Now I have no idea why I endlessly need to prove myself to women anyway, all I do know however is that none of what they complain about would happen if they keep their insults between them and their families; anybody can get tired of taking stock everyday – did she really say or do that, check how old I am, did she really get away with it (?) etc – every blessed day and the men that will handle me for doing something that has created this sense I do not have a good record in the books of women have not learned anything so far yet, especially that stupid Labour Party where I make black idiots dress well for a change in their stupid lives and do something about racism and they think when they do they are stealing my fame when every time they turn out anywhere they are living prove of what I have done but most of all continue those abuses and insults because they believe I am white and the black communities are their property which is usually how it starts before you want to find out what it is all about in the end anyway: the white ones of which specifically want a piece of me as it were. There will be no end to my genius of punishments as long as their stupid insults turn up here – I mean when you have enough of it you really do as it were.

Their media fools make these stories out of a desire to know what is going on in my mind but it is not difficult either i.e. when women have children due to babies coming out of them and so on they tend to feel like they have penises as well and because of that people are homosexuals and I cannot have a single moments rest as a result of their greed; especially when I decide to spend all my attention on a certain group of women that I have decided to do so and they have gotten involved to ensure I live like that for the rest of my life as well. Naturally the book sales they love to handle male and female of them alike is where it will blow up – always playing games apparently.

That all I do is under supervision and I will make no money provided I continue to tell secrets like that while people are trying to get rich is perfectly understood; nobody cares around here however, so when they want to find people to do the work while they get rich they ought to find princes to do it and of course never stay off my book sales and it would not lead to even more serious matters as well.

The part about how they have done great good from their media nonsense which they will never get credit for is a lot more complicated than that; academically, the reality is that they turn out to wreck peoples finances, so that for those who have a cause to fulfil people are such a plaything that they must have causes without the money to work them and for those who may depend on those causes people are such a plaything that they must be used to fulfil a competition. So now that they are wrecking peoples finances and turning out to give people their money and complaining about a lack of praise and credit it is excellent; let them do it but they will not be caught getting any of the credits however – hence if I were to be blatant, what happens is that they turn up in my own business to wreck my finances and give people money to show what I do is rubbish and that giving people financial help is everything which of course makes them the leaders and me the nothing, it is impossible to envisage where they planned to get the praise and credit from anyway because of course what they do and give has never once been enough even to pay for what they damage. The story of republicans and me is an old one in any case; I do not feel I have a problem with the UK ones, its just a huge big misunderstanding created by the same media idiots which suggests my leadership is something I have done and thrown around for free which then means that there is some other use for books I write for my followers to collect and read, which being able to means they have done the impossible because the finances of royalty has been damaged. The reality of course is that I am in charge and they are not and there is no reason that people should not be able to get those books hence it seems they want to become a real destructive financial liability which they like to think is a funny disposition to assume as well. If they do fail however to stay off my public life, then the likelihood of the outcome is that I will certainly get to ensure that the Country restrains them too – restrains everything about their finances and self development and academic work etc; when they say they do not recognise me I have no idea what it means since nobody has ever before asked them as it were. The talk of controlling my personal life being utter rubbish as it were since an idiot passing insults at me in public places and inviting community croons to take part, I mean I do not want the description to be seen as saying ‘get involved’, I said invite to take part in my personal life, gets to mean they control it and control whether or not I have sex, when in actual fact they have no business in the classical world first of all and of course there isn’t enough complains yet so far that I cannot stay out of other peoples business when my obsession with the criminal underworld and the underworld as a whole becomes my major forte.

There is no problem I have with other peoples leadership as claimed which has resulted in a process where they are provoked and thereby seek a reckoning; what is happening is that they want to buy my Royal Estate piece by piece through my books in order to bring about an absence of my superiority and achieve some form of equality with an advantage I cannot surpass which they have as prospects go and so each time I set out the price for them, we tend to see them run off to Russia, run off to China to do civil rights which is why I like to kick them for it as well, especially the American ones. I understand there is good reason behind why they act the way they do and that reason is that they grew beard and declared their affiliation with the environment which I came around to take away from them and hand over to Industries but of course its all very well now, before then it is was a case of how getting into my business to wreck things playing Nationalism, the fulfilment of their stupid dreams and being young again never had any chances of being provocative.