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The issue these days is how the downgrade of Bank ratings has something to do with me whereas the issue is that of a global financial problem which means that they do not have as much money as they used to hence cannot have the ratings they used to have. So if somebody were to print money into the economy of their Countries, the rest of the world will suck it out as it stands and that would not make a dent on the problem, hence the only way is to allow the markets sort it out. Hence current situation we have to work with is that people will set up offices when they need credit to manage their affairs in economies that have credit and so will they set up one to manage their affairs of market in economies that have market; we just have to work with it which is now the only way to get out of the recurrent crisis. I am not saying it is a problem I cannot deal with I am only raising the question of what it has to do with me. It will not be the first time that middle class idiots turn up to tell me about things and then tell me inspiration is required from me and they want it from the deepest parts of that my stupid belly anyway and this time around over the financial markets will I kick them for it. I must therefore assume where we are going next is football deals operatives, stock market traders and financiers and I will kick them really hard this time around too. It is not that I am saying I don’t know I mess up people lives, I do and I know I do really badly. Like when they find those girls that really hate men in the west because they are always doing things to have more beauties than women in the east do, so they can break up companies here sell it and make lots of money to sleep with them with, who attack my market place without reason or cause all the time except their sadisms and wickedness because I irritate them by pretending I am a tough guy when they are the women that the real tough guys protect-hence a matter of me as a thief, which results in a condition where they have recently developed their filthy insolent ideas they are superior to me, while the Politicians who support those idiots pretend things in the global market is now working in favour of communism and that works for the good of socialists which is also utter rubbish. So far the one I have kicked them for is travelling somewhere and then returning to tell me I should never set foot in such a place because it is their turf then share the money making trick with others as well looking for big stuff and big time stuff, which I have warned them about only for a condition where they wreck my market place and crowd it whenever they realise they cannot prevent my book sales from happening so they can make my book an open secrete in order to have renaissance from which they can write their own to get rich with all over the place and therefore be rich in a way which gives them the glory that they really deserve, while the things I do to them as well is deemed the babblings of a child and anything I say about such claims has more to do with their con artist children and wives. The result of these is that the Politicians have come to the decisions that I like to hurt Politicians instead of them all the time but that is not because I like to hurt politicians but because Politicians are responsible for all the things they are doing to me. They are the ones that continually do everything to ensure I look like I can give up or share things that make no sense in life to give or share, most times they even claim the reason for it is because I am a Christian and it is funny; so when the Politicians stop I will punish them instead of the Politicians but that again entirely depends on the kind of time at which the Politicians decide to stop. So they can bandy about insults which suggest that the process of stopping them earning my income is just me pushing their buttons after I find a way to gain access to it in order to tempt them bearing in mind the privileges they have already gotten from Politicians too as it were and so they are to find ways to push mine as well with media which is why they attack me and when I defend myself use media to make out I am doing it like their son which I am, doing it the way they taught me which is then something important and money making that they can share with the world, hence available at the point where the media can use them to blackmail me endlessly daily to get rich; so far of which result is that the media and the Estate agents are not doing so well currently.

Progress Report (I must say it was rather instant)
It is the reason I make their own famous as well so when finished with their insolent lies they can fight as much as they want; they think it is a world without rules and that because they are very disrespectful people they can do whatever they like with other people (peoples bodies peoples personality peoples property etc) on account they have been having anal sex, on account there is nothing left to see about things going contrary to the will of God which always needs to be “unfucked” as well and that world without rules in which they ensure that people they have targeted means the persons cannot and no body can do anything about them (I am supposed to leave the question of whether it is somebody else's body property and life and career or if it is theirs for such a show of disrespect and lack of any kind of understanding and reasoning to the businesses because they talk too much as well and theirs will seldom end too, just like the media get rich quick and ambitious freaks): what is it supposed to mean? I will keep selling whatever I can find of them to pay for the damages they have done here. Then there are those that do not have anal sex because they are saving themselves for fame who are just the best bits anyway so when they are finished they can fight all they need to, the "wanner-bes" on the other hand are just really powerful with a big filthy mouth, so when they have anal sex it is my fault because I restricted fame on your earnings; of course there is no other accomplishments that the media achieves, it is never really surprising.

It is not about going to stand up somewhere to gut people with their stupidities and when they think I am completely done with no will left to fight for anything they creep behind me and finish me off and then their confidence will reach unknown levels. Not that at all; I have projects to ensure I have written securities that need to be sold all the way to 2030, I mean it is reasonable an act to have them all written but I have not been selling the ones that were created between 2001 and 2010 yet to raise me funds to ensure I am doing my job and keeping them out of sight and out of mine so they can have their freedoms and normalcy and so can I; this arseholes will not buckle on me; superior fighting force my arse, when I am finished like I have done before but was never taken seriously until the harm they have done me, I will give them another time to think about leaving me alone next time.