They say what happens on Media over my case is my fault because I show up on other peoples media jobs to do my own stuff but for the last five years we have seen a classic case of my only income being sourced from unemployment support because they were making sure my Books did not get sold to play a game where delay is the same as denial as they say in social issues. It becomes a question of where and when the pricks would think their Media practical jokes are inappropriate not a matter of decide what my behaviour or manner or language is supposed to be like that big mouth blabbing nonsense at me as well; we see it all the time where the Public transport ones will see me attend Church and decide I have done so to learn how to show respect which I can deploy to make people do violent things for me, so as a moral person finding my way in the work force I still need to be respectful no matter how abusive they are because I am young and have a reputation as the main thing that goes before me, besides the moral aspects which are personal but then it continues with a process of driving around the Public Transport all day passing about all sorts of abusive gossiping my way and then when it gets to that stop where it has to pick me up, even though I am paying, it need to ensure I do something respectful enough to help it avoid churning its tummy when it meets me, so I attend College smelling like my toilet and much the same as the jobs and job interviews too. Even now, the question they need answer is not whether they can predict what I am capable of, its which part of what they think is my fault really is my fault and how and we can see something similar with society idiots as well – their hands are ever on my head and chest and anus perpetually because they wish to perform these behaviour while being slippery enough to see that I am getting into a fight with people my age so they might feel comfortable with their stupid selves and they all have a problem with the way I guard my Public image, so they are all over my Books. Same old case I never follow on with the same sort of disrespect anyway; I am a writer, but these fools have found that it would be my fault on media if that was what the public heard before my side of the story, should they find that getting involved with me as though I was not one was profitable. I am not half afraid of them as they think; its all media shit issuing those stupid gangland threats all the time because it thinks I can be ambushed or the other pricks on TV who believe that 8 years of financial delay to play practical jokes was my fault; I mean they were taller and better looking but spend time here endlessly because they want Chiquita love, not paying the bills and I am not paying the bills because of them either and we have never yet seen them complain about financial difficulty that was due to a behaviour others who have caused it could change and not a personal incompetence they could do something to alter, we only see them inflict it on those who are not vulnerable to culture and society trouble makers like they are, while there is nothing to gain from such behaviour, blabbing like it can predict what would become of a case where I built myself a Public image on it, with intent to ensure their bosses are not telling any more of those lies and excuses that controlling their behaviour makes things worse if the intellectual property of the entire corporation is at risk on my account. It becomes so pointless to recover my Publicity disposition from them, so I might just run a Business, since they will only build their own dummy version that runs around at their Media jobs where they have way too much time on their hands, doing whatever it liked - so I have resorted to making them do the job whenever I need it done. The women ones cannot be real women if they are not taking advantage of the damage to build me a whole new reputation whereby I am good at sex and it is what I have to sell, so their bits started when they wanted to determine what became of finances and academics of religious people, progressed thereof to my case being one whereby Court is free for all to access on Media. Its feeds into that case where it is said that I never really fight for the money while reality is that everything I do is taken up by them stupid men with a money leverage they want to play practical jokes on others with and construed into something about me having the kind of temperament that can defeat the racists and gangs for good and so on, so they might be free or Political or Liberal and we find the erasing of every other aspect of my Public life by foolish liberal America where idiots like the sound of their own voice and have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing for this – so I would fancy the other low lives placed their insults where they knew it to be appreciated while I am on it and showed up here only if they wanted a Book I had written.