I am now told that I appear to seek leadership while I have endless problems which will never go away and we know that both claims are not founded on reality in anyway whatsoever. I have not got any endless problems, only the Men thing where each one had an idea what being a man should be about and enjoy talking a nag nagging social issues at me to churn my tummy every time I step outside of my door, then issue stupid threats because I smell of what I ate as a result of it – the most prolific are the Muslims and the black people, one is on the left and knows how to get imagination up peoples bottoms, the other is on the right and knows how to play with local hoodlums, the whites have always been there with gimmicks associated with what passes on their left and right hand side by the way and for reasons of people expecting me to give up a Literary Empire assets to their stupidities because they are my daddies who want to get rich from it making use of the effects media insults have had on me, they have a need to gather in public places to boo and jeer and abuse and get their imagination up my bum, claiming I am a coward while building communities that will help them run me down all the time – it then feeds into a need to watch me on CCTV and corrupt my State provided security as well as a whole which was completely unconnected with their behaviour and unless it got a response from me that meant I was clear on killing off everything that facilitates their need to play practical jokes on me, so as to stop the smell that brings about the threats, it does not get any better and nothing improves.

This has been a 4 year mess here due to the involvement of Celebrities and Media fools who spend all their time dreaming of me being a grand victim of show business ruthlessness, adding to the years they have spent taking pictures of their stupid famous selves blowing kisses at criminals on my public image – so the case with Celebrities clearly does need to develop into some sort of love turned to hate situation but I don’t plan to keep up this moving them on routines beyond the end of 2019 either. They like to boast that there is nothing I can do about them naturally but I don’t know if hanging around boasting like that after issuing threats, once they were done showing up to make a mess of a certain neighbourhood where people please themselves with a business of making a mess of other people’s careers, such that if they had access to media, they simply imitate the response of their victims and make it public as something they pass up for their own fame grabbing purposes which can be a properly difficult situation as it were, getting involved with it to build a four year mess for me and find they cannot keep their mouth shut in my direction, is how they plan to tidy it up – I have done my bits for my part, I have informed them about keeping off my Books, ceasing to following me around and shutting down all public place comments about this Office and all of my concerns, I have provided them an exit thereof and asked them to take it. The same group of idiots now issue threats at me because their bottom hurts and I do love to assume as well that they cannot back it up with the big famous mouth that their stupidities have got. They claim I am becoming unpopular at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense as what happens is that they seek Royal Politics and have been getting it; the mild bits they complain of all the time being the part where if HM hates me they all get it as it were, which is now growing into something as serious as me criticising HRH Prince of Wales, placing it on a website so as to ensure it blows up at their backyards all the time. I do get asked if I know why they behave in such ways but I don’t in a larger sense, what I do know however is that the Liberal American idiot swoons for instance used to hang around the background of my concerns making stupid statements at me about bidding their time until I slipped up and when I wanted to know what brought it on, they tabled something about the eternal battle between light and darkness, the conflict between good and evil – so these fools now know that they don’t have to bid their time to fight me in my mind anymore because the Media and Celebrity idiots have completely distorted the purpose of my Books, hence it is quite obvious if I want an income, I will have to rebuild it while other people were in possession of actual money; it’s done this and now spends most of its time talking nonsense at me in public place because it’s foolish famous bottom hurts. They claim it’s too late for me to do a thing about it and nothing I do will never work and it is not late in anyway whatsoever, it’s exactly the way what they deserve ought to operate as it were and as for the idea I am unable to do a thing about it; the problem with Celebrities is that it’s always an abusive partnership between them and their last chance heroes making a mess of people’s lives and for some reason they had decided that I needed to be seen paying the price for the fall out of this all of the time because I was unlikely to respond, if at all any response on my part would have been effective, now it has developed from insults that churn my tummy and issue threats for a smell, to abusive nonsense concerning the idea I have no power to decide who gets involved with me since those I have some sort of relationship with do not require help and support from a penis at all times and so I am predisposed to do anything I need to do to support them without having such nonsense show up all over me causing me to lose grip of important matters in my own life all together, blabbing like that the choices I do not have with a big mouth until everything that allows me to tolerate this nonsense is completely whittled away and hopes to secure its exit at last with the stupid idea that there is nothing I can do about it.

They claim I force myself on people who don’t like me which is utter nonsense – it’s the same case of what they think no person in the general public notices i.e. when Celebrities engage with the Public it involves my own family finance structures, when I engage with the public it does not affect them at all, which is what must now change and I think that their criminal disobedience has come to mean that I will eventually get my hands on that job which gets to their stupid heads as well and then we will find out whether or not this nonsense will rather stop the way that I want it to. It’s not as late as they think it is, the process has already begun since it was rather clear they will never let me have my personal space if I did not think that for each involvement and abusive behaviour everything that adds up to financial exit ought to be smashed on account I was running a Bookshop as well; as I mentioned, I have given them their exit – it does need to stop handling my Books and reputation, stop following me around and shut down the pervasive Media comments, especially those made on or about my livelihood that they clearly know nothing of. The younger goons say they will never stop churning my tummy, the Girls say rape can be a good way to discipline people you provide for and that I needed to be taught a lesson talking about what I didn’t know while I sought security for my own friends and allies and the parents say I am slowly falling into their trap. For the younger people who say they will never stop churning my tummy, when I build publicity for the smell issues and it prevents them from getting famous because they spend most of their time on such nonsense, I am on course to face a very violent situation with their big mouth and it becomes so difficult to grasp how people get to spend 24/7 of their time engaging in Industrial crimes. The girls on the other hand are becoming some sort of love turned to hate in my case characters making a mess of my public image, Bookshop and social media profiles, to facilitate processes that allow stupid people to get rich. The parents came up with a  great idea some time ago about how it is probably written in Economic and business textbooks, that the way to handle a recession is to confiscate a Literary Empire was an Arch Prince, which means I can no longer simply walk into an Office, assess the alliances that were built for the commission that was this Office and write Books to raise funds and pay my way in the world like everybody else. As I mentioned, I am not performing the moving these idiots on routines beyond 2019 and we can see the effects play out all the time in the sense that each day we end up with those difficult situations where they made a total mess of my Bookshop to avoid being fucked and to clear issues that might churn their tummy as promised by my Intellectual Property Administration business, it becomes clear time and again that they spend their time at Industry performing nefarious activities which is the reasons that they do this so frequently. As a Government one is thinking of people who became very rich and cannot turn off the system now that they have all the money they needed because others were making a living with it, and how to get as many people as possible involved with these wealth making structures, to end up having to deal with these nonsense and its media and its Celebrities and its criminal disobedience idiots is actually quite incredible.