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Again this issue comes up on the media which brands me the genocide supporter. I personally do not know what these idiots want from me, I am not a Politician, I do not lie for a living. I am a Diplomat, I must be on the ground when things happen. What do they think genocide is supposed to happen on, facts or thin air? The fight is always the fight no body wants to know when somebody has killed another but the other should always find a fight with somebody that will kill them and then wind people up in a way in which they are skilled for and know nothing else but, to achieve the aim of such things happening.

When they see peoples wives they must fuck it, when they see peoples kids they must fuck it and they promise at all times never top stop it until they are dead and so when those who protect such people get off to it they never stop too. International Law says it is a crime and that is that about it. As for me I am currently being persecuted because of my faith by them.

So when I write books for men who have taken the time to endure pain from them to demarcate their enemies from their friends, they take my fan base over and make out my books not only belong to them but are written by me to make them rich-now we have issues about how much music videos are responsible for sexualising Children and it will not be the first time people play games with the love of an Arch Prince or give the love of older women to younger ones in my life to create problems, despite the intrusion and the violence and the abuse including abuse of my privacy for it: besides that is playing political hearts and minds until they are the minds and others are the hearts while they end up stealing the hearts to become the hearts while the real hearts cannot have the right to exist any more, which is not genocide or selective extinction by intervened physical violence in their view and this is before their evils and that of their daughters are paraded on public places as the real hearts and so on (besides which the issue of music videos being too sexual is a matter of the videos being sexual to those for whom it is not intended; they understand those who make them with reference to me, that I will feel sexually aroused if I look at a woman I don't know in her underwear but will not if I look at a good friend in her underwear, which is why they do it and the problem here is the intrusion and abuse of the media idiots that work with Politicians themselves creating rumours which make doing such things violent for them and of course make them vulnerable socially and financially enough to do those things in the first place, bearing in mind these women are not Children anyway and are also doing financially well for themselves to an extent). I have not got a clue with their Politicians either, last I checked the debates of those idiots had gone missing and they are still attacking me when they know I am a more senior government operative than they are.

When these people I write books for make music they take it over, I had to rescue people from the UK film industry and its film council and the current government had to scrape the body all together and its Union based famousness, when people make Popular music they take it over and when I ask them to fill me in on why tell me it is supposed to be big break. The fools are supposed to work and study for their big break for goodness sake not take things over.

Before we know it they will be setting down anti Piracy regulations themselves all together controlling the music industry as the bench mark of liberalism, which is then a disposition that can be deployed to further persecute Christians like me which is already and has already been happening on the basis of when I hurt you, you don't hurt me as well because I am more than you-which they also claim I have turned into some kind of a job over the years selling Intellectual property, so they can as usual set new bench marks for wickedness all the time, in terms of social life and finances; which happens because they have power.