So I understand the trouble I find myself in with Politicians will never go away but its an old story of whether they have done another damage for the day to experiment on me and see what I would look like when I dealt with poverty and desperation and destitution and had to make a case of myself in public for it as well – I mean we understand why their whole lives are about making sure government is helping them to see me get into a fight that will make them feel comfortable because of the power of the Monarchy but in the same way they complain about the damage I have done to their Political parties t experiment on them and extricate extreme poverty and destitution, the question is whether they have done it again in the last 24 hours talking nonsense as well for their part. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter either; I am guilty of controlling the lives of superior girls with sexual and social corruption going for them who do things I would never dream of that involves thinking of where my anus is all day long to make me smell like my loo while their Politicians gather communities to beat me down for it, I am guilty of controlling the lives of society idiots that simply will not stop handling me, I am guilty of controlling the lives of the boys who need my public image to make fame and fortune and get off to entitle themselves to popular culture systems I broker with people at a Court system simply because they have seen the individuals in question broker it, leaving their Politicians to tell me its nice seeing us get into a fight while we are just living the way we should making songs from social proceeds of security matters, getting abused by them all the time until it goes terribly wrong for them as well. I am guilty for all these things but I do not see that it should mean a collection of fools I had pushed down the line of the case where forcing people to make use of good looks like they sell things and plan to get rich is how to do business, so deep down this stupid path that they are now too old to get off it and copy the right things from those who are doing it, issuing stupid threats alongside showing off all sorts of nonsense regarding overseas power support that they cannot back up, damaging my property and public image to talk nonsense at me when they are well aware I will damage their own as well. So, for now, they did not write my Books and it is not their Books I write, and I shall make myself comfortable extricating destitution from the lives of politicians and whole political parties for my part too, otherwise they can always stop it.

We see it every time; it knows I have an intellectual property administration business, its insults have progressed to a stage of telling me my empire does not exist while I broke it up to broker equities and sell Books and now it wants to split it through economic and market separatism that is possible because there is a trendy Politics of recession which makes recession the best time to put up such gimmicks, all because they have refused to work for their own and their children are looking up to stupid parents talking nonsense about kids that have worked for it all together; eventually of which we hear that they get the better of me all the time which is utter nonsense – I mean companies did broker equities with me before I got involved with media alright but in the same way most people teach their children how to make money at an early age so they might spend their time performing these sorts of nonsense on others, I got a Royal Estate at 23 and have come under assault from their stupidities since for it too; my equity broker business with the companies who took up pigments to develop colours that matched my temperaments to use on products while leaving me some publicity in the process, that they have then come to think they can handle whenever they want of which nobody knows what stupid crimes that will be funding – from killing endangered species to running drug cartels, just like we see the stupid girls handle my personal life on pornography as well and use it and stretch it out so when they want to extract money from it I cannot stop them, meaning we end up with law enforcement chasing real criminals on one side while they will hands off my equity property on the other; it really took off when a bunch of Media people that were paid to make advertisement brokered those equities and got in touch me to broker their own equities as well – so it may not look like it and politicians can always believe their insults will be rewarding but they do not fit into the picture at all. For me it comes down to those stages where it is a systematic abuse of me and my work up to the point where they are ready to get on pulpits to speak speeches to a crowd and look like dumb children that do well in school with a bright future ahead of them because they know somebody is a company or another and will not respect my intellectual property administration business for it, where it seems each time I make them smaller and put them back in their places my business seems to buff and return to the correct size, therefore an incentive to do it every time they had struck.

It’s the same we see over Heathrow expansion; the issue is about something of the same expense as that which was gathered to build the Olympic park but what we find is ministers taking business goons into the Cabinet to tell people their homes have to be demolished to expand an Airport as though they were speaking to some junior business partner who had to make contributions that was difficult for him or her, while the whole time the outlook is that, no infrastructure is important enough to demolish my neighbourhoods politicians, blabbing which rich people will not wait at the Cabinet forever. Then they tell me I Broker equities with British Airways anyway but will not stick up for them while reality is more a matter of the fact they never make Government Policy that work with such equities anyway; what we find is that there is now a link between clipping media interference and working interests in Asia i.e. Japan and Singapore etc and if I established the link and worked it, they would claim I have made enemies. For me it does come down to that personal progress issue and five out of the last 7 years have been spent on practical jokes being played on those who want to read my Books; so I am going to give it till the end of June 2018 and then the issue of my Estate on the right while Liberal America gathers people on the left to talk about the power their money has over my financial welfare on the left becomes one of my main concerns that I might get some Books sold around here; I mean the plan is to take up those who think what I say and do at the work place matter, which lets me get around like the adult that I am and then I will sell some Books, it is also open for copying as well. I mean handling the Culture and Society trouble makers is what I do at this Office, the only role the Politicians have is ripping up my finances to let them play tummy churning gimmicks on me and explaining this insanity while they complain about the problem and pass around insults for it, really is the only business that they have got around here, pretty much as I need those stupid changes and revolutions to become a cause for me to chase as well - so the question still stands i.e. if while they complain about me extricating desperation and destitution from their daily concerns, which I can find amusing, they have done my own again for today especially when socialist that earns more than its constituents blowing off insults at me for it the whole time as well. I do get asked if I am not just a little worried the Labour Party wants to destroy all I have but its the same case as has always been, not just that I can achieve what I want but when it comes to it, they can employ any fool to do some private security industry nonsense by which it is taken from me with that big mouth that will continue until it becomes one of my main concerns as well - its the case of making use of me and my work without going along with any rules because they are older than I am, pretty much the same sorts of stupidities that got them choosing poverty and making me rely on private dairies to keep my head while at academic institution, about which what has been made obvious at the global stage is that they do not fancy me setting up the type that depends upon them as well.