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Security on Politicians, Civil perversion by the famous and Public funds based fools errand

So there is great talk I care nothing about the civil rights of others but no body knows whether chasing and hunting me to damage me livelihood, barge into my life and keep me from the rest of the world and turn me into one of those people who offer spiritual leadership, so that I can later lead people onto somwhere and mass murder them for it, is civil rights or that hunting me within the same process to do damages to my livelihood like it is something they are given the legal right to do unto the media and unto the internet where they tell lots of lies, is also civil rights.It appears to them that while they think they can cover up with stories about how they do not want power with respect to the things they do, they will be able to do these things on grounds of telling me to come outside for a fight and get away with the destruction as well, which is why they lie so much.    

I am not for one second suggesting it is a difficult issue, it is nothing but Culture, lies and theme tunes on wealth grabbing and like I said before with those stupid new democracy once they want something of which whenever they do they must always have, they lie a lot, it is almost impossible to believe people can lie that much and that compulsively. To me they have got nothing to do with civil rights, they are the devil children and nothing more and a typical example of what can happen is what they have done to me and my finances for their purpose. This is the fact I suppose has not been cleared up until now.


THE ROYAL HERMITAGE POLITICS & BRAND MARKET INFLUENCE ADMINISTRATION - LITERARY OFFICE AT PIRACY & OTHER THREAT BASED TRADE WRITING. WELCOME TO THE BOOKSHOP Author's Office & Service: Bookshop Private Royal Boudoir | Being that Journalism and Media is more concerned with business connections and top Jobs, Celebrities with Career Gladiators | safe Readers & Broker Operational environment Admin. MEN'S WORLD its allies shifted from the Educated to the Culture Violent & Politically Generous, majoring in Wealthy ruffian Play Boys (a recovered Failure's eating disorder). WOMEN'S WORLD its outlook shifted from information abuse to control by Social bullying, now well settled on Bear bating and mixing of personalities to create latest pornography as well, overseas and public violence its main specialism - popularity Industry self advancement, which includes riches and excludes work, the profit (entertainment sexual context abuses & involvement vandalism). INDUSTRIAL & WEALTH EQUITY Please be aware: all our images are subject to Copyright and used only for purpose illustration from an external Source only and some have in nature and context not been License Purchased. Perhaps being beaten down with the Financial Benefits of my own wealth equality structures and Assets may cease, much as security Equity for Public life based Business as specific to the Hermitage may flourish.

<p><a href="" class="tumblr_blog" target="_blank">exotic-venom</a>:</p>
<p><em>(Trimeresurus flavomaculatus) </em>Philippine pitviper</p>
<p>Venom not well known, but mainly hemotoxic. Symptoms generally mild. Few bites (fewer envenomations) & no fatalities of humans recorded, so far.</p>


(Trimeresurus flavomaculatus) Philippine pitviper

Venom not well known, but mainly hemotoxic. Symptoms generally mild. Few bites (fewer envenomations) & no fatalities of humans recorded, so far.

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Tuminino Gbebire | BETTER PLACE, 2023 | acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48"



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Abel Bentin | I Don’t Believe in Art, 2021 | sculpture



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There have been huge improvements since last I engaged in a response to society abuses by a reciprocate process of changing them, over a mind that was determined in the direction of acting in way that affected their bank balance,

I had since discovered that the reasons for the improvement in my social and mental wellbeing was the way that this got them paying more attention to losses than they did to me.

I had stumbled on a way to ensure that setting me out as a punching bag for idiots that want favours from the Media was a power that was easily well countered by the above process.

This Book which I had written on it Years ago, , having been rubbished and run down by Celebrities with minions, is still the most comprehensive service I have on the matter.

Celebrity and its Markets have been the only barrier that most people’s incomes faced and in my case it’s mostly a practical joke that will get me seeking permission from those who do not have to be apologetic to me for the way they lived their lives, while I lived in fear caused by uncertainty of their behaviour, which had eventually over time, allowed them to build up such nonsense on Media.

It is really not that unusual, since originally it’s a matter of personal decisions they made to provide themselves a lifestyle they do not really want, a civil and criminal disobedience attached to the response shown for the consequences and then a sense of entitlement that other fear might entitle itself to people earnings but of course each action to move them on is usually construed by their politicians to set a premise for people who were living a life that was a danger to them, however in my case they have no responses so far and preferred hurting themselves instead, while I am now completely fed up. (For those who have already read this Post and other interested parties, I would like to inform you to settle direction of what is happening, that the site link below is my focus on Tumblr. In it I set out all there is to know about operations at my work Court and Live Journal - mainly manned by Female Journalists all over the world, who are helping to maintain a wealth equity system through it /).

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Naturally the whole business of the appearance I do not seem to work hard enough on security matters, which creates this outcome where people need to assist me as they believe I am not strong enough to handle certain issues, which is quite right, except each time they back onto the fact I am Royalty and it is probable what I think about doing is something I know how to tackle i.e. the only way that those who are stronger than I am and fear for my safety will have their own safety jeopardised by something I am doing will be when I am not working hard enough on it and this largely refers to criminality matters, such as young people and criminals chasing addiction and attacking people randomly to ensure they secure finances and market for it - same as smoke screen for criminality Media Journalists relentless and ever abiding disobedient practical jokes with peoples livelihood and finances, when they wish to interpret their civil rights as a process of extracting an income from the wealthy city centre without having to do any more work for it than has been imposed on them by force, it therefore usually gives way to the throwing peoples valuables to fat cats that they and the young people who follow them at popular culture work so hard to prepare themselves to do, that they believe absolutely everybody is taken by the stories they tell of work being imposed on them and of course at the heart of the supply of start up finances and mobility for such things is a bit too much of Politicians showing up in peoples lives.
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