The general sensibility now is that I can never stop blaming others for my problems, which problems I have no idea I have anyway – the reality is rather a matter of the fact that I have had to explain what my world is like and how I organise myself to run my daily concerns, what happens when I have to chase some academic activities and what the consequences are when people show up to extricate pleasurable fooling around from it too; so its all good doing it just as we know we have such history regarding what happens when I play with them intensely too.

They claim it’s about damage I have done to the Labour Party while the body language suggesting my finances have been wrecked so that somebody may attack me in the neighbourhoods on account I really do not think of their stupidities as something my personal gods would do continues and the Party opposite has paid little attention to it for so long that they are wrapped up – same as the business of wrecking the academic work because they want to get into arguments with me that I did not actually win and its largely how young people are stuck with them and successes that are not enough for two voting the stupid party all the time; so what they now have to contend with in my case is that I have started me a writing career along the lines of questions on why it is a socialist Party in which the Ministers earn exceedingly more than their voters and sometimes use the corruption of this as a means of social control and punishment, in the sense that they need people to behave the wrong way because it is financially viable for them too – so it is sometimes amusing when I have raised the issue of why exactly they earn more than their voters as such but when considered in terms of the fact I now have to sell the Books, it is not so funny.

I am not unaware of the reasons for these activities as such, the front we see all the time is one that has been put up to ensure people had not noticed that these are activities performed by Biblically wicked people who think of government office as a place where their evils will not be questions and they always run it off and make up the reasons as they go along, such that once the business of tackling somebody while making up reasons had become financially viable, then it has become such a clever form of bullying that they cannot be told off and therefore are able to secure their own human being on whom they may perform any wicked deeds that provide them a sense of free elation from hurting other human beings. So their excuse rather is that they will want to see a different government other than a Monarchy but we all know that it is not as if they had invented an idea for government and the Monarchy had failed to support them for it either, they have never invented one – Same as the story that I think I have approval from the Monarchy to do what I doing while reality is that I support The Crown and when I think I am released from doing so, spend my time with my Bookshop.

Eventually are these questions about why I am always sounding stressed and why I have made myself into a champion of the Poor. The two claims of which I are not in any way true – I am not stressed, my only stress are the Men who ensure everything I do is spent in 5 minutes on grounds somebody older than I am deserves money somewhere and another person who has a media job that allows him to put up profitable disobedience on other peoples lives does not think the consequences of making this happen ought to apply because he is so important, especially as they have been making up the reasons as they proceeded when the base truth are as annoying as the very idea of what befalls those who have not had sexual experience – they are my stress and always claim it’s about having fun and sex while I have been having more of both those things than they do and wish to ensure they understood the importance of leaving me my breathing space. The case for being champion of the poor is nothing unusual as such; I am not champion of the poor, poverty is relative i.e. you work according to the budget that you have and those who ensure that you were punished for this should not really get away with it even when you had chosen to do nothing about it, this is the main problem and not the fact somebody else has more money – the biggest challenge we face have always been those who fight for our civil rights; they perform their school prefect gimmicks at Government Office and make out others have no right to say anything and then what they say affects a Child’s first day at school which is where is begins to get serious and the most prolific offenders are the Labour Party who always need to preserve their wellbeing at other people’s expense to help tag along with the rich and bring about wealth equality that they never really bring. I have never really had a problem with this; what happens is that if parents spent money enough to buy a home for the purpose of getting me an education and somebody thinks they can take what they want after objectifying and insulting me over a period of time, prospect is the question of whether the supposition my ideas are actually worse than I am is based on fact – mostly it is the premise on which those who want to marry and sleep with Celebrities wreck other people’s property like they do mine when what I am doing is completely unconnected with it so they might fulfil their aims, we see these stupidities all the time, as equally as the Celebrities run off the wealth inequality gimmicks on those who have less than they do, only to avoid taxes and end up magically with overseas bank accounts with money in that they cannot really account for if asked to; eventually they say I am a socialist at heart which I am not – I am really a Christian and they were obsessed with the generosity aspects of my beliefs but also think that the popular culture will hit me really hard where and when I least suspect while this is far from the 1980s, which they claim was not an easy time for popular culture either and I am never actually going to patch mine up and tidy up so well it will be impossible to tell what I have done at any given time.