This has never really been a serious matter all round – it’s like the story in Europe being that I am the black guy that likes to pretend I know a lot about their great civilisation and now my interference is starting to pay off whereby I pay for the damage and am being made to, while I pretend that EU Migration has been some form of benevolence on the part of the British; which has nothing to do with anything all together, European Politicians have always been the most insolent scumbags in the world, they have the entire populous of their Countries on this lockdown of delusion where they think that by taking part in elections they are determining their own destiny, whereas they are only helping fools like these to get financially comfortable and control their lives in that way – so they think they have sorted out that Industrial power play to a point where they can blab a big mouth at me and create pockets of places where my property can go to vanish and are now complaining because that is not successful; there is always the sense nobody really cares but I am watching them and they can take this statement as a warning as well if they like and it’s not like they are not in dire straits at present anyway, concerning this temperament mistresses stuff I do where Women are bound to take up my thing and do it if they feel somebody is encroaching on their House, added to the part where I am completely insane as well – so this is all bound to progress to the part where I build a public life on it because their big mouth wags too often as well. They are usually to me a typical example of why Monarchy should not interfere with Politics as it makes things worse, I do not interfere here in the UK, the Politicians are the ones that have creaked such a myth; it is ever so difficult to actually work out what level of greed propels people to plan a life of getting rich on being able to access people income first and then working out what service they need and how to provide it later which means that the primary prognosis of their plans to be financially comfortable is always based on claiming ownership of the state of affairs of entire communities which builds this atmosphere of pure evil where individuals have no chance whatsoever, so it’s all very well blowing off their big mouth at this point like nobody has had enough of them yet all together, when they start.

It is their responsibility to create equality with poor people by making sure that as poor people have to have work in hand in order to be paid, they have to show their work in hand in order to have the riches they want as well and the reason is that they are already rich – this is what makes it their responsibility otherwise there is no economy and no recovery and I will start to defend myself from those who pillage my property because they are affected by social issues rather than do the right thing for my part, the way they want it as well.

WEALTH DISTRIBUTION It is therefore purported that I have spent so much of my time going round in pointless circles, which has no basis on reality; in the last few days I simply needed to punish white boys that had gotten into a habit of making out the answer for all things is to find out which Royalty was helping me with my Finances and then steal the income through their parents who will handle the contracts. They have always boasted that there is nothing I can do about them and I do suppose that lies on the right until it is a state of affairs. Which by the time I had cleared out will give way to the effects of going overseas to find more black women and bring them to the UK to make trouble in order to start another set of lies about the problems my race create which I should be spending my energy on – playing the role of the civil rights idiot that cannot leave others alone and looks the part of being celebrity than their victims do will suffice, so as to get into a habit of telling me what to do violently as well. The black women were the ones that were denied all the rights in the world of course, so their whole duty on this planet is to find some person whose religion has forced him to promise not to do violent things while they do what they have to do and that means making me look like I have no support from friends and family and that beside a white boy who has his academics and parents cars and wits about him I will always be inferior – none of which I have a problem with for my part anyway provided people keep their insults where it is appreciated. So the point of the pointless going round in circles is that if they steal my income and do the celebrity routine that damages the ones they cannot steal, especially when the Celebrities costs me millions while my financial problems are becoming a crisis that affects others, they should expect trouble with absolute certainty. I did not say it was amusing like they would want to make it out to be all the time, seeking some form of social amnesia that will ensure when the fight kicks off they can be fearless on grounds of thinking the part where they started it has been completely forgotten. I do not want them to engage with me as it is always either about making my state security work for them as well and anything else about my person that means I am not vulnerable to what they are vulnerable to, which then allows them to absolutely carpet every aspect of my life with their leafy girls boyfriends problems, threaten me all the time and get off to deploying my public image to get rich or steal my income at the company and attack me for power at the end; it is a real asset that gets damaged by this behaviour, the one that means a customer has waited for ages and walked away without being served again and again and again, so they might steal the income and abuse other peoples normalcy.

