Today’s main story on Media is apparently that I believe I can defend myself from those who want to confiscate my entire empire and get around with the EU along with other of their really stupid friends in the US and the UK, in order to boost their income and get the Politicians to claim its economic recovery and that it is all desires as I have now been broken and beaten down while reality is rather that everybody knows if I started a story of my own which concerned the fact everything they are is based on ripping up people’s lives to create a you versus the millions of people who hear what I say on Media situation, with an intention to terrify them out of those stupid saloon Cars, I would achieve such an aim in a very short period of time as well. The side story is apparently that they are done pillaging my public image to make money and I think I can make them suffer for it in their personal lives, so they are so successful and important they will pillage that too, completely unaware we are in this situation because I let them get used to it, considering it is violent when they do and then coward winner abuse people and copy filial response for fighting and killing of loser image has to pull back after. I do get asked why I believe they do it anyway and if I told the reasons I know I will beat people’s imaginations i.e. I have written a great Book, they want to be the ones to write such a Book, so their stupidities and the toleration of it is what my sense of public tolerance is for and they are set to take up some years of my time, to get off my Media careers and find out they were writers at the other end; so it does come down to the good old self-appointed daddy character who is the reason I feel exhausted all the time on account he is always hurting my Body since he has not yet established a way of making money that does not involve doing so and that big mouth which keeps suggesting I am beaten down and anything I think I can do to self-defend is desire, which it comes from of which is not discernible, is the kind of stuff that will turn it all around for them too – never mind the fact yap yapping about identity stuff will not get me setting their arses up for the racists first before I get killed all together. When they show up blabbing like it was their lives and property they were shedding their stupidities for elation on for instance, you think it is one of the cleverest organisms on the planet because of the manipulation bits but you are actually entangled with an idiot in suits and the blabbing will help ensure that I get to see them as characters that need to get gotten off that stupid job or seriously beaten up as well – such yapping as defending myself adding up to desire is an example of the reasons they are going to give me a fucking closure for the fact that I am always exhausted because of their need to handle me; I mean 10 years on and if they confiscated my empire and used it to boost their income the Politicians will claim it was economic recovery; it never listens to anybody unless it is in pain itself as well; like we hear them say it’s all talk and wisdom and we all know as I mentioned before that these are idiots who have no real relationship with the way the financial and manufacturing economy works but want to be able to get rich selling things by making sure others are exhausted and in pain all day on account they are working gossip based distant abuse to create narcissist happiness which builds the place people need to be if they want a lifestyle and if I tackle any of that stuff it’s not the National Treasury alone that will suffer dearly as a result of my actions, I am wondering why they find it so difficult to keep their filthy mouths where peoples appreciate it. I do not hold any stupid keys to new market like we hear them claim, the keys to new market would be one where their stupidities that likes to pick up my income margins and gather a crowd that they can lead on playing with me but bullying me if I try to take it from them, establishing a relationship with those they sell products and services to is the fucking keys to new market and if they establish it at my expense they will have something new to complain about too; it is fair to say that if I see them around the Estate earning margins talking nonsense at me like the Media wants them to one more time we are all going to get together and ensure the earning margins of this Estate looks the way they found it far back before I met them in 2003. They do speak of my actions which are not in agreement with Church business but we all know that is a route they want to take; where the women cannot stop playing up money loving madness over my blood and the need to get neighbourhood boys to beat me up so I might give up something and the men have no other existence save one where they were chasing my public image and I was damaged as a person so they can have it – yap yapping witchcraft is their religion that they have a right to practice but will not practice it on themselves, yap yapping their wickedness is designed to help them get by in a tough and difficult world but I will be fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods shortly – ever so difficult for their stupidities now to show up around my concerns if they want to buy my Books or completely fail to do so all together instead of issue stupid threats at me and tell me any self-defence amounted to desire. It’s an old story where these fools always link peoples body fluids and entrails with processes of gaining money and we see all the bits where people feel sore on their private parts is due to the fact that they will not be allowed to have such things and more so especially around here; so when the Political idiots and media fools who claim that the avoidance of conflict was in their interest, rip up my finances to tackling it, they never fix the problem if they are convinced like they at present, that they can always bully me to seek their own prerogatives all together as well; so its yap yapping self-defence on my part is desire with that mouth and it can never keep it shut. They had found a kid that plays around with the personality of the person that should be prime minister and needs to give it up was the game they began years ago, then after when their subordinates got out of hand I got attacked because they wouldn’t rise to the challenge and each time I tell them I will tear up their Political party for them, it may hurt like hell what I do to that effect but they still think that I am bluffing; so any self-defence for my part is a desire like they are there yet and Tony Blair was the one that got away because I thought I wanted to attend University at the time so far. Everything I do to defend myself is desire as per the thousands of daddy on balcony asking their stupid sons