It is then said I am being punished for something and I don’t know what I am being punished for either – it is really not meant to be a matter here as such, since it is clear that if I eliminated everything which suggests I am a sad person, such stories will have no credibility. We know the same applies with the fact I am told not to pay too much attention to the smell issues and to avoid picking up matters all over the place to set out a stage which may lead to a mistaken process of punishment for something I didn’t do. The other part of these kinds of confusion is naturally that I am unhappy about something but do not go into details and yes I am but the details are very simply a matter of stupid American soon spear heading what appears to be a practical joke that will never go away, where the need to drag my work and career into a condition where some women who spend time boasting about having the best life and servants at their beck and call, find they have never had cash to back up such things and can therefore plan their lives on my wallet, like their men are ready to attack me if I pushed back each time and its all linked to freedom and their civil rights. They never stop doing it every 24 hours and nobody knows what their problem with women is anyway; we know however these characters who perform the terrible behaviour of being mistresses that gain access to the personal lives of targeted characters are meant to be an example of idea of what women should look like and that there is no reason they should become a responsibility of mine either – we all know they show up here to start by saying I deserve to be bullied for being a character that encourages women to do bad things, then start a fight when I ask them to provide a checklist – we all know that these characters they set out as what women should be like are supposed to be feminists who get into relationships with Men that want to be free of these things and believe setting out their own stories of love for women at my expense was the way to do it, right up until on one hand my whole life is wrecked while on the other we dealt with shock gruesome domestic violence that happened somewhere – we all know women don’t like them both because they cannot stop violating people and what women do about them is the reason they are so restless and relentless and that it is very vile behaviour to give them access to peoples lives for such nonsense – we all know if women do not like to be taken care of, if women do not like to be told what to do, then feminists think they can do whatever they like and rely on stories of male injustice to steal from those who attend Church and claim their civil rights permits it, while what women do to defend themselves against men simply causes more confusion whenever they had gotten rich, what we don’t know is the motivation behind stupid American swoon for the last decade getting into a habit of dragging my career and Books into a condition where these characters may fool around with it for financially rewarding purposes, then blame it on me and claim they were showing women are a bad thing because I never seem to make sense of the story

So far the result of these activities are that they now hate their wives and these women they think is an example of what women should be like have less capability to threaten flesh man that has attended Church than ever. The part where they shut down the abusive Media comments and kept away from my Books naturally is where it is in their hands, beyond this, I will try to shut it down for them the way that I want. So this is the story of what I am unhappy about, just as they say fat Cats can work with Politicians while we know it’s a matter of classified survey carried out at Government buildings to secure a process of deciding what the law should be in the future, which the activities of fat Cats do not agree with. They have to decide how others must exist and this Hermitage has not yet stopped losing money making structures through Media to it because some Industry goons are giving them money to build a perception to that effect and cannot leave me alone or they are ripping up property their stupidities cannot make into their own. I am said to have lost everything I have which causes worries at the Monarchy but I have not – I did not invite these goons into my life, it was all made up because another group of idiots had media exposure to fool around with it and of course there is also the fact that my empire exists in my head, while I am an Arch Prince in my dreams to facilitate a business of being able to pinch whatever they liked around here, which must now end as it were – I need this place to be quiet enough for people to read Books that appeal to them as a matter of goodwill expressed towards me and the work I do at my Office and the income should match the Literary Empire or I am going to tear down their Celebrity pride and joy as well – as I mentioned, when they are required to shut down the comments, keep off my Books and stop following me around, its when the resolution to these idiots actually rests with their own decision. My intellectual property  administration services have annoyed people but it has annoyed their famous stupidities on a whole new level obviously.

The same as I am told that I am getting into deeper trouble with Communists and Russia especially which I am not.  What really happens is that there is rumour everywhere of service operatives that got killed by Russian service operatives which must mean that a price was paid for the mess the Russians engulf us in all the time and therefore should not be happening – I mean generally it should not have been so easy save foolhardy idea was being followed for a very good reason. Then we also know that the Russian President really loves to make a mess of everything we do to get organised but hates it when the turn of diplomatic neutrality is used to hurt his feelings endlessly as well, because it is also equally as harmful i.e. most of their activities suggest others do not have the right to exist and its all because the Americans do exist.

