On one hand they say I tell people too many things about myself which makes no sense whatsoever as we all know these goons will never ever think what I tell them is more important than the evils they perform on account they think nobody is paying attention, while on the other they claim it’s a matter of what I say which means these goons chase around important people which makes no sense either as the important people are supposed to have been like these goons anyway; it’s like when I have enough and get about watching pornography so they can start to think what happens to them as a result is my responsibility. An old problem concerning the fact they believe they are important, they think they are the boss and I really could do with not being misunderstood as there is a Literary Empire linked to a Royal Estate and an Office that serves the Public from it not idiots that put a name to their face on my television and spend all day on insults thinking their problems are meant to be other persons priorities –so if they do feel like factorising it with something I said they are very welcome to. They do speak of how we find a common ground like that was going to be a difficult thing to achieve but it is as simple as it gets, I am a Christian and they need to look at all they have built up over the years from the bubble that exists between them and the prisons and how it works around the prognosis of their hatred for people that are introverted and then they can find their common ground when they stop it and leave me alone.

It’s like regular stories about Political party brands; the part where they never pay attention to the fact they get out of bed every day to dominate the general public, bully them and set out all kinds of nonsense that means employers cannot read what they are which means that although they are experienced and qualified they cannot get jobs because nobody can vouch for their character, making out their unhappiness is meant to have been other peoples priority and getting increasingly violent about it especially when black which still makes me angry to think about it because of course it is supposed to be a matter of setting out the red lines for big businesses and putting them in their place so when I say something to those who follow me I will understand that they will listen as such but of course it becomes more and more serious and that domination of the general public by idiots that want others to be punished for damaging their culture (not hurting badly enough) which is a function of their deviance and need to wreck people’s lives to make money to blow on women and go again at various set out targets, the domination of the public whereby their unhappiness is supposed to be other peoples priorities when there are 20 year olds on £2.50 apprenticeships while they put a name to their faces on our television and rip up our businesses for popular nonsense in order to chase their second homes in the easiest way imagination or indeed the part about their women especially the blacks does need to stop and as I mentioned, so there might be no more questions about me getting into trouble with anything they ought to check if I am cutting them off from business and jobs in order to measure how much trouble I am getting into as well – it is a simple case of red lines for big businesses, them in their place and security for my public office where I will not have to be a problem for them or them a problem for me from such a position. The other one is about winding up Politicians and a tussle with the Monarchy; in terms of the former of which the Conservatives for example speak of handling certain British interests around black markets and people pillaging our growth thing, so they are off to the African ones and have brought in their African trouble makers we see at the shops and all over Industry but are soon complicating mine for me to make me feel like complicating their own as well and then we see them begin to issue the threats which is why I bend them up a corner so when I get about robbing it in all the time securing them British interests becomes more important in a larger sense and as for a tussle with the Monarchy, they are the ones that are not doing their bit which others will take up and they know that what I get up to can be explained in this way comfortably.

They do say I like to feel like lover of poor people which of course has nothing to do with it; what really happens is that it is those who want to be upstanding people that get attacked by Politicians and this will never be something that people can explain either; when you say there is a black woman here and until everything you are and own is ripped up for a quick pocket money when you don’t even know her through some need for intense lies and power of crowd, she cannot be herself and there is a man at the other end saying if you push him in a direction he will kill her as she is completely useless and extremely destructive but it is the one that is not a part of any of the two and is dressing up to go about job hunting that Politicians locate and target while the ones that want new popularity colloquialisms with the possessions of people that have been targeted to spend peoples personal lives to make popular culture money they blow on women and dig their victims even further for more becomes their best friend to any ending; so nobody should expect a good reaction from me when they tell me their unhappiness is supposed to be my priority. I understand they ask when it all started but it’s not an emotive issue; when it started they were middle authority and others were big authority and people like me were small authority to be dominated – you know it will happen all the time because they are ugly people that like to think they are extremely good looking and when you take steps to ensure you are financially secure so they don’t get around abusing you, the politicians will destroy that first of all and then they will simply ensure extremists gain access to industry at your expense – it is usually where you start to shut down of course until they issue threats whereby they show they want a piece of you directly all together.

Of course it isn’t true I am scared of reprisals from the Obama people for what I have before said, it does not come into play at all in anyway whatsoever; he gets up there, makes himself out to be a warrior against poverty and deprivation, claims neither God nor the devil exists, clings onto my Book sales and have since achieved nothing on poverty and deprivation, only the destruction of my Books – now he is telling people to pass off the process of robbing that in my face as his CV on poverty and deprivation all together. it was always what I know which served to prevent me from describing the Country I live as a stupid country because of the kind of leadership that goons like him are creating all over the world – I mean do you dare, do you dare to have yourself one Hour or doing nothing, nothing whatsoever in your own home?

They speak of this bad role I play in Ed Miliband’s election campaign but of course the story of how he gets to keep his comments around my work to himself has not yet changed either; they say it’s about a National embarrassment like me clearing their perspective on the left and it is something they will have to make me do as well all know you are unemployed because you are always in a panic on account men have cars and drive buses and the bullying from them needs to stop as a community before it improves but for the clearing perspectives bit it is not done by those who spend all their time on public wickedness that ensures they get ahead and get rich quick when they are nice to people on their way to work, it is made by taking advantage of those that are big enough or by magic. Of course we hear that I make people fight for me – what really happens is the other side of the story where people see me sell books and have some money and I need to fight those that are bugging me to protect them even when they know I have so many ways to making sure their stupid money is not a problem for me, they make the same statements as well and forget their place all the time i.e. a National embarrassment needs to clear their perspective on the left, they have ripped up my kids shows equities at Industry and will not make their own stupid children’s shows in any other way. It does seem if they are that keen they will have to make me.