So recent preoccupation is obviously that I will continue to provoke certain fools and their media until there is a public uprising on account of me but clearly such things are raised as a point because they are not aware I will isolate the Monarchy from it and they will fight me to their hearts content and the world will hear very little about it. I mean there is no social group of people in this country that does my livelihood any favours, the particularly notorious are the civil rights idiots, they gather around my book sales and make sure I do not sell a single copy and then they make sure that for everything I do which I get bullied for doing whether or not I am doing or doing it right as well, there is another side that takes advantage of me because it is not that it is a bad thing that what I do for myself is put out as something I do for them on media but the problem is that I did it for the people who were not the right people to do it for. So you have all kinds of rubbish built up from a civil rights juxtaposition created idiots who have social groups that have believed in degenerating from human beings who know money comes from employment, to beating some people who have money in order to take their money off them and for this they do not want a living wage because only fame and fortune will do. A civil rights twin juxtaposition of destruction and wastefulness where the big ones bully me and each time I do anything about it even children younger than I am bully me as well on the left and a large proportion of them get fame and fortune out of it which purpose is as ever to ensure when I set up a business they create so much trouble around it that they drive it into civil rights issues where they can make sure I never win a thing and we are not talking about the rich who like claims somebody is earning their pocket money either – for their big mouth it will end very well too it seems. it amounts to nothing of course but it is fine by them as long as they keep it up and live off my earnings and keep me penniless. This is actually half of it of course because the other half involves all that evil stuff about beating me up that they mention all the time that it has become the meaning of their stupid lives itself and of course the fact that it also gets to mean that I am so scared of them that I am disillusioned about what is actually fact, such that the fact they keep their jobs for money and as a group of people in a Country play around with mine for fun does not seem to them to be fact enough they are looking for trouble and the person they hurt so will recognise nothing about their irresponsible civil rights. They do it all the time; turn up on media and make sure my business does not work because they need my help and once I build around any provisions I make for them another story emerges about how no body knows who the hell I am and so on, without regard for the fact it is somebody else’s livelihood and it goes on like that for years on end being kept up on that stupid media everyday. So now that they have brought up possibilities of public uprising in the UK which will have to do with peoples desire to have me beaten up or something it is time the start to find a way to kill off any stupid civil rights juxtapositions and its irresponsibility ad laziness and wastefulness around me and all I own otherwise I will kill it off for them to make a statement this is neither their lives or their property. I left them a choice over this matter i.e. they enjoy vandalising my temperamental colours and stuff and like to issue threats no body will buy the products the companies make anymore and yet nothing about the fact no body should even as much as know about those equities crosses their mind nor does the fact it is none of their business because the more it is their business the more they will think of it as a means of blackmail – they are evil people you see and will do anything for money and fame and I am not out there to become personally friendly with them or something, just to live a normal life in the knowledge the world is not necessarily a utopia but it is the handling of my work like this and then my book sales they cannot leave alone and then the threats of beating me up too which is in itself really hard to forget all together. Now I will clear out what is left of that violence I have to put up with each time with talk about world matters and they feel like somebody is taking over the turf in which they used to sell electrical and electronic products, I have not yet finished with the electronics industry as we speak either and they need to find a way to kill off civil rights vandalism of my sales otherwise it will be one of many to fall. We are not talking about the old issue of women yet; with respect to that part it seems the beautiful bridges and roads of the country belong to them and so on even when no body is asking them and then when people are famous and have got money on them it becomes more important to point Cameras in their direction to suggest that it is the relationship I have with the British Royal family that they are famous for, which is how they question me when I speak of certain in house training like I was put under the tutelage of the Queen which I do for those famous women because their money is likely to get them involved with the Monarchy and if they do not know how to behave could get me into trouble. It is not their own lives and it is not their own property and this needs to come to and end as well; bloody irresponsible bastards – I mean they must be terribly lucky or else but cannot simply just advertise products for those who ask them to do so anyway, then tell me I say things I say because I address them to friends and allies that I like to hurt, who are trying to take it up and do it for me, which of course is what the civil rights and protests based irresponsibility was all about in the first place, it is not enough for them that others allow them be even though they are wicked people that do anything for money and fame particularly when it costs other people – they will not live with that. It has nothing whatsoever to do with some stupid claimed inability to cope with a writing industry and its competition, not more so when it is the case that people are prepared to attack and do damage to my property and build a life for themselves on the basis I am out of my depth when it is impossible to ensure that I good man never wins a fight because it is more important than they are. In the end all that is beyond the control of a writer at the career is creativity and what people want, everybody has a tendency to create and what people want makes a successful writer and these vandalism will not stand and I am not bluffing when I say so either.