It has now been said that I wholly now depend on the charity and pity of the Media and its Celebrities and I have no idea where people get this sort of nonsense from anyway – we all know it makes me very tired and stressed that I am cash strapped because of a group of idiots that have gathered up information and updated people about their version of me in a way that damages the best work I do for my career everyday and makes it impossible for me to find or keep a job and they must run it off everyday like they have for the best part of 8 years so far, which is to add to the abusiveness that eventually led to the outcome whereby I dropped out of University in the first place all together. I just want them to shut it down naturally and they believe that I have got a big problem on my hands while the reality is that the only reason they refuse to comply, contrary to claim they are important and those stupid threats is that whilst the bloody idiots have no respect for me and what I do for a living, they are also addicted to my personality in order to solve their private life problems and this generally adds up to a behaviour that constantly educates people on why human beings commit murder. They may decide not to stop doing it naturally and if that becomes very obvious, I will pick up their lives in terms of causes that I had also become obsessed with which does not make them better off and then I will work it in the most abusive and destructive way to harm them intensely everyday on account I wanted to be famous and to express the sense that whilst I have no wish to work for money, if somebody gave me a living wage as a gift every years, I would probably kill them because I wanted more, like I have learned from their stupidities even though it is abundantly clear I have no wish to be educated by it, there is no such thing as relying on their pity when we know if I tally it up with the society goons and their wives getting imagination up my bum because of the nonsense they talk about in their private time, living in homes within  certain income bracket and like the business of wanting to earn my income instead of theirs, then when they do or there is a perception that they did, they set about destroying the same leadership they want to get decadence from, worked by the foolish Celebrities, their wives are always getting imagination up my bum to put labels on me that suggest I am a bum which is the only thing that tended to suggest they were relevant and their Public transport operatives always want to get involved with the corporate world at my expense – if I bring all these matters together in a bid to ensure they shut down those stupid daily comments that update people on their version of me, stopped following me around and kept a distance from my Books, it will well be the finale in this matter as it were.

I do get asked why I have allowed these issues get completely out of hand before I set about saving the day but I didn’t, they got their hands on a certain amount of wealth through these perceptions and above all, the fact that the causes in other peoples lives which are a good thing but will not necessarily be profitable being their obsession has always been the hall mark of the famously stupid insults that make them popular and important – so I didn’t want that wealth to hang around somewhere making trouble and yes they were going to ensure everything they did to acquire it and what they did with it caused me immense suffering, what is happening now is a matter of misogyny and narcissism associated with the fact they know they can damage my property and want to do it all the time – a response is therefore necessary. I have no plans to play a moving them on routine into 2020; I intend to get my hands on the Celebrity careers which would help them make sense of what I can rip up for fun as well, right up to the part where their society and culture trouble makers, including public transport operatives that are famous, getting involved with the corporate world at my expense, the fans hanging around neighbourhoods to build a life where their foolish children did not drop out of school regularly at my expense by getting imagination up my bum and putting labels on me that suggest I am a bum, on which their importance is founded and the stupid ageist talking at me, talking into me and making those stupid statements that affect my health and impact my ability to deliver the best work for my career all day long, on which their own foolish sense of importance was developed too. The part where I have used and dumped them is not an emotive story either - the Celebrities pick up work roles here to run around the world clinging to it and passing around all sorts of stupid statements that suggest they are out of my league and I am no longer interested in the business of whether or not they can perform those tasks (I already had this problem of a bunch of idiots going on and on about the better use and purpose of my personality to a stage where they followed me around to steal things at the shops when I got about buying my supplies, then I took up private security Industry job and their stupidities married my women, to add to the fact that I had to deal with them as well and that as recent events have shown, they have become the main problem all together and yet they were supposed to have been the educated and successful ones if we go by the insulting threats I have to deal with all the time).