They say I have gotten quite used to the idea I can do anything and will not be questioned about it, but the reality is that every stupid insolent delusional nonsense from them about being more important than I am or deserving more recognition leads to financial suffering for me, while they find out excuses that can make them better off at the other end every single time, to a point where they are talking about those excuses as though they were part of reality. So we are not the same thing and it is not that I am completely incapable of behaving like a spoiled goon as well for my part. Everybody knows they expect these insults and all that nonsense about being fascinated with peoples excrement in order to create them setback and get ahead in life is not something extremists will make something of as it were, so there simply has to be a reason that they do it and get out of bed to climb up public places and give their stupid community croons signals to carry on and on with it around here, pretending it was always likely to end as some great big Liberalism story whereby they became victorious; except when they climb up my public image as well, it starts to get a little bit serious like it is at present and needless to say my Finances are being undercut with violent lasciviousness too in order to make it work and nobody deserves to waste some 14 years of his time on this sort of nonsense and not dish out consequences when those responsible shoot off convenience seeking insults at the end in order to make the disobedience profitable as it too; when we see them, they want us all to think they are interested in jobs and livelihoods and progress that everybody else is and when we see them at society, they make us think they are interested in Trade Union movements and so on but what they are really interested in is this filthy popular culture rubbish and I have never been of the opinion I need to check myself for the reasons either, it changes every day. They do say it’s the games I play with them as well but everybody else knows every time a journalist addresses me and passes an insult and talks into me etc, he is grooming me for Community idiots that will chase my anus and penis and excrements for me etc; like I mentioned i.e. all that stupid insulting delusion about being important, I am the one paying the price financially.

So they say that even when I speak like that I still sound violent and so on, the reality of course is that when they start to talk about how I think I can make trouble without being questioned, it adds to those insults whereby if I cause them to get on each other’s throats for the headlines, they report fake news and force me to come up with the real thing, as a result of robbing shoulders and getting what they perceive is a sense of how I handle their stupidities on a daily basis – so it’s all ego stuff and a little bit more will cause something new and big as well. It has nothing to do with thinking I can take on the Media – its largely the same story where some twisted evil cowards have ideas about what those in Government Office should deploy their State provided security to do and which has to do with making them feel safe and secure as well and when you are thus stupid enough to do it, then you will find out it’s about feeling special and thereafter it will become an ego based nonsense like we see them do with all those lies they build up on Media because they need it so much, ego based nonsense that can stop only when you bleed or kill somebody and I should have made myself clear thus, the next time the goons that have careers on Media wind me up with their ego one more time, there will be a new and big problem to resolve all together as well. It’s never really been a complicated issue, my Books and Equities are a phenomenon and it’s the only way I can earn from them, according to the Law, only I have the right to bask in its existence or sell it for money; we never see these fools on Media dedicate a moment of their ego clad time to the extremists they say we all play a part in letting lose, we never see them acknowledge extremists are Politicians and we never see them prevent the extremists from winning elections – what they do instead is cling to other peoples finances and physical well being to talk nonsense all the time about a fist fight with extremists, that they have never won in their lives.

They do say I will get into trouble when I continue to talk the way I do, I will get into trouble like that big mouth speaks of trouble I will get into if I continue to talk the way that I do and its utter nonsense – I always like to think they are bluffing since it is a matter of evil and wickedness and if it is not my sperm that is the secrete to wealth, then it is the sheer narcissism of people ignoring me while clinging to my Livelihood and earnings and public image that is; so I do not see they have been seriously beaten up for it yet, so as to create situations whereby I will get into trouble under the assumption that is actually not what will likely occur. We all know it’s the same story with racism i.e. if they were as good with handling it among their age group and size considering how importantly it gives them the financially profitable manly Men bullying thing that brings about results like money and the best women and best family etc, we would not be in this situation. They speak of those things I do to ensure they are always hurting themselves as well, which I don’t mind when people raise as well; I do it because it is supposed to deter them from pillaging my Books and we all know they do it for years now on a daily basis and tell me they have seen me dig deep inside to come up with more and hence have nothing to worry about – after which they put a face on my Television and a name to it like I buy the whole thing for them whenever I buy it all together. They do say the Women have been helping me escape, otherwise they would have tied me down and tortured my secretes out of me; it is utter nonsense of course – the Women have been doing them favours because it is blasphemous to say Popular culture has the right to exist i.e. it’s the same as when you preach the gospel and somebody does not want you to preach it to his hearing, then you happen not to preach it at all – so when you say it has the right to exist, you must state as well whose personal life and public image it has the right to pillage, so the Women have been helping their case around here. I don’t mean the Women have been stopping me, I mean they have been helping their case with a plan to fix the problems later – they are just blabbing at me and that is why I have to. I mean the same reasons I put together structures to prevent my Business from being abused in a world that is immoral and self seeking is the same reason I am always being targeted; so when they make me breathless to wonder how they supposed I should have set myself up etc, they blow off that big mouth all over the place about their violent capabilities. I mean it’s a case of the very reasons these guys need to hate getting along with me, so that the day they will be free of me will be the day they are no longer seen messing up my livelihood, so I can take a break from time to time in what is a challenging work, that constitutes the same reasons they love to target me all the time; so anybody can image what would happen if they take it too seriously the blabbing about how Women help, otherwise they would trap me somewhere and steal all my secretes. We see them blab all the time about the various divisions they have built up – the people that will have the position of the Crown when the Queen is gone and Prince of Wales etc and in my case I am always being targeted by Media because they have marked themselves out as the people that will own my Estate etc and it goes on and on like that with insults they assume will not be punished showing up on media to earn my income and help them avoid getting a job for a living in bits, talking nonsense about ridding of the Monarchy if the Socialist base in Europe stands to its feet etc and other rubbish about Women helping me too. So if it is not the one where I said something moral and they developed the immorality that could have been to peddle for wealth and power, they say there will be no other perspective on that stupid left hand side and I am not going anywhere as well, so far we have never been so united as a society under one person who has appointed himself on others as well and they are fucking famous enough to ensure people cannot approach them when bullied.

