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Lets begin with the idea of my spending less time with American friends and fans which is considered a problem but isn’t at all a problem as long as those who make up stories by which they separate people from their means after pushing them into other peoples leadership are taken care of then everybody will be fine; I will fight my corner like everybody else. As for the idea I go to peoples countries to grab their fans it does not hold a meaning at all; I wonder if they do know what fans of a government official are. I am not a celebrity and these people do not like a process where I do the work and other politicians use or grab it, it is the reason I get into trouble all the time and the reason I am able to survive.
As for the insolence of claims I sleep with peoples wives, I cannot make out what they can do about it if I do anyway; they are supposed to be the most insolent goons imaginable, so when they see a Christian he must be forced to have sex which soon develops into a process of completely destroying his finances so that he can be made to live out the best part of his life somewhere between age 18 and age 40 in wild collection of nonsense which keeps the Prime of his life open to them to do what they like with and mess about with his matrimony as much as they want then make their insolent children superior at the end.
The White ones like all the others think their place is to rule me and my place to be ruled by them. I simply think that is their opinion, the problem being that each evening I get down to pray, they will have been beating those their wives who will distract me while they want to get off and have their superiority ideologies racist discriminative and whatever thereafter which of course is not workable. The social juxtaposition being that they are not my equal and they mind my business way too often, the spiritual juxtaposition being that I need to pray.
They tell me there is no means by which I can look after my people, I simply think I have won many fights and know how to look after my own; what they have seen me do is just somewhere close to the half of it, when we have reached somewhere around 2/3rds of it they will find out they are at a point where they pay for buying things with their own hand earned money and that the reason is that people always have to choose between work and home while they play both sides for power so they cannot pass exams or hold down a job.
I know I should not get involved with them but it is their Politicians ruining me financially hoping I will get beaten up by gangs eventually as if I will not beat them up as well for their part if any gangs get to. What they are talking about at the moment has something to do with women-the bit where I beat them up all the time so women can do business to write books which the women will buy before I set out to get on with mine and I know the rest of them cannot resist so they will bring those their silly businesses from the left here to fight me as well forgetting they already have trouble having sex.
They are always so selfish and want to get on top of other peoples’ income to be all the time and relentlessly as well when crying out all the time about the economic conditions and what others must do to ensure they are able to get jobs and so on at the same time. I am getting getter off than you are on your own income and you will never get a look in.
Of course there is nothing to fear about it, all they can do is go off to get up a few Popular music stars, create me a big fight and get them to spend every available publicity doing the most insignificant aspect of the fight, so they can for their part get off on public places goading me (which of course is always managed and moderated by silly boys and girls that do not get along with women because they are bullies and the idea of hurting people from a point where they cannot reach them is incredible power, for as long as it lasts that is or rather as long as claiming they do it to people because they love them enables them spend peoples income on themselves; the kind of love that completely destroys your life and sometimes loves you without your knowledge for it or it just kills you all together so no body else gets to have you as if I am playing any games with them)-in which they are doing very well obviously.
I am now using their Music for PR these days anyway and they are buying equipments produced on the brokerage of my equities, to host the concerts and shows so I really owe them nothing for the purpose of accusations that go on and on after they have spent my time while earning from their income which is what it is specifically for these days, to get to the point of playing one against the other over making me choose between home and work which take hours days months and years to undo but a new one is created and inserted at the precise point I am about to get a job or earn from my business, while they set off making friends by making enemies with me at every possible industry I might work in based on my qualifications and talents because I did not let them move into my right to hurt me even further, on account their lives must be terribly lucky or else. The reasons of which cannot be explained by them only nonsense later stipulated about the inane desire to dominate somebody.
I am just a government chief of staff that has been bullied out of his studies while I am working on and still have to fulfill government office by a group of Politicians that think I am not going to bully them as well; which is how they tell me that by mentioning I will make them pay for buying anything with their hard earned money, so I can play the dispositions against each other and have power over job, I have become vulnerable because they now know and can do it as well which is utter rubbish; there is also the need for them to explain why they do it which if they could apart from the fact they have located somebody they want to dominate, I may not be thinking they are stupid, which they actually are only I am talking about circumstance in question. So they can tell people they are clever but not for passing exams which does nothing but inform people on what to do about them.

Naturally media producers and their gluttony on the trust of my Office especially which they make impossible for me to deal with by extending it to affect that of the Crown, are supposed to feel like top dog here due to the opportunity to claim they are me or are the ones who have done what I have done temporarily that is until I dispute it, to get rich which of course never stops and increasingly gets violent instead but that would have been the case if I am angry for most of the time like they love to claim I am instead of grab those their stupid fame they think no States man will want, so they can feel good because I am being teased violently and of course pushing them into society and violence with all those power applied on people where they cannot see or reach them is in order.