Now the idea I will get into trouble with the Russians is utter rubbish too; I mean the question is that of what empirical evidence a group of media scum have which proves that Russia will become a democracy in another couple of years? But it is the same story with idiots handling my property in order to turn out in communist territories to democratise the world with their insolent and filthy fascist nonsense – they have daughters as well and those can never ever stop stealing. All I know is that I write my books and it never gets sold because the very people I deal with in those books have been helping people around the world and doing charity work and so my books being given up serves as my own down payment and contribution for the effects of the actions I take by refusing to respect idiots like these which leads to ugly outcomes and it is the kind of nonsense I will not tolerate as well; I mean the book beat them up but they are seen around the books all the time – it would make no sense to any reasonable person but it gets even better in the sense that I have always been a teenager that hates people spicing up their sex lives with the fact I exist and have a real problem letting the faith be to that effect. I am no longer a teenager in fact twice the age of an average one, so yes I know they hate my books but I should be writing at least two of those every year and they certainly do not want me spicing up my sex life with their stupidities as well. Stay off the books, that is where it will blow up – this has continued to remain the mantra; I will not live a life that suggests I spend all my time fighting filthy fascist scum until there is an occasion where they win and stay superior and if there is any made up sense I live like that as there is at present there will always be a heavy price for any of the scum involved in doing so; staying off my books and moving on is the answer – I have always hated the idea of being stuck somewhere while stupid men chase public office and they really do not want to see the ugly side of me since I have continued to mention it and they have continued to deploy their media to make it happen because rather than work for money they want to be famous especially when black and it will lead to a process where I put a noose around that stupid popular culture and tighten it until I am drained as well. Everything they do provokes me to this end because on account they have media to make stupid senses with and build popular culture and fame at my expense doing so, there is no way the UK can exist without other countries being used to exasperate me. As for the business ones who speak of an empire I don’t have; having a royal estate means there is only one of you in service of only one of a country in the entire world and I don’t mind the thieves keeping me at the size I am meant to be either; if I don’t get my literary empire back soon, my quality of life because of what all these nonsense does to me will be taken into account in this matter as well. I can understand their problem over the environment but these things have always been there for centuries and I promise these Industry fools and that stupid popular culture and fame game of theirs they will not be the last to see them, somewhere in hell.

I do not believe insults from Politicians at International Communities to be a major issue either; they cannot control anything around them and so I usually do not want to place myself in a condition where I have to deal with a stupidity that looks like their authority, do the insults will come on like that for example but if I get punished for doing the right thing in that the girls had picked it up, they cannot handle the girls or take it back as it were and so even when they are appointed or elected to get into an office to do a job, they want to be found around my affairs for their purposes as well. Now I have said it, there will therefore have to be a self improvement galore as it were but clearly it will be the one I am about to do anyway. Now they get it, now they know what it takes.

 The other part about consequences I never consider are very well of course most of the time; I mean everybody knows I cannot stand people spicing up their sex lives with my existence as they need to get off the faith and get off the books but whenever these fools feel like it, the most important thing to them becomes that of creating a space in my life where we are communicating and they are therefore making sure that I never approach them to try and lead them with a word of the gospel, which is also why I open them up and maintain a society where there is nothing they can do about it, just in case I need to spread the gospel – like making sure they round up people that look like Christians and prevent a process where they listen to the gospel on any occasion whatsoever – can be forgiven all that destruction if they do not damage the career of course but they keep finding things that are evidence of their career despite the continued destruction of the career in the process, hence the reason we have all those problems i.e. a space in my life whereby we get to communicate, they are mad of course but I cannot be caught dead saying so either.

I mean I have always been unable to tolerate people doing the fancy my wife and it is the point at what I wish to have sex with her thing; I cannot stand it from the Politicians, I cannot from the TV personalities and I cannot stand it even from my parents which is why they think I am their plaything as it stands, so its a question, the enforcement of their own version of the teachings of God to punish those who believe in it with the use of the civil service that is their personal and private modern insolent property as it were; who the hell they suppose they are? It is the things they do with it you see; for you soon find yourself in a fight and in it its all about their possessions and Church activities where you go through so much cash flow problems because they are busy vandalising the business and the job and keeping that going without consequences expected or boundless confidence with media to ensure none matter, that at some stage you think their possessions are relevant and then it becomes the answer to everything in life including the peddling of the gospel. So of course they always say it is how capitalism works but cannot understand what it means when you say you do not want it near your property as it were; I myself do not therefore think it to be a big issue, its just that it is possible for forgive the other crimes if they do not mess with the books and that is why it is the answer to everything in life as well – speaking of consequences I have to weigh up i.e. they think they want to wreck the finances of the Christian so as to ensure he does not spread the gospel which then builds up on his head things he should otherwise be doing and then provides a means for a giant global and International and insolent strop that becomes the basis of capitalism and success but of course they are not tough enough for it and if they were it would make no sense since all questions would have already been answered; this mad and stupid rebellion and witchcraft of theirs is clearly the reasons that we have all that homosexuality and civil rights, it does not mean I have to tolerate it - their capitalism knows when and where to back off peddling aptitudes linked to my personal and family life among others.