They say I use terms like leafy girls to describe people and that it will affect me too and it is utter nonsense; what happens is that I see the world by what I see and what I hear and what I smell and it is so intense that I am a bit retarded when it comes to touching things and touching people but others will assume it makes perfect sense or constitutes a worthy actually to get after my head and my anus and penis to show they are daring people that really love making others breathless by having a laugh with processes of having people ambushed as a social existence all of the time, which always happens before we hear them complain as well. The reality is that I am socially gay and we do not see them get about making trouble for socially gay girls at their academic work or at their study of nature etc like most of them typically do as it were because it will lead to much bigger problems, what they do is assume that I am the soft touch. All I can say is that they can keep doing it if they wanted; making sure the entirety of other people’s lives are about their greed on account they have needs, grab anus and penis and cause people pain by whacking them all over their body by influencing them with cars and the possibility they might be hit or poked with something hard to groom their minds for it and one of these days it will not so happen that the Police will pick them up in pieces as well.

Then we hear them blab about how my problem is with security guards which does make me wonder why it is that after all these years they have only just worked that out in the first place. I mean I have a small security job to attend to, working for a shop and public transport operatives know which jobs I cannot do, while leafy girls boyfriends know which deals I am supposed to make with my personality considering others are more fitting celebrities than I am, which grooms me for depression while somebody climbs up a CCTV to finger my bum and punch my tummy all the daylong at a security job, then remind me I am doing security job that is meant for women, when I inform him about being half way through making sure all things that own shares at Public transport and are not allies of mine will be running for their lives soon enough as well, the part where I get to inform them they are clearly concerned with CCTV and with Celebrities and with Politicians and therefore are security guards for a Man’s world while I work for Women’s world and that fight they seek is coming to them soon enough, provided the bum fingering continues on their part in public places as it were – it becomes obvious hereof that they do not want their homes to be broken into while they think it is a worthy use of my time to raise questions about why I support the Police on the basis my Government security is based on surveillance, whereas everybody else can see that if my personality deters crime I need to realise that there are others who have that position for a job and that since the lowest earners take £23,000 pa it is a pretty important one as well – at this stage of which the whole thing is now developing into a situation where the criminals who liked to track me as per whether I am earning some real money or indeed I have a certain behaviour when it comes to getting to the Bank and so on, have turned over every process I have put in place to subvert their activities and make themselves their tracker and so these fools are making sure their buglers are able to track me all together instead; there is that assumption that I am not therefore going to cut to pieces the celebrity one for them as well all together, they are only just finding out the fight has always been with security guards. I mean the use of CCTV these days is that of when I walk outside for some fresh air, I have somebody give me a sense he is hovering weights above my head and dropping it on me so that the pressure then gets right through to my intestines and then he can fantasies what my tummy is doing and finger the bum violently to get what he wants and then it will be followed by neighbourhood scum keeping it up and every idiot with a car having a go as they drive by but when I walk down the road and decide I want to walk at the very edge of the pavements, so that drivers might become nervous, knowing that nervous drivers make accidents happen and that accidents kill people, he has problems with watching it going home with depression because I would win as well. Then we hear the bloody idiots tell me I deserve it and that I have chosen the better way to resolve the issue than stopping a process of abusing celebrities and politicians – the answer to their question of which is that no employer is indispensable and nobody  gets to rip up my life over a decade and trap me with an employer who is offering me a security job at a shop so that he might abuse me every day and extricate personality he wants to hand over to celebrities and politicians to facilitate his high gone to his head security earnings without problems and now they know that whatever it is they will do to me will be done from where they are, so they can get cracked as well while I turn them over and fry up the other side of them as well enough as I should too.  I can go to my work place and set out that I do not want seniority happening but they will always pretend it is fun to break my rules and so the seniority will happen against somebody quite advanced in age or middle aged and then get about stirring up the problem again and again and again; so what I want to do is find their living rooms and open up their best drinks, not because I drink but because it will have the same effect what I do not get to do is make time to find their living rooms, so the other best option is opening up culture and society and right hand side instead and that has now created this process where they have gone into Public transportation to have their revenge and I have gone into it as well to find anything that owns shares and is not an ally of mine and then destroy it – so I am now looking back at how well I ploughed that route too.

