There is talk of course of a war on women – there is no such war here even though I am at the forefront of it by some strange Media Industry game; what happens is that they realise I see the world according to what I see and what I smell and what I hear, so they get into my space to  bask in it for pleasure and personal power vandalism all day long and in order to do so, start their own campaign that my personality contrary to being the way it is because I am an Arch Prince with duties to the Church, it is because I sleep with peoples wives, so as it stands they have come to the conclusion the lies they tell of how they do not know what it is exactly about them which provokes me, tends to make sense. Then again the reality is what it is because this has developed into a condition where they have the need to be comfortable using my life and that has now led to a hatred of religious persons like me and a need to see me suffer in all ways ending in painful suffering but that has now gone on for long enough to facilitate anger and frustration on the part of the Men they were meant to have used to accomplish it and this now means that these men are spending a lot of time beating them up and controlling them – nothing of their behaviour therefore has improved considering the question of everybody having a tendency to have a problem with their temper at any time and its twin question of what respect is for, what has become the change to their behaviour is the need to get on public places and rouse crowds that will turn up at Peoples doors over a War on Women. So in my case we hear them speak of a culture I handled and if I see it again, it will be cut to pieces again as it were – after all I do not see that there is anything they can do if I were a direct threat to them anyway. Either way, the reality is still the same i.e. it is impossible to communicate to a collection of idiots who indicate regularly that they wouldn’t mind killing you to get comfortable with your existence, that you need to pay your way in the world – so the Politicians and Media an Industry fools that push me over so they can wee on me needed to feel my wrath. The Politicians and Media and Industry people that just seem to come across things that are free and also belong to them considering it is free and they paid for it at the same time and then they get to use it thereof as it well. They do speak of how I want to set out a test concerning people only deserving things if it belongs to them and of course it is an old story playing out again, except this time I am not going to hold back because it will mess with my Trust system whereby I am supposed to have been able to campaign for and build equities worth millions that I can ask companies to bid for, so I can earn my way and fund a Royal Business and will likely cut up their contraptions in a very short period of time for it too. Its like the other story of the need they have to change what the reality of who they are is in public, involving those versions of events where five idiots from a village will travel out with their children and locate me as the thing they intend to make a mess of and abuse every single moment of their stupid lives and have it made sense of academically on Media, so that they might appear to have done well in life - and its a case of walking into Public transport and 6 will share the same car and it will be the end of the world, except at the next stop 3 younger ones walk in as well. I do not think that the matter is a complicated issue - just the reality that half of them kill people because of their envy and the other half seldom pay for anything they use because their entire existence is about conveniences of stealing other persons livelihoods but my case will never improve as they have now devised a violent way of existing with me rather than improve their behaviour if they want people to listen to their complains about mine.