The claim I have sex with other peoples wives has no bearing with reality. The truth is that they are a group of idiots that do nothing but fantasise about sex with younger slimmer and more beautiful women. So in order to catch these women mess up and attack my finances to set me up for the violent attention and after they had the women, set out to stage two of their plans to keep their extra pleasures which had to do with controlling what their wives fantasies were and that meant of course claiming on National Television everyday that I have sex with their wives and then following it up with gang based threats to make it real even when they know it is not. So I had decided they need to live on the edge and one false move will see me take away the family and the wife from them all together, besides which I intend to make them pay severely for the insults and those are not up for conversations either.

The women that always know more about me than I know about myself on the other hand are not that much of a problem; obviously when you mention you hate the idea of women who cannot be if they do not see a young man stuck in one form of hard work after another while they mock and laugh it is exactly where you will end up. So they want to be able to make people bums when they wish and one of the most provocative things they can say in my direction as a result is that criminals are better men than I am. Again those need to keep their insults to themselves as well and it is not up for conversation too. I know what they do for power and will invite the rest of the world to share while I manage too.

The whole sex thing is to be seen within the public light of what happens when they complain I cannot let alone the music and popular culture industry etc but their attitude towards my earnings about which they have rights as it were has a lot to do with how they feel when I refuse to have sex with them because I can easily masturbate instead. So to them at this point I am being pushed around and bullied and we will see how it will end up as well.


They do nothing else with their time excepts steal, cheat, lie and try their hands on the impossible endlessly i.e. telling people what to do with their lives to suit them, at the same time that they have to keep their jobs and look after their families etc, without actually saying a word, knowing the answers will be negative and spending other peoples earnings on their pleasures of life and thus carry out all sorts of nefarious activities around people who clearly do not want them to, depending on how intense that desire is and how much they want it. Not once therefore do you hear them ever mention something about how it is a evil an activity it is to peddle people that are being messed up by those who are uglier than they are, which no body notices except them that is and of course not once do you hear it despite the fact that the real issue around how they start is a process where you buy a home or rent one and the first two weeks are okay and then it goes downhill very violently from there because you think that you do not want to have sex with people on account that you can masturbate hence are not welcome in the neighbourhood, which always provides them the necessary disposition for their witchcraft as you sleep, no matter how many times you tell them never to do it in your direction, while the others get off to be popular and rich and famous with your work property and earnings and brag about it with a big mouth as well.

They seem to want to know where I am these days all the time, which is one of those matters that get to show it is not such a huge problem as such. I ought to make it clear that what has happened is a completion of stage one of the whole thing they started i.e. that I am a slave to them; hence all necessary slavishness needed to settle a process of earning a living set out and settled, now I await the masters to come up with economic policy and other things that they need to, however when it comes down to it, I am still the boss and will bend them up the other way as well - just like the statesman that is cash strapped; its the gauntlet you see, the new trend.


So they claim I have messed up my life because rather than get off to do things I should do by myself I have decided to gamble away at accepting a commission from the Queen to do it which brings along the enemies as well. I could never get my head around those kind of stupidities bearing in mind that a commission from the Queen makes your life and work worse than it was before; not to mention the fact there is so much disrespect that when you get such things it is impossible to make it private and sit down to think about what you must do, trust your self and your decisions at the job and get things done, not to mention the fact that should you have refused to accept this commission from the Queen the worlds worst envy freaks that are here today would not have disappeared over things that you are doing now that would have done anyway especially. So the fact that they itch to see me do something to defend myself because they are certain I can get beaten up is not that much of a serious matter for me, I mean the question of when I will grow up and stop people from pushing me around is becoming more and more important. So I ought to inform them that for now it is important we stick to the lesser matters of the fact I intend to squeeze that stupid get rich quick rubbish out of them because it happens around me and my property all the time and want to do that in such a way that I had set a standard which means that when I have removed a capitalist way of getting around jobs and making a living in the west and replaced it with a religious one, I would have done the money as well. As for the need for violence, they ought to know that I would most definitely kill them over these matters in such a way as will ensure they do not come round here to start those their stupid fights ever again; I mean bearing in mind I stand to loose from having everything and then getting into a dirty violent bloody fight. As for the politicians; none of them is any less that 40 years of age but they continue to tell me much talk about the economy has gotten me confused about the process of telling somebody who takes my property and makes it out to be a part of his culture so that he can claim it, that my property belongs to him and more so that I ought to believe it, even when it is mine as well. The claim I am afraid of people however is completely misplaced; what happens is that when people come in contact with me I should make it clear what they have come in contact with and if I do not have the time show them I have done something to avoid them; because of course when a demon leaves a person and then returns to him, it does seven times as worse as it was; I don’t want their crap as well and certainly do not wish to be tempted by them over things they need to see me do to defend myself against violence which sets me up as a fabulous opportunity for any idiot that feels as though he wants to be a tyrant, for of course all those things we do with respect to governance in their view are fabricated and invented, not a matter of our personal and private property they want as a matter of a weak being in position of leadership while they were born to rule.