They have not actually substantiated with hard cash as evidence; that abusing me like they love to does make people wealthy and so the Industry ones can always provoke me by giving them some money as well if they want – for those the kids have to rip up my academics and finances to do narcissist partying otherwise people don’t sell thing and get famous, so that is their own and it will really annoy me if they show up to give these Media scum money to play around with and show that abusing me makes people rich again as it were (not hurting badly enough). So they say I handle peoples businesses which is utter nonsense – the same happens with Media when I run my Business and they help people get on Public places to steal my Public image and identity – so this is how the Industry one works and then I will be carrying on and normal to bump into them one day and then my whole body will hurt from then on forever, so these are things I do to ensure I can sit in an Office and work without looking like I am set up so that people can give signals to themselves and organise as a Community that spends its time imagining it was harming me to a point where I feel their imaginations; hence my whole body hurts because somebody likes to make assumptions about my work and property on account I am not a vagabond on Media, so he is done with that and expects me to deal with his stupid threats as well in the same tolerant way, while he clings to my income and Office Authority with a certain kind of stupid leadership he wants to provide at the locality. They always love to blab a matter of older people having older persons fame while I have a younger person’s fame all the time and the Books I write was a problem to add to their headache, so I do need to be clear about how far I am willing to tolerate the success of insults too. I mean it’s usually because they are writing Books if I am writing Books as well and want to be rich in my stead while I seek something else with my youth on Media and popular culture but because I am hurting all over, there is no reason to tolerate anything further, they however believe that they are keeping the small business at home which is the reason for it all so secret that the reason it is not damaged the way they damage mine to peddle it on my public image as well is that nobody has told me and the insults pile up like that over and over and over to a stage where the stupid children show up in Public places to provoke me and find ways they can cover tracks with respect to any means I might respond – I love to say they are good at stealing other peoples big break i.e. the community I belong and the people I criticise, the precise aspect that really works for my livelihood that is. So it happens every time and I see my Books all over somebody’s reality TV Advertisement for bish bash bosh new product in the market that will sell fast and aside his excuse that a black race is a problem which implicates me as such, it is not that he cannot buy the Book, he is only just damaging it. They say it’s the fact that I have a Company that deals with the liabilities of the currency and am hoping to be successful with it which is a joke and I am not – their case is the PPI one and the mentality of it, where it is the customer that protects the payment for them all together – normally when you pay for liabilities, you protect it yourself. So it’s a case of all I need to do to look after Royal Office without showing up on Media to be a vagabond in order to make a living and what they have invented when that has been completed, so it’s a case of listening a bit more to their problems and complains concerning the consequences I suppose, since this actually pays their salary all together in the first place. It’s something they have become really used to – grab my work and go off to speak to company owners in Europe and blab about how nobody knows who the hell I am and its utter carnage back here – same with their leaders deploying my work to create some massive infrastructure that runs along the lengths and widths of Europe, except not only do they damage my Book sale while doing it, it will never sell my Books as well; so it comes together to make sense when they are complaining too and although I am sort of happy Brexit happened, I never wanted it since they talk too much and it became so important to find out what it is exactly they can do as well. It’s the behaviour towards others and parents which led to a lack of energy and an inability to get to work and so on – so that was taken out on me because their black friends marked me out for them – now that they have energy to attend work, it’s the same behaviour exhibited on me as well.

