So we hear people speak of their body clock these days and the fact peoples body clock have been interrupted and so on; my body clock has not been interrupted, a simple process where I have to put up with peoples intense stupidities over a certain period of time temporarily which they then work on media to run into years and then decades is not the same thing as having my actual body clock interrupted, just really, really, really tiresome and they need to get themselves and their media off my book sales. It is not to say that I am not aware that things like sleep deprivation does affect the immune system; I have noticed I now have to brush my teeth as I eat and not necessarily as a routine habit which I tend to recover from only when I have had a good night sleep etc, so it does indicate I am under extreme stress and the main culprits are their societies and discrimination and desire to be superior to me which starts off with familiarity and intense insults of black idiots from Areas of Africa where they suppose they pride themselves in being the worst place for Children to grow up in and of course it comes with the money freak villains on the other hand in absolutely every case, including racist idiots with cars that have no panels in them that was created in the last decade. It is as though their one ambition in life is to ensure I am abused by them to a state where it is impossible for me to recover my quality of life once I am finished with my work; if it is held in view that I react to them because I want to make it all a famous activity for them as well since it is a worthy use of my time, then we can see that such behaviour appears to have been the ultimate excuse for such a collection of twisted and evil scum, however, especially for the black girls, their view is rather an expectation that I should make an excuse for it myself too, which will detract from the facts. So when they bring up the body clock and immune system complains as well I feel it is apt from that angle too. Of course I am not relying on women to help me with this and I do not intend the view to be taken it is what my working Court is meant for even if they do it; I have a certain view of marriage and fidelity that does not allow me to do so. So am I aware that they are selling my life to those they meet who have enough money to spare them a pocket money or two which does indicate their attitude especially for the Americans gets worse and worse towards me and so must mine towards their abuses as well and the need to protect my books and my equities and empire trust from their fame freaks, more so my personal life is very important, urgent and paramount. So they can fame freaks and fame freak servitude and deviance their deviance somewhere else and leave me alone. I don’t mind the violent ones, especially the American versions making me into a cultural figure of abuse because I am royalty and they have access to my book sales; everybody knows it happens because they are really evil scum as well whose entire lives operate on culture and perpetually feel like punishing somebody for the evils of living by culture and the demagogues of insolence that people communicate when they live in such ways, so does it come with the same group who complain about me all the time as well but mention nothing about their deviance and a perpetual desire to discover alternative uses for other peoples finances and like to cling to me every day because they know society will punish them for those deviance if I am not used as a main item in their plans to blind and deceive people, makes no sense to me and never did of course since I intend to press through to the fullest my own version of punishments for it too. I am trying to say that ignoring them will simply ensure I return to being myself and they can face society whenever they put up their behaviour as well and receive what is coming to them, I have not had my body clock interrupted or anything like that; all that comes to main view is women and their feelings about me with respect to violence and the reason for that is my behaviour towards their ideas on what to do with my property and finances, the popular culture fame freaks get off light on this matter all the time for the time being and that irritates me to hell. They still have this view that my chest and my head and my tummy etc are their plaything, hence when I mention the health issues of the extreme stress above and a process where handling their insolent deviance has already turned up on television at this stage to talk about body clocks and immune systems; the girls and especially again the blacks never seem to wish to pass these insults at their men so they can see them all the time as well and not me as it were. When they claim the deviants they are, are what people made them into, it really tends to make sense too; all those insults were meant to have been priceless as it were, so the question becomes that of what you do with it.stories told about my lack of respect for those that have done better than I have in life being the biggest load of rubbish ever, since the original issue remains that of the fact its about insolent girls and messing people up to steal fame; there she comes and there she comes and the insults will hit the vein - they never listen and not least when you tell them not to approach you like that or talk to you or look at you or abuse you like they do until you hurt them and mortally as well for good measure perhaps. They are sent out by businesses of course where scumbags claim my royal alliances and public work is actually a property of their own and the reason is that they feel that way never mind the fact I handle their businesses and need to be taught a lesson; so it is fair to assume that the fact I do not give a damn if they create jobs will soon give way to outright hatred and I am not giving back those stupid cultures either or indeed that stupid left hand side, as for the business families and communities of which when I have more and more and more and more of that the result is that they suck. A good way to see it is the old story of whether they really do consider themselves to be a good thing for the Country and why they cannot see the danger in messing about with me and my affairs and there is also the wider question of course of why it is impossible for them to just leave people alone, let people be. It is baffling how far detached these fools are from reality i.e. they do that their anal sex thing all the time and mess up the lives of absolutely anybody they feel like, the biggest problem of all especially for the blacks being that when done it seems to them a fact they are completely oblivious to that their existence and their lives and yours are not mixed up - which of course is what the real problem is, one issue after another and they leave it out at all times whenever they make their never ending complains, like the villainy of women that use me to do things, prognosis being that they have been told many times that they are stupid and so they have come to realise it is the case except they have found somebody who is stupid and successful to latch onto - makes no sense of course except popular culture had made sense of it for the victim with a big mouth.