Of course I am aware of that talk that I am becoming a figure of mockery because I am so poor; I do not know that it matters either for my part, the reality being of course that those that do such things and their fools and publicity can have the money if they want. I mean I know what makes them tick and they do not seem to show any regard for such a fact – I know their entire live rotates around the process of being able to work violent discrimination against other people’s children because they have got some money and of course because of that they have been on my case since the end of my teens, using parliament that was their personal and private property to secure damage to my finances, which they claim is a victory as though I have no right to exist and my existence is being threatened by them and now it is funny because they have made contact with my affairs again to extract public opinion about it; so let them have the money but they will never have the discrimination in hell. There are the media ones yes I am I aware of that too but the truth about me and the media ones is the old story they need to get off my nerves and get some sex and I will get to hold her down for them provided she continues to blast off her dirty mouth at me at the mistress of the Nation thing as well. I know they say when I say such things it affects everybody, it does not do any such thing as the reality is that on one hand is a world where women give more and more and more to their spouses on grounds that there is a never ending campaign on television that men exist to be insulted and on the other them and their filthy insults who need to get some sex because I want them to and will make them to as well. I know they have football violence for example and I don’t mind; all I know is that if I want to see to it that they do not get to do anything to hurt my skin, I know exactly what I must do to them but of course at this stage I don’t feel as though I want my skin to suffer anything for any reason at all, hence they can continue to blow off their big mouth at me and it will not happen savagely and completely unexpectedly as well. It is the same for the Politicians and the media that need to leave me alone and get some sex as we are not mates. They say I am mentally ill of course and I do know I am depressed because I can recognise the atmosphere of it around me and can avoid it without help of a medical practitioner too, so I know I am depressed but mentally ill should be a matter of the things I do to prepare them for sex and yes they can say what they want about it, all I care about is what God thinks and the Bible says and if they actually do take it into account I think they are inconsequential, it might be easy for them to spot when I have lost my temper and there will be no need for all that rubbish about how my very existence annoys and stirs anger in them. I mean what do people have to do to their thought process to become such things as women who spot me walking around and because I have not explained I am a Christian my existence annoys them so much they will only be okay if there is a big man beside them that will beat me up to death – so that because they exist I will not be a living breathing human being and neither will the big man beside them be one too and then they say I am the one that is mentally ill on the other hand, when I am really just a Christian that does not in any way want to be prepared to see the world the way they do which is an end to the matter in the first place. It goes on and on and on until it is time for sex of course, so I might hold her down for him and prepare his life for him all the time as well. Naturally they say I say such things to encourage people to be promiscuous, the reality of what it means is the need to prepare them and their insolent wives for sex every single time we come across each other provided that their dirty mouth continues to get shot at me on that foolish media as well and of course prepare their homes for them while that are at it too. It’s the same with them football people as it is with these fools as it is with the Politicians; people will know that if an entire parliament is deployed against somebody that has just left home, they will wreck his finances for it but it soon becomes a victory that must be established in the spiritual as well with a big mouth and that process of provoking you and securing a victory from a distance so they might better do it at close quarters continues to get worse and worse in that way. You know anyway as it were that they do it because there are no more children for them to abuse these days and they always say they vow to clear their name each time they are caught by the Police and charged with sexual assault – the reality is vowing to clear their name which has got some pain in for me with a big mouth because they have Bentleys and so on, considering which there is no other explanation for why people will be so stupid as to know that their behaviour towards me is what it is because they are queer and twisted but when caught by the Police for abusing children decide they vow to clear their name and that I will suffer as a result, so they know why they must get some sex. That saying such things flies in the face of what I have said before about such things is utter nonsense; whenever an idiot thinks you should be getting down and dirty and violent because it is a privilege he wants to acquire for his insolent money, I suppose that the fact somebody sodomised him at some point was the start, they want some of my own too as it were. The idea I cannot do anything about it; when I have made it clear they need to find a job to get money with if they do not want some of my own as well and stay away from it for it too and when they had accumulated enough savings deploy it to buy publicity if they want to be famous, so they do not have to get some of my own as it were - or we can do the showing how much using their own will hurt as well for eternity. 


I am not of the opinion in a general sense that mentioning something about my financial condition is embarrassing. I mean it took an entire Parliament, not one MP or two or ten or indeed an entire party, not two parties or three but the entire parliament to do the damage that has been done to my finances today and yet they really have not succeeded in a real sense and I have since become a Published author and my Company is all set up to trade the books and exchange the equities already anyway. However it should be noted what kinds of people they are and that sort of destruction not being construed as an abuse of my rights but a necessary act to prevent social inequality which then must be done with a society built on insolence as well but this is the half that concerns them, as the half that concerns me is rather that of the fact that it has taken the parliament a decade to do damage to my finances which means that there was enough on it to sustain the onslaught of a daily basis from the Parliament itself, which does indicate I am a Royal Prince and not necessarily a poor person. As for the part where I am published as in a mercy publication by a collection of Americans, I first of all never knew it was mercy publication but I have at this point had enough of it and really do feel that when I get hold of them, I will most certainly make an example of them as well – I mean at the moment we are struggling it out over the matter of their conviction that their girls and women should be able to access my property and finances from a distance that is safe and secure from any act I might carry out to protect it or prevent them from doing so, hence the reason I do them as well and stick it up at a distance. As I always say, it is the books that will be their undoing and it can never be mentioned enough they need to find money through employment and spend their own pennies to secure the publicity by which to get famous if they do not want a piece of my own as well. I mean you may take a look at somebody twice your size and assume he will be the one to understand money does not come except through employment but he will rather be the one to beat you up and use your personality or peddle it to make music CDs or get rich and famous and share with others as well – so they will sit it out for me too and watch me use their own and watch the way I will use it as well; I mean the bloody clown do these things with intent to get rich and famous from it as well and it takes me right back to the beginnings when mine was a big one and they needed to dominate me first before I am allowed to get an education, of which we know the jobs was another matter all together and yet I know if they are able to dominate me at any point I will never get the job or the education because they are dunces and vile bullies but politicians are already out there enforcing their will on me most times without even being asked and if you hear those complain you may even assume I have done my worst yet. All that rubbish about being my father figures and so on and nobody can ever work out what the problem of the foolish men and their girls and boys who never listen really is – of course it is the more that fame and fortune nonsense turns up on my affairs, the greater the chances I will rip it up. They are not famous, I don’t recognise it.