They say I talk like that but do not actually encourage people to respect their parents and its utter nonsense too – we are looking at their evils and wickedness showing all over them like trophy marks from Head to toe and that need to cling to my Public image and tell me the Bible says I will not live long if they don’t get what they want in the form of honour and respect, so what we have seen is how it works as it were – all that stupid democratic and liberalist nonsense, happy to rip your whole life to pieces to ensure when it has arguments with you that you are not interested in, there are ways of making sure its stupidities are never wrong. So we are here on account of the Politicians, who ensure it takes over a decade to free your heart from parents in order to serve God and when finished with that I find myself stuck with financial problem all together, as though they are actually asked to, it is required of them to get into Government buildings and talk so much nonsense about some great evil of religion. Hence I am clearly doing these things because I am cursed.

Of course they do say that their activities are serve to indicate that I am judgemental, the reality of course is that there has to be n easy way to deal with their problems and behaviour they have no plans to change and that means finding ways to take up my really tight schedule, cause me to fail my studies and lose my Job in order to make me react to problems that they had, thereby being able to show that I would have responded the way they had and need to give them what they want without judging too much. So  the backdrop is that the first time it started becoming obvious they were organising themselves as a society to target me and ensure I am dominated spiritually first before allowed to do my finances and academics was in 2002 and by 2008 their Women especially had so much fun in the dead of the night with it that I dropped out of University because they themselves were showing up there too and something had to give since the personal diary is full, they are still fighting me hard to ensure it becomes amusing and it will be tough to recover – so tolerate one more bus driver insult if you can but I find it really difficult and then there are those stupid cars they drive around too doing the same insults all the time and they are complaining, while I want them off my Books and Public space; especially because their need to find it amusing amounts to a process of dragging me out of jobs and academics to sit around responding to the problems around them because they are feeling good with my responses.. So they speak of how it develops and it develops the same way as all these activities leave them without energy to chase work and money and the regrets are there to make them even more tired as well and when done will tell their tales and become dissidents with eyes firmly fixed on the National frontiers that they look on as something they want for themselves, such that there are people whose successes are the same as the national frontiers and need to hand it over thereof yap yapping on Media and so we always see them doing the hatred of Monarchy routine where the republicans in Northern Ireland for instance have been doing their own for so long there is now a background story that they think detracts from the reality i.e. if their fingers continues to remain just millimetres off my Bum while media insults a are all about my chest and tummy to groom me for it as well, I will be forced to one day make them a deal that will be acceptable for a both of us since it is not good enough – hence the case where they are convinced they can have my Public life and when asked why they think do blab that I smell and I always try and make the reality obvious that there is a cure for that too. the problem started some years ago when they  got into a habit of building up my Public image to a point where they could come up with a series of ways I am likely to respond and settle up on the best prediction to ascertain their ability to predict my movement and ascribe my public image to the United States President, complete with features like cleaning up the lives of Politicians after war with my Public image, especially when people burn effigies of Western leaders – now what they want is an exit and it’s not the exits where my Books are sold and my schedule is no longer taken up by them, it’s the one where back stage Media fools control me when they read my zodiac and it says I have trouble making decisions by myself and they ensure all I do hurts and all I do ensures I am always in pain from some form of bullying they have develop, so they will have such an exit as it were.

Hence they say I never acknowledge the reasons these things happen but we all know every oppression based injustice seeking goon always wants a publicly discussable reason to rally crowds with, I for my part have been clear we have been making it up as we go along for some time now i.e. when they start a provocation and run off to Politicians who then go along with their plans by making certain kinds of laws; you know, making it up like that. It might not look it but I really don’t like being upstaged by anybody – Politicians, celebrities, Journalists, entrepreneurs etc and the more people continue to leave their phobia of work the way it is and show up to bully me is the worse their problems will get – I am never going to let them take advantage of anything I do and I will never work for their incomes. It’s like when they say I think Industry people who really like me upstage me, when I don’t: most of the time it’s all good about the ones I broker equities with, I like what they offer and they love me to bits too, other times it might be statements they make about being a dangerous person and going too far, which is usually a matter of not being aware of all the facts like when it’s not that they cannot buy Books, it’s just that they will go from narcissistic partying by which sales works when I am sad and angry, to tearing up my Books in order to play up reality TV new invention quick millions as well – the Women ones are really good at deploying my Public life to get comfortable and then the respect will vanish magically somewhere it is really relevant and I will not be able to step outside of my own door while it gets worse the more I get stuck inside and what they do with it of course is seeing by how much they can make me work for a bit of their money and then make friends with celebrities; I don’t think it’s an issue, most hate my guts at this point because I am making them go along with the best possible deal for me and for them at this point i.e. deploy my property to make clothes or model them, do it properly and then I wouldn’t face any problems and you would have nothing to complain about i.e. deploy my Public image and you should be clever enough to integrate a process of referencing my work into it and so on, or making sure I am taken care of in the circumstances, otherwise I will have finance problems and want to know who the goon is as well; they are fond of assuming it is easy when they see designers show up and deploy my Equities to make it happen and so they will say mine is the laziest way of getting rich but of course that just follows the other insult about how lazy Royalty is and so on – so none of that Public image stuff they turn up to deploy was made, it just magically appeared as it were, so they do