They say the matter of disrespect on my part has become such a serious issue that it is a crisis but I am lost as per what they mean disrespect anyway – what we know is that there will be a much reduced levels of violence and abuse and vandalism and all the matters which cause their insolent paranoia and narcissism if they were able to do what I am doing but their problem is that the only way they can is to buy and read Books I have written. So, we find they much prefer the abusive insults and manners by which to secure privileges of injustice at my expense the whole time for it instead, now we have also witnessed their need to talk about respect. It’s never an emotive issue, we see them at it all the time, insults and never enough of it, their neighbourhoods and superior, then it is soon a case of the need to determine what becomes of those who have what they do not because it is the easiest way to find people they can manipulate into fighting their corner for them and now they have reached a point where they tell me my livelihood does not agree with what market forces want while everybody knows it will when I start to handle their own and keep them off those stupid enemies as I have had enough as well. I do get told my scathing remarks do not even spare military operatives which entirely depends; if the goons that screw around with me on the streets join the military and blab at me for it, they will feel me as well; I mean they got shot at by the enemy which does tend to suggest they have found out what it is like to work there all together but never the less have also found out it was not another person’s problem as they were the ones that took their grievances off to the military to solve it there against the best advice of every inferior person on the planet; so when it is getting away from a bullet fighting my battles it tends to fight it at a limit as it were.

It was all disrespect; the society disrespect, the Media disrespect, the Political disrespect and the civil rights disrespect hanging around me like some barrier that means I can never step out of my door without coming across idiots that want to make use of me to improve their lives churning my tummy – now we find they want to talk about disrespect, especially when I have gone off to acquire myself some Court of female journalists where we play up some sexual games, roll up the eyes and squint, to ensure every scum that has not been able to keep their career and finances off the gangs and criminals can continue to show up here to play sheep and shepherd routines with their mates, especially the blacks who share a skin colour with me and are playing with their little brother to a stage where they grab my Intellectual property administration business and set about extracting any equities they want for anybody who needs access looking for more of what they were complaining about. We now live in a bubble of insanity and I am the only sane thing in it because it is my bubble, soon I will be compelled to deploy everything their destructive nature has not destroyed because they thought it important to them, to clean up the mess they have made here as well.

I do get asked what I think makes them behave in such ways but I do not know; it’s just evil I suppose – the way we see them shut down their sense of the world around them and then show up to ensure I am always complaining about them because culture exists, only to progress to wrecking my academics and finances and building a crowd that will help them move into my past and live there in order to feel important and comfortable, making up stories it is a military sensibility as they go along. The one they are complaining about being the latter about culture, we are moving off to the next they will be complaining about over either dominating me by making sure every celebrity culture filth was washed into my life or just setting out those statements that own or want to move into a right hand side that does not belong to them all together with that big mouth that makes out it is what their civil right looks like and can never stop lying. I mean I dropped out of University in 2008, there was no problem a year after and not two years after or three – the problem really began in 2014 when they were confident they have built up enough saving for their need to work tribalism as a solution for racism and have peoples whose lives they want to shut down and make money by over it looking for as much of it as they can create as it were – so when it comes to respect this shit can be tracked the last time we checked.

They do complain about the damage I have done to their society and culture but that is because they can never stop threatening me on account they need money, which disrupts my prayer routines, immediately after which we find their local community idiots appoint self over me to keep an eye and ensure I can never relax. That stupid culture and society and Politics looks like the place where peoples potential goes to die and from the 1980s to date which is barely three decades we already feel as though humanity has done four cycles and yet people cannot make money from that, they have to threaten me chase me around, persecute me, make me breathless and chase my bottom, then tell lies that will keep their civil insulting privileges on media on the rise at all times – the white people on the other hand just leave me wondering why they do it when they have racism in their society all together anyway, just as they like to say I cannot talk like a normal person anymore and this was an intellectual property administration business in which the owner has to talk like it first before he talks in any ways that others may consider normal. 

As ever it comes down to my readership not being disturbed any further as their stupidities can be handled in a way that agrees with market forces if I start to handle their case, getting them to lay off those enemies as I have had enough of the saga that exists between me and them because of it. It is always likely to continue for eternity when these goons had become convinced that the victims are not likely to build publicity that draws attention to it or indeed seek redress by means of retribution for the vandalism and property destruction especially. In the end it applies to their Politicians who are good at funding their stupidities and pillaging my finances to a wider extent because ironically they are the only few group of professional idiots in he Country who are unable to see that if the treasury is a product of a certain percentage of our incomes that is below 50%, then it is always poorer than we all are and are happy to spend its contents creating crimes and talking nonsense about using people who refuse to acknowledge some inferiority that they have; either way of which these goons have now gotten off those insulting culture and society to earn the money and pay the taxes anyway, since last they became important as well, seeing exactly how their insults feel and what it means to those they bandy it at and have become rather convinced they will change reality if they told enough lies, just like their civil rights idiots want to move into my right hand and shut it down and anything I did about it would only help them establish reality if it does not get them complaining about me on a global stage instead that is.

