So there is talk out there that they did not know I had these things in me, when I speak of their cultural evils but of course the main issues remain that if it is your property, if there are a million money mad murderers after you, you can always find security for anything you are doing, so that when they have a habit of barging in and taking over and making things worse and then failing to deliver the security, in order to tell me about their problems and so on, they know they are provoking me and want a piece of me, hence no idea what the complain really is all about when they get, especially for the blacks as it were. The Politicians speak of some plan to make me poor and make themselves rich on the other hand but the reality is that this is something that they can never achieve because it is a matter of how they could not when I was a child because my parents were there and now that I am an adult they are simply looking for some of my own as well because they can only do it by handling aptitudes that are linked to my personal life and family life – hence they never run out of stories to tell to handle my income in order to do so and it has been personalised over the years as well, I have the records, they have the records and it is now a matter of why they cannot have debates in the houses of government without doing so, I mean thinking they are to kiss their families and get to Parliament to pretend they are animals and I am a piece of meat and of course indeed when they intend to stop it. They speak of the history of their lives which I have taken up and which of course I am not giving back either until I sell my books, bearing in mind they have made popular culture money as well over this matter and need to sit it out for me too – I mean the option is always open, where they stay off my book sales and when I see they are not bothering me anymore in anyway, I let go of it; otherwise I will need the money and the holiday where I can relax for some time and let it drip away and by the time I return my life would have been detached from theirs if they are serious about it. Not all that rubbish about how parliament was built on spiritually splitting the lives of Monarchs and then moving into a certain aspect where they can do as they like, which is the reason they believe when they meet leaders of businesses that process of doing so is their property, or indeed when they work on media, have expensive drinks and sit around throwing insulting abuses at me that they manifest in public as well, the disposition of doing so is something that will get me into trouble with the law if I were to handle  – in any case of which they have heard me speak of rolling back their insolent civil rights because we all know what will happen if I decide that a certain person meeting with another certain person is not in my interest and I need to see that they do not do so. The issues come in two dimensions; one of them is the business one which is currently a done deal and has a lot to do with how businesses broker equities with me – millions of products made in consultation with my royal estate Intellectual property which meant nothing until threw property at it and the result was that every little endorsement from them grew exponentially, which I deploy to help the businesses if they need it on one hand – mostly of which they only do temporarily and hand it back later because brokering it is how I sell my books, which I do first because of my obligations and then because it is operations-wise comparatively far easier to sell books than to handle the products they we are making and of course naturally take my place on the other hand to deal with problems associated with our collective interests; so that where these goons fit in is the money they spend to buy parts of these businesses and these bullying and abuses and the girls that speak of my effrontery to handle people’s property unpermitted because they have been fucking media fools, continues but once the Politicians especially had finally moved the bullying into a process of establishing a link between hurting me and getting rich and then set about making it the way things work, we will end up with a western world that is very different from what we know and what we are used to – so that I might see an end to the idea that people are supposed to get all over International communities and pass questions at leaders which indicates that they can get approval from them to acquire anything I own with a big mouth on account they have media to play around with. The other issue of course is that of the idea I have lost control of the media and it was easy to start but I now have a problem ending it – rubbish; reality is that the media claim I sleep with peoples wives and it is a serious thing especially when it is used to wreck my finances and they never listen and true to the mistress o the country fashion it is their never enough racism thing; so I have completely altered the way media works and operates into something even they do not recognise because I enjoy the control which they will get back once my books are sold too and really like the part where they are better than those whom they expect to get stories from in order to get rich and not to mention the other side where they face really difficult decisions when it comes to running abusive advertisement, so I can see an end to a process where I am being made to be less publicly presentable when I am not publicly presentable for fame in a way which concerns them or has anything to do with them in the first place and of course I am to apply very soon a behaviour of vandalism which shows the perks you get when you are famous or trying to be, so that you can better be so, which I shall experiment and exercise