to show up and finger my anus because they are trying to sell things and get rich or are trying to secure industry and political connections, all possible because of the most abusive and violently filthy lasciviousness that they could devise as though it was their lives to do so, on account I will not let them peddle any aspect of my life for money; so everything I do to defend myself is desire with that big mouth and the process where I am always complaining as far as their media lies are concerned is what determined how this is to work all together yap yapping. As for this story of me complaining, that was a case where I had to be in a part of society that facilitates a process where I have written a Book and people want to ensure I am the one who has the problems that the Books solve in order that they might be the ones writing and selling it to me instead and it was never going to be a comfortable experience all together, it was never going to be easy putting information to culture and society to run a Bookshop but it had to be done – by the way of which if I complained to them I do wonder what it is exactly they would have done about the issues, save wait for me to put my information out then start their own story about being the idiots who control me and make me fix problems for them, which is an old tale of how I had a Court but over 90% of the vibes I get these days come from stupid Men who invited themselves into it, to find they cannot hold down their tummy while they do and so mine is never allowed to digest my food and there is talk of beating me up which none will ever do on Television as it were with that big mouth. We hear I am playing games with power all the time but they are not the ones defending themselves from whole parliaments that will like to see them homeless because it would have made a trend if they were, they are not the ones that have to defend themselves from abusive Media who want to control their finances in order to gain public image based insulting self-improvements, they are not the ones who have to defend themselves from civil service idiots who want to get connected with celebrities on their Public image, I am; so apparently its that talk of power all the time because I have not found out where their wounds and illnesses and weaknesses are as well, hence a need to make a fear out of me if they are unable to create me one that they can control and if I act on it I will look as though I do not want the treasury to have more money while they are unable to spend their insults on those who would fancy it – thus all the desire in the world. Its never really a complicated matter as a whole; it’s a people that are largely propelled by ageist men who have silly children that are like them chasing and fingering peoples bums on account they are prevented from peddling a religion to make money or a Public image or a personal life – so people should not tackle my Book sales with their media Jobs and Political Offices to tell me any consideration of protecting myself adds up to desire, we all know that if I got rid of the ageist Men I would still be stuck up with the Homosexuals who tell me how to respect insulting Journalists and inform me I am not a Prince with their big mouth on one hand, and civil rights money loving community croons who make bad habits out of my every thought and deed because they want me to give up something they can get rich with on the other; so that if I said so, I would be told that I could have said that instead of chasing all the other things I have said but people do not tell others that any thought of self-defence adds up to desire unless its about evil and this is the reason we are in this situation all together i.e. they always say that their Godlessness helps them protect themselves in the neighbourhoods and get by in a world where most people in it are evil but soon enough its entire purpose will be to take my finances from me and get me offering people the sale of my body in return for money because they want to laugh at the miracles that God has not performed, not because they want me to tell them that if I got rid of the ageist idiots I would still be stuck with the homosexuals and community croons – now they have all the desire in the world and can tell which one is a self-defence that adds up to desire in that way. They love to tell tales of the anal sex I have for my part and will be punished for one way or another especially if I continue to get so high and mighty but they have never once produced evidence of me having anal sex with anybody or anyone for that matter altogether – so it is fair to say they must be talking about the affairs of their own stupid Offices then all together, never mind the fact that the processes associated with expectancy and childbirth in this Country now has a prospect of being performed in peace as it were; it just seems impossible to carry on with those tirade of abuses I have to deal with all the time so they can set out a stage where any who tackles me will get connections and money and a means to practice wickedness that permeates mainstream living, without telling me anything I believe I can do to defend myself adds up to some form of desire, speaking of a case where it is about time the Monarchy started paying for its sins while what we are talking of concerns the evils of the Politicians and the Media and the Communities - the racism and other forms of nepotism and discrimination that other ethnic minorities entertain, so when they make their own case personal like so, I suppose there is no probability I will come up with something for them to do, which will show that I will live in any neighbourhood of my choosing with them whenever I want and however I liked as it were. They speak of how I dominate everything which is utter nonsense; I want nothing to do with them and find it difficult to locate where they have made a connection between buying or selling Books and the fact that Men who engage themselves in expressions to do with what happens to peoples digestive system when they have no money for instance but it has taken over my whole life complete with features where they spend it as it comes out of me etc yap yapping and looking for trouble - its about selling something or buying something, every other gimmick is rubbish but whilst we say it is not necessarily black and white since its a matter of human choice, sometimes it is, where it concerns my own personal choice too - I cannot be let alone to be by myself and it has gone on for years so my tummy does not do the right things anymore and I cannot get a job: sometimes it is black and white: none peddles my faith, none peddles my personal life and they will popularity and Industry and media have that public image they love to exhibit their stupidities around somewhere in hell.