They do claim it is clearly a behaviour which has no respect for other peoples culture and society but I have no idea how much simpler they want me to put it; the facts above should be enough to make them go away but I am always willing to oblige I.e. its all society insults and culture insults and if we are to agree they will be the ones complaining I am willing to go along with it, just not the one where I end up having to explain myself to the authorities that are willing to listen to the stupidities they go to the system to exhibit when they want to control those who have what they do not because it is how to locate those that can fight and then find a way to own them etc. What I have said here is not yet prove of the effects their involvement has and that it does show they are a handful of very stupid individuals as far as they are concerned and they love to tell me it’s a problem that will never go away while I know I can shut down every atmosphere that is to do with the ways in which involvement with my concerns and my persons benefits them, to ensure those stupid futures their braindead children have built up around chasing my private parts comes crashing down and if I coupled it with beating the parents down and writing Books about it I will definitely pass my exams in school – otherwise the simplest of all is that they kept off my concerns and did not get involved or made stupid media comments of any sort over it, stopped addressing me and spend their insolent energy somewhere else, not fair to assume people think they want an explanation for what they are doing or what the effects mean. They do claim I never do anything until people are jeopardised which means that each time I do it means nothing to them because they were already screwed but so would I have been in a proactive and not reactive control of what is happening around me here if they were not of the opinion their practical jokes were everything and that it made them more English to chase me around for what is going on in my head and then start a fight when I put it into a Book in case people wanted to read it – always that cheap as far as they are concerned until they have to make their own statements as well.

They do say my feelings are easily poked because I have nothing and it is utter nonsense; what happens is the level of attack and abuse that destroys the finances and academics and livelihoods because they need money from those who own such things all together; so if I got off banging on about money on their case as well, they will understand what comes with money is racism and violence and crime and all sorts of nonsense – that when people are nice about money they ensure your tummy is nothing to write home about, when they are not you will likely be dead meat etc, so show up with Political stories and money needs on peoples public image and personal life, run it for years, tell lies and try to convince whole populations the public issues you have created is another person’s fault as you had long become quite used to issuing threats. I do it the way I do because if I have not done my University study I know there are things people will do towards me which I will take the wrong way; these guys take everything those they wish to take advantage of do the wrong way and then they make up stories too about a certain race or a certain sex or a certain age. It’s like those occasions when we hear serial killers confess that the only people who were actually good enough to be classified as human beings in their minds were the people they had killed; likewise I obviously now have to work for time that my readers need to read my Books and have to work for time that they need to digest the adventures I wrote into it, while there isn’t another person’s name attached to it all together and these sorts of things should have been very straight forward from the very beginning – it never is with Liberal America at the helm and the process of promising me I do not wish to give people what does not make sense to give or share but will at the end with a big mouth. Much like we hear them claim that it gets worse the more I talk about it which it does not; like I mentioned before, they believe others are making up reasons for their activities but I have been clear none peddles my faith and personal life and public image if they do not want me raiding their Celebrity neighbourhoods and shutting down the fame and fortune culture that gets to their heads as well, to make them understand what an Arch Prince’s Office is like and what it does – its all okay to hear them speak of what they will get off you whether you liked it or not with foolish Liberal America muscle behind them for the most but the business of gathering millions of people to tell them they can speak of their problems with reference to how somebody else who lives thousands of miles away from them across the Atlantic is a measure of their insanity but then again they always say its about the UK rectifying the damage it has done to peoples lives but I like to think it is the latest craze if they believe I do not think that explaining or talking about their problems according to the way I live having an effect of drawing drug dealers and criminals closer to my concerns is enough of an issue for them to suffer intensely for but then again it is either they have a craze of this sort or they were complaining about Police Brutality as it showed on Media headlines. Usually okay when they get around being naïve of how they hand other people but sometimes the freedom does become a real problem.

Now they say I speak of Politicians not doing their bits but I myself never get into a fight for any reason because I am a coward but we all know it is utter nonsense, the facts about their society goons is that other people business is always their concern and they tend to hate my guts because they get too much information from me; every time I board Public transport it’s about people finding out what I know and extracting money from it but it hurts their heads and churns their tummies and to show me who is boss they will churn mine as well – the outcome being that they are always seen bullying me and when told off we find them tell tales of how somebody that looked like me made their lives very difficult which does not make any sense and has nothing to do with anything, hence they are also lost in the idea that I have set out the platform by which their inability to see that it will exacerbate my anxiety issues and tummy issues mean they should agree it is okay for people to go to work smelling like the loo and that they will be joining them soon especially when I want them to become Celebrities because they are always telling lies about me in a bid to be loved by the Public. It goes back down to when I was at University and where these people fit into the picture I.e. those sharp unexpected tummy pain that happened and made me smell like my loo to make the bullying many times as bad at University was caused by them, so their children are always showing up to insult me and chase my bottom looking for a future because they are picking up from where the parents left off blabbing those tales of being able to decide what happens with their front porch and backyard while I cannot and it seems that until I handle that front porch and backyard as well, the idea that when people can beat them up it should be a plus because there is nothing they can do and when people are harmless it should be a plus because they do not have to do anything will make sense to them for a change but I believe I have made it quite clear the next time they follow me around when I attend University there is definitely going to be trouble for it.