on their personal and family lives as well bearing in mind they appear on television regularly. In the end it seems that we have no Cuban Missile Crisis and drugs and rock and roll in this generation but we do have some other problem and I in particular wish to break down that tyranny and media consuming drugs and drug dealers and criminals and then box them and put them away in hiding and out of sight and out of reality and normal life. Its all very well telling me I am insolent as it were because they go home and speak to their children and come out of it to call me a boy which I should never find insulting as it were, only when they get some of my own as well they complain all over the place and they seem to become completely unable to stay off government property on account they think it is still on that I will end up damaging it and then setting up a bad precedent on grounds these insults set me up for bad company and they cannot have a government debate in parliament without it either – never the less of which speaking of the things I must take liberties with at their personal and family life to show I am decadent enough to be a celebrity, there are Politicians and ministers I have marked out to handle in such ways because they do it all of the time too. For those of them who think themselves republicans it is never really obvious how it is possible for a human being to think about doing what he wants to do with the use of the country and of course now that acquiring all I own is the yard stick and they have settled in on power with a big mouth I cannot make sense what the process of complaining about me really achieves – because of course this is what it really is in the first place – looking for trouble; some people cannot exist without it and want to use somebody else’s own to build a country that will be free, in the knowledge I will want to do as I please in it as well, which brings us to that old issue of a lack of understanding of what my views and thoughts of them is i.e. the men and the girls and the boys who think I want to have conversations with them and attack me one moment because they are envious and then the next because they are better than I am and I like to get involved in their affairs, then expect me to ignore the financial damage so that it might be true, really think that because the law does not say they are thieves I think the same as well; I mean there must be other explanations for why people want an income from my work all the time and even when they get it are not content unless they wind me up, because it is supposed to provoke a reaction that causes me to come round and get beaten up, so of course I will it seems handle them like what I think they are democracy and freedom and all and it will get a lot worse too – for now they think they are getting the better of me when they get famous when I actually want them to do those things do they can get out and build up that side too with good deeds. The prognosis that I throw my life away on media is wrong like the old stuff about media and Politicians making sure I do not live a life where I content because it is competition with the way their socialist progress looks in Europe which makes no sense since we all know that the way to live is never to play around with your health because you will become lazy and come to poverty if you do and now they are famous for contentment and you will never get your head around it either, because they are so incredibly lazy they cannot exist unless they hate a hate figure and for those of them that do republicanism whom I simply see as badly raised children that are very good at looking for trouble and provoking others, they know women are all over the place that like to take advantage of such things and make sure people do not progress and of course they talk too much as well, which I like to flatter myself saying I guess they see me do it, only refusing to accept that talking and a writing career do not go together and that I must be doing it for a reason and it is much the same with the idea I am being taken advantage of when I do what I do when what they build up on media over what I have decided to do without permission bearing in mind trends change their decisions for them regularly, so of course is the claim of oppressing me concerning which the media is the way out and I will take it away from them as well; I do not throw my life away on media – there are two issues and one of them is that the media is a huge customer for drug dealers and hence get after my books then realise it harms the source of their highs and that is why they do what they do, then there is the other part about how they must deal with those that are affiliated to me and win in competitions so they get affiliated to Prince William and Prince Harry and the Prince of Wales and top members of the Royal Family which does not at all apply everything they do, does not do my biscuit. Then there is the part that works in conjunction with their politicians as well which has a lot to do with how the population of a world that will be stripped of a memory in which I was important with a big mouth, has been split between the weak and the opportunists that will like to kill me and grab what I own and not them for messing people up; my books have nothing to do with them and it will continue to remain their biggest problem. It is a wider problem as well; I mean South African leaders who think they can get involved with anybody for example whether those people like it or not and intimately if they want as well etc, where you say Apartheid is not hurting badly enough as it were. So they do mention I speak like I am innocent which I am not but I never said I was; there was talk of cultures and then the blood thirsty