Created and posted Jan 10, 2011, moved to blog on blog date

It began from demanding perversions from my faith of which we well know everything they do is a factor and function of insolence and violence-intimidation. Once they discovered that was closed off, it has now progressed onto work based oppressions with spiritual impressions and if I am remembering correctly, all of it began at that point where they took a look at me and my age and decided on the location of a new generation that they will make into slaves because they were beautiful, for the extraction of glory after they used my faith and the blessings of God through it for all sorts of nonsense that it was never intended, while their stupid kids had helped them to inspire people with such nonsense because I had prevented them from assuming my right.

They speak of a lost generation when with their fascism they have twisted my income into places where they can spend it and take permission from me as a matter of formality that they eventually will not have to conduct with public perceptions, I think their Politicians are the most insolent things imaginable even though they would rather they were being treacherous to me and so do I think the stupid girls are just there to ensure I spend everything they come up with before they do anything about it, except that the men had made new democracy out of my personal life so they are actually doing that to me and hurting me by spending my income as well when I should be doing theirs, while their future King simply has society trouble makers on his right who will deal with the gay goons in the way he wants to run his Estate for which he thinks I must be poor until he is king so that I might be forced to do as he marries his ex mistress on my faith; while I think he must do his own so I can spend it as well and he ca find out he cannot murder me for doing the right things while the fact that it belongs to me does not mean I cannot spend it whenever idiots think about it so long that they come up with things on it, except the cultural violence that happens nevertheless has upped the anti, while they believe they have become the means by which business men can make more money and I am their property for that purpose, so it continues to get better and certain men continue to cheat me, talking rubbish about how things are coming together for them to use with stupid public perceptions especially with the use of media.

Either way of which they should not be doing power games at me anyway as they can see they have no ability to as much as think about leadership, while I can go from leader to legend and back again whenever I am in doubt. Hence the whole process of cornering my income somewhere to spend it and getting off to cultural violence based on impressions of false manifestations of evil spirits used to send me on errands to make me crack whenever they have told people they have control of my life; over something I have bought and paid for and they have supplied, which is why I am fed up with them getting involved in business for example and is how this process I am creating must be able to achieve the condition of making sure they loose their house and personal happiness etc as whatever I get up to moves into it and into their right over things they have bought and paid for as well, hence I can understand the stupid girls and insolent Political female versions; whose sense of home I love to confiscate because they are terribly insolent.

In the end, I did get the girls out anyway and they had a future and were able to get an education etc despite intense spiritual distractions and in the course of which with a collection of stupid socialist trouble makers in government I was systematically pushed out of my studies for my part because they love to spend anything that the self denying leader saved for himself. Their boys on the other hand have passed exams without jobs after this process of pushing me out of my studies and now must face up to me when it comes to getting jobs in the real world, since I already had mine before I went off to get the academic work that will help me do it better:-except as it were, they had decided they are going to follow on their problems and leave my income alone not get off talking rubbish all the time with stupid lie based powers that their evil parents give them with the nonsense they tell them all the time, that they want to be good perverts because it is convenient to believe other peoples faith for it.
Naturally they love to think that nonsense about how they went to African countries to get a Royal status and were not given one will hold importance anywhere, whereas in actual fact; in the same way that their Politicians love to have me in places where they can grab what I have left when their boys are off pushing the girls out of academic work and they are off forcing them to make a living with beauty while having a problem with those that are good at what they do such as myself, when if their lies of desire to see economic progress were to be believed, they will someday with much hard work and much success get to such a point as well, except and unless such girls are their own insolent girls as it were, which would have nothing to do with me but the fact that they bully me, make new democracy out of my personal life and chase around only girls I fancy for the purpose of ‘fucking’ me by ‘fucking’ them; so I got the girls out and they pushed me out of my own studies and love to destroy my work and income for their part;-just like the old process of claiming they are in dire need of civil rights and when I allow my life to affect theirs positively they want to ensure no body knows i exist so people don’t know their secretes. Beside the fact that is, that they have always been a collection of fraudsters like the bit where each time they appear in public or are enjoying some fame my face hurts and my head hurts and the back of my head hurts and I cannot seem to be able to do anything or think properly which is power that has been achieved through years of sustained and targeted violent distraction from all that is meaningful and so on, after which they hate me because I am a leader of hearts and love to try to make things come together as if I am their mate or something; all of which indicates and is the best sign they are doing fraud activity close by or somewhere, which they also understand I will find out where they are doing it and their cultural and stupid violence will only have to intensify, hence always think they can buy anything and everything with their stupid money and of course they never have enough of it to buy anything at all.

They also think their arguments have made sense when they were supposed to get me involved with the Monarchy and then get rid of me and slip themselves in but failed at doing so and now have a special problem with what actually belongs to me, especially the finances, just like those stupid Politicians who endorse them, that the electorate now has in difficult corners to play all sorts of stupid games with all the time, so that they can tell me to relinquish power over my own people so they can lead since they were the ones that were elected, which makes me think they are a lot more stupid than I first thought they were or looked and then there is also my party piece, the one that gets me to act; where they claim it is the Queen that has done the wrong thing giving me a Royal Estate as though they would ever insolently stand a chance if I did this freelance.

I am trying to get on with my life as much as possible and such nonsense they get up to public places, making a process of insolence into other peoples jobs to scandalise me with does not help; they think they will completely destroy my life, I am simply confident of my ability to destroy absolutely everything that makes their lives make any meaning to them hence wonder what they will defend themselves from me with; maybe politics or they want to give me a break, its not as if I am giving back that stupid left anyway. I am a High diplomat and they can do nothing about this politically, famously or anyway known to any human being-just like the stupid problems they are inventing which they hope will be given new names so they can dominate.