I do get asked why I suppose they love to behave in such ways but I think it’s an old business of stupidity and extreme cowardice rolled into the same character where we find that the money the parents leave them to pillage people’s lives and career with public culture, claiming it is the people that wanted to take their own from them just by existing until I rip it up for them and that insulting superiority that comes with it for my part as well, of which nobody knows why they like to address me when we are not mates anyway, I do not know who they are and we are not related so as to warrant the incessant need to get involved with me on a personal basis with that big mouth that does not want me to clean up the mess with aspects of their existence they have not yet fucked as well for my part all together, the stupidities of wanting to have people who protect them that they can beat up if they wanted. We see the same nonsense all around where women are not allowed in the work place and then everybody else will have to deal with idiots who marry Men many times their size, so they might threaten others and get what they want, so if they have a go at me and I crack their own as well, it will be the big bad husband that decides they smell like their loo at home because of work and therefore work is a bad thing and I will be the one keeping them out of a job all together – of which nobody knows what their problem is. Then we hear them claim the main reason I was attacked the way I was at University was because people like me who get along with women do not have to change anything about our very nature in order to get along and we are left wondering why anybody would want to do that, only to be told I behave like a bastard getting me wondering which part of it is their business if I were one.

They love to claim I do not understand they need power, but I rather understand and what I want for my part is control; the one that means they understand explicitly that they can never show up here to damage anything they want for whatever reasons they have invented in case I want to twist it and drive their pain to a stage where they are truly desperate too. The boasting then with that tribalism they want to play with but think my version will never come to fruition is that they have the upper hand while the reality is that they are complaining about the fact I am not the biggest man in the world and people I am responsible for are not either, so they will need time to prepare for work and will need energy to do the work and this gimmicks they play with these sorts of things is never going to end with them for my part in the matter as well all together. Hence the worst forms of instability where vulnerable people depend on ruthless people can be controlled without state intervention even though it is usually of huge and massive importance. Their Politicians on the other hand do not seem to understand that the older you get is the more you are unlikely to have sex with stupid ageists who rip up your finances and hang around street corners hoping you would lose your way and become homosexual, so they will come up with these stories all the time and it apparently adds up to the disrespect they have gotten used to which I do not mind if they do not mind the ones I have gotten used to as well, especially as it usually means these goons can intensify their involvement with me all together.

So we hear I seem to understand well what racists are saying but of course the reality is more a matter of the fact the racism is just a more violent form of discrimination that we see the neo liberalists practice and so if it is not how all the filthy developed from years of decadence is to be dumped on me firstly because I am below them but also because I am not feeding properly and look a bit hollow, then it simply becomes a case of sorting out the obscurities that have befallen then because of their personal decisions by being me and there is no other processes of doing such things than living in my right hand and pushing me into a fight that will get me thinking I should never want to keep being myself – I have warned their weaning and complaining nonsense about this just as I did about their notion that culture exists to ensure I end up complaining about them all the time. I do not carry out the same forms of activities that both groups do and the delusion that anybody can take me on will always be the same old madness about the incentives in people’s lives when crucial items like finances or academics and indeed both have been wrecked, being the thing that people will give up when killed so that it might be more attractive a proposition to control and abuse them and use them to feel safe at the same time but the reality is that they cannot; they wanted economic separatism after the crisis of the past decade and could have had it if they had not planned to have it by bothering me, so obviously some people think the system exists as a tool by which to get to the civil service and spend time abusing other people’s existence, then get on media and pass about insults and finish off by getting on parliament to invent ideas about what they should be doing but some of us do know the system is something everybody must pass through and if they do not wish to it was always their choice except when they threaten me because they need money I will make them pass through it so I might be labelled a coward only for me to get off explaining that they are paying taxes and hence such theories are not based on reality. At this point I cannot even relate with those that are interested in me on an emotional capacity while they put up their overbearingly emotional nonsense that draws attention to my emotional deficiencies and lets them perform all sorts of wicked things on me that they are hoping to get away with it all together and to think that they are a people who act in such ways because they are putting forward a statement about being better than everybody else is cluster of insolence that one cannot afford to put ones imagination to frequently , however to make them understand, I believe I need to set out some consequences that handle their lives or some aspects of it in the same way.