hear they say that when Scotland is independent and or the rest of the UK becomes a republic people like me will lose relevance which is good riddance; I wouldn’t know but the realities have always been clear i.e. that if they think that way they are not in any position to provide this so called future they are promising young people and are just the bunch of really selfish goons we all know i.e. that morality has always been responsible for making people interested in you or making people help you or making people give you a job or making people buy shares in your company and morality is generally largely responsible for the success of the economy – what we know they do most of the time is create a sense that I should get stuck somewhere while they go off to tap into the morality like I am item and avoid having some of their own in order to push their way through and get rich quick, thus it is the same group of people deciding that everybody must end up on a plan B all the time and none of their plans will ever pay off because the UK has had monarchy long enough to be a republic by now, so that if the rest of the UK is not interested the big idea is that Scotland will go it alone. So how this costs me relevance I will never know; all I know is their other talk of how much I less about with world powers, whereas all we have been diplomatically trying to prevent Moscow from doing have over time due to greed become the very thing Moscow does most of the time and as for the US it is the land of the free and home of the brave full of idiots that will take an intellectual property administration business and turn out in public to get rich quick based on stifling the book sales and gobbling up the entire business with publicity – all these fools have been able to do in the UK therefore is create one of the biggest deficits in the developed world and while we are settling that are off to other things as well like having a new Country but the Americans will not tell you ever that the home of democracy behaves in this way for more than 95% of the time they are seen doing anything with themselves but of course it is difficult to work out why it is so tough to understand the importance of raising standards for all people in the world as it were; they think I am losing relevance and as for the threats - apparently they are not dealing with racism yet since every mode of their behaviour is concerned with a  faith you have been made to lose so that the morals can be deployed by homosexuals and such communities to serve the wider community and wider world, thus the prognosis of their behaviour towards morality is generally that of those who take up all of it and their own and then do it so that when they are done getting rich with wickedness they can never do it later, who are therefore the biggest problem that the world faces and responsible for all the wars in it, never mind the Muslims ones talking nonsense about the radicalisation of their foolish Children when they do not get what they want while I myself am not a Muslim in the first place and find it impossible to understand why they want anything from me anyway - as for the story of what I prevent Moscow from doing, its the same old case of stories picking up their feet and going places and Moscow attacking some smaller country for it at the end, hence steps were taken to prevent that but every benefit of those steps in terms of what Moscow is prevented from doing has over time given way to exactly the very things they want to do which is therefore always referred to as a threat to the UK when it isn't.