose Brexit. Which brings me to the enemies issue where I have gone from somebody they said would not do well at National service because the enemy will be able to smell me all the time, to somebody who is said to be a coward and these are the reasons The Queen wants to make use of their own all of the time like we hear them complain about – i.e. while I deal with enemies who are the survivors of the wars in the Middle east and Africa conducting their sexual abuses and claiming it’s about entertainment, so when told they need to do it with their own lives blab about whether the promise to rid it up if that was not the case is how it usually ends up, right up to the point where I find security equities for the bedroom, they are busy seeking ownership of my personality after they were done with National service and got into league with idiots running popular culture on my Public image which chasing the bottom of Politicians to wrap people round their little finger and find they can never keep their mouth shut about the violence that big emotional people can perform until they become somebody else’s main concern, even myself as it were. It feeds into the story about women you see; they think I am in a lot of trouble with them but they are just the bad parts of society where if I am told I need to stop bothering people as I cannot do their jobs or handle their problems, so decided to raise publicity for it and give them equity to handle it in the process, what these idiots do is grab the whole thing, make a mess, build some crime like we all know none really has the imagination to raise kids the stupid ways that we see them do it and show up here to talk nonsense all the time, while I have to keep apart facts that its them and their stupid flash boys who need peoples personalities to be successful, along with stupid girls who need people to get beaten up for them to be comfortable, keep these kinds of facts from fitting into a puzzle as doing so would make my mind up for me as well, only to deal with them talking nonsense whenever they can that I plead with them for existence and it lets them chase my bottom, when we all know they are fighting for survival each time they corrupt my personal space and defile my person.

So it brings us to the story of the reasons it is important they explained why they do what they do to the Politicians and not anything about me i.e. they are always keen to show Politicians why things happen to me and none else looking for more and have never answered the question of what they thought was wrong with me showing up at University, have never actually explained it to the Politicians all together as it were. Not just a matter of the trick question when they say they want to concentrate on what they are doing while they appoint themselves to go around keeping a close eye on the achievements of the female community; I mean an example of such a situation would be one of keeping an eye on a heretic in mediaeval times when he is condemned to die and the reason for his heresy was the abuses that women who thought he was attractive levied on me, as well as the practical jokes of society idiots; so these are people who fundamentally live in a condition where society is developed to do them ill and its never clear why any fool would want to monitor what they achieve and maybe put a lid on it anyway but we all know they want to concentrate on what they are doing after and somebody else is to blame for all their stupid problems – same as we see those who are pillars of the community so called chose poverty and show up at academic environments to tackle people and find ways of making somebody suffer the way the system has taken rights away from idiots such as these. Important that they explained their case and not why anything happens to me – what happens to me is a matter of a personality that is developed in a Holy environment taken up by them and their foolish Community croons and then with lots of vile gossip and an inability to stop lying with popularity culture something else is made out of it to make me seem to different that my reaction to being insulted is exhilarating – for my part the purpose of the popular culture and celebrity culture will still be that I want to make them famous so they might really be loved by the crowds and neighbourhoods and then when their bottoms are chased as wellbeing they are very good looking it will not be messy indeed. So, I do get told I have always done the routine where I want to live in their personality as well, but I have not, just shake them up, either way of which they are getting the jobs and paying the taxes and aging badly as well. We see this nonsense everywhere and find them tell all sorts of lies at Industry about how I think I have won but am far from such a thing, the same way they said my empire was all in my head until they find when I get jobs my skill and abilities rival their 8 figure salaries hence it is not in their interest for me to have one – meaning I then have to start a campaign about how it would not have happening since the latter part of 2010 if tribalism raids idiots were not allowed to have a go at running large companies because they claimed their problems would be over if they did, so it means I have begun to see why those who think what I say and do matters in social life and work should be running the top companies and will soon be asking why they keep the jobs when others want to do it more than they do anyway; we shall once again live on a planet where successful people have cleansed themselves of all need to resolve problems by violent means, since it has always been about customer service to be successful in the first place. I mean staying off my case was the easier part of the solutions to their problem as we are not mates and involvement with me is rather hurtful for them as well. They do speak of how I think people doing National service on my Royal Order an setting about working with popularity culture idiots running all sorts of nonsense on my public image was disrespectful but so am I also seen getting involved with popular culture but all can see my involvement with celebrities and popular culture is a matter of State Office service and that there are very few British People involved too – in the end they always say I think I am always right but we can see they have not got a better idea for looking after overseas Territories of the British Government.

In the end I am not being bullied by members of the Royal family and if the idiots listened to what I am saying and read Books I wrote for a change even the complains about things I should be doing would not have been happening as it was all done and the Book itself has been re written too but such are the stupidities they claim adds up to their right and their freedoms before we hear them complain about it too and also the same way we see them copy my business with celebrities at the world court which gets me thinking since I developed it for public service it might not be so bad until I find they are provoking gangs and criminals that I am going to deal with to make them feel safe and important. By far my most favourite of their stupidities is damage done to National potential and finances in order to make some busy body opportunism money they can deploy to dominate others while thinking I have to understand the importance of keeping the social and Political instability they are fucking around with under control blowing about insults concerning how I refuse to acknowledge that I will never catch on. I now have this fear that everything I have done will go to waste i.e. if I can broker some real film property equity, craft people should not be very far away and its always one step away from handmade toys to Enzo Ferrari has built a car compared side by side with all that celebrity selfishness which is not really as bad as the insults that bring my whole life to a stop being they were deploying my work to make money; sometimes it makes me feel as though when I really want to crush the stupid celebrity culture it will come through all at once as it were. So in the end, the only problem I have got here, contrary to the habit of redoing everything I have done which puts huge pressures on me when people show up with detestable questions they can ask their mate around here is that I do not get along with my Mum and we will never be able to make sense of what part they are playing in matter and how they suppose it has something to do with my Book sale business as well right up to a stage where my point is a point of controversy while we hear them complain about the consequences with no plans in sight to put an end to the insulting behaviour especially the part that helps them heap crowd developed obscurity on me and make excuses for it to tell even more lies. So there was a problem with the University bit where they said I walk around making people out to be bad so the authorities might give me a mess to screw around with them and we are still talking about the reasons law makers have never allowed them to determine their own fate where the law was being delivered to the public at the Law Courts and while they want to explain to Politicians the ageist insults why things happen to me they have not yet explained the problem they have with my academic pursuits – especially now that their need to wreck people’s lives and tell those who push back that the sense of recovery and picking up a life where they left off will never happen on which they build a crowd all together as well, has run completely out of control. I dropped out of University in 2008 and we are still talking about it with undimmed passion in 2018 complete with features such as their worst nightmare being a process where I returned to the system to complete the academic work all together while for my part I suppose if there are a lot of horrible women out there that justice would have been served if there were crimes being committed as it were – besides which I have not seen a single woman build publicity for the predicament of the victims of this so called bad behaviour that has almost destroyed the world save the acts of violence being performed by people against women among other forms of abuse, I have not seen a single woman raise publicity for it to put the victims in a condition where rules do not apply in terms of what people can keep doing to a person, it’s all Men and sometimes circumstantially their infantile Girls doing that.