At this stage they say I feel I have had it all done but something is still festering but it is an old story about how walking down the streets gets reported to some fashion designer who does something with it and then I can make contact with a court system and administrate the handles, was the way it was supposed to have worked because my security is surveillance based but instead I now need time and money to make physical contact with celebrities and fashion models before I earn a living. So that what happens is that poor people have no choice but to work for something before they have money, so it is not up to them to show a conventional connection between their money and some produce or service they provided to somebody to help them in order to be paid it – it is up to those that are rich to do so, otherwise there will be no economic recovery when it is all happening through some stupid imaginary accounting system and the economy will never recover as well. It is their responsibility to do this as rich people and stop getting between me and my client instead as the answer for all their stupid problems, every time these clients want my help to deal with trouble makers infiltrating their establishments to get jobs and managerial positions. What they are actually scared of being the fact that 30% of their incomes on average does not actually involve being paid for doing something, it involves Media and Industry organised robbery where they take peoples incomes and share it between them and this is what they are trying to hide because it is the extra margin needed to keep up an image that does not actually belong to them. They do say these Clients of mine make money in the same way as well which has no basis on reality as the main issue is that each time I carry on my case with Politicians and Media and Industry goons, they want to steal my secretes to work for millionaires and celebrities and tell me the fight is with security guards about whom I can do nothing which is not a good statement to make so incessantly when the issues at heart is world peace and then these clients tend to ask them why they are not copying what I do verbatim instead of making up their own, ask them how I am doing it and why they are not copying it verbatim as it were; the annoying problem is that each time my work is needed, I cannot sell my Books because of these idiots, so they can get about making me very active at paid employment by fingering my bum, grabbing my penis, leaving me with depression all day long at a security guard job and yet it does also show that even the process of getting paid employment on my part is something that annoys them with that big mouth; I have been living for years with the fact the fight has always been with security guards and when it is about being abused at Public transport it is Politicians ruining a Royal Estate for me, when it is random on the streets it is celebrities doing it and both are going to hate my guts more than they already do at present too. it’s about setting it all out; what happens if I write Books about others is that it becomes a real books and I earn a living and then it becomes an issue in a Law Court if they are unhappy with it, not getting into my personality and personal life to find what I am writing, so as to go off to build an existence that will fit with it and a government office that will stop me from writing it because people hate religion. Now they have set up their celebrated idiots and pretended I will end up in a libel court case with those as if I am stupid; so what they want to do to live up to this boast is ensure all I do at my Company is reworked for Popular culture to improve the possibility that might be the case and the fight is with security guards I ought to know – the fucking idiots.

The question now becomes that of how I intend to get it all done as I have dislodged what Government security was about to do to support me on the matter but I have it covered i.e. I have such proximity to society trouble makers that I will keep those informed about their jobs and lives every single time; this will produce an outcome in which Government security beautiful is not disturbed, perhaps I might write  Book about it someday – but their complain about what I do to ensure trouble makers chase their private parts when they are doing important celebrity and journalistic jobs but have no intentions to stop or change their behaviour will reach its peak and then when such tyrannies emerge as usually does I will probably go off and die at the very beginning and the bullies will fight it out; they need to get off my Book sales and clear my space. It’s always been the reality of it all i.e. if you give these liberal civil rights fools half the chance, this is what they will spend all of the rest of your life doing i.e. they should be the ones selling your books to those who want it because you are superior to them and those you are selling the Books to are powerful and they are most in need of power – so this tale of how the problem involves the way I run my affairs is not based on fact either. It’s never been an unusual issue, it’s just their way of saying that they have seen others work hard on something for years and then get better at it thereafter while they do not have plans to work for anything for their part all together and then the problem starts when they get rich too – we find that even when they have a company that perhaps has branches in dozens of Countries and that the entire world knows what belongs to them and what does not, they are still convinced they can steal or take over other people’s property and this makes me so angry and can only be resolved when we ensure the Millionaires return to being street vendors, so they can live in the real world like everybody else but for now the strategy of starting a campaign where the big problem with me is that nobody gets to see my achievements has paid off and I am not informing society and culture trouble makers about the nitty-gritty of their stupid jobs and I get the sneaky feeling that I am actually not the person that invented the process all together. They complain we ever start out an existence by criticising and condemning liberal people and their evil and wickedness, which has no basis on reality as what actually happens is that She will know what to do to look after herself but she never will until she is sexually assaulted and then she must become a popular culture idiots to help facilitate a process where people are split from their personality so others can live in it because they thought they were superior but were actually inferior all along. The reality is that it has never been a matter of respect as we find that these guys can easily become the 60 year olds that are still realising things about the facts of the world around them and because they are well aware of what the effects of their stupidities are become completely obsessed with getting involved with other people’s concerns and never ever change for the better but want change to occur around them all of the time.  it’s never been about choosing to be an indoors or outdoors person either – we can see what makes me angry is being interrupted when I am doing something that matters, except that my reaction is needed so much, in order for people to get their fix of it this has become the only thing they want to do with Media; personal favourite one is of course taking over my schedule to make out they are really clever and then setting my reaction out to be something of what an unfair society does to them, everyday.