side which wants my blood – so let them get out there and be famous and build that side up too. I mean my record as it stands is that the money black fools lost during the recession was incredible and the fact I plugged it in as well because people like me are used by those I do not know and have never met as the link with richer countries so that ideas can be divulged, then of course it moved onto the other part they can now see has been completed with is concerned with how they must civil rights will provide for my laziness use me as a means of getting connected with industries in order to secure high jobs for their foolish children and then wreck my finances to gain power as well with a big mouth – this has been completely decimated at present; I mean each time you come in contact with people you want nothing to do with, the result is always a self check – how old am I, did he really say that etc and for what? I intend to kill them too. All in the same par with how I mess up my relations with the Royal Family and its members; not so of course as the reality is that I am not sharing a relationship I have with members of the Royal family which involves what my duties are to prevent people who are related fancying each other etc, especially when they have duties of state to attend to as well. The media and their friends and goons who speak of republicanism do of course for their part when they sleep with their relatives and turn up to talk nonsense about civil rights and liberties and so on then pretend I am required to give up a Royal Order because of it too; of course I have a reputation for being very harsh towards the lower classes, its what they do to me as well and we are not talking about wrecking my finances and expecting me to carry out my duties never the less for self advancement which shall carry on in that way for as long as they need it to only, we are always talking about how whenever they think of something they feel like enforcing it on others and cannot leave people alone and in this case involves how I must not serve God or be served by God if there are human beings around that I can see and share with and so that desire to replace any contact I have with the heaven using themselves and how they make themselves relevant and all its subsequent abuses  continued to be pushed to the sidelines in favour of how my temper is driven by sex and whether or not I get it too; when I see them off my books and my social networking and everything else involved with my work, then will they be free of me or continue to expect that in understanding of their foolishness and arrogance and the fact anybody they rob it against will be worse off and they will be better off and that it has become some kind of power as well while the ageist insults have developed into conquest, I will hold onto the history of their lives and the media games until my books are sold sustainably enough to buy my a holiday that will be deployed to make it all drip away and of course if I return and out of sight and mind had not taken place, it will start all over again too. For the politicians I wish to ensure living in a government subsidised room at 60 was never funny; so that we can find out how they will make me poor and make themselves rich if we are talking about that at this stage. The stories I am a fool is utter nonsense; I am not a fool – the reality is that with these goons at work, you cannot set out a means of solving any matters academically because it will be a squeezing balloons issue, so for example like in the case of economy, jobs, companies and academic work, I have made it so difficult to decide how to place their news reports and get rich by abusive adverts that the only way they make it work is roll it anyway and then attack me to make up for personality issues which applies the direction they take for fame and fortune is cultural, so they can build up that side too while I write about it to provide securities for younger people on the other hand because of course if I met a 12 year old when these last began, the children of the stupid Politicians would be doing well with tax payer funds by now but such a person would be about 23 years old and you are not being prepared for your GCSE’s at 23 as it were; they believe economic recovery will seep itself out of thin air and then we will have it, which is utterly untrue – when I said we are pressed for time and there is none of that left I meant every word. Of course they are not using mine and yes I have mentioned something about how people have mistresses but they think of themselves as the National mistress and so on – its the same old story and riches and fame and posh neighbourhoods and vandalism and lots and lots and lots and lots of insults which will ensure they can make a big show, so I have no other way of setting out the difference between my office and those that are loyal to me and everybody else’s own including that of HM all together and the fact when I tell them not to play football on it I do mean it, so they don’t get all over the place and so on. They talk this talk of my condition all the time but I cannot make out why it is still unclear to Politicians and media freaks and violence they think they have the right to practice on me along with their popular culture fools, when they want to make fame and as I said cannot make out why it is impossible for them to do anything or say anything or have any debate without doing it - hence it should be observed there is a real likelihood I will turn myself into something they are terrified of so that gangs and drug dealers and criminals can want them as well, so I can think about whether or not I want to be so generous as not to attack their finances or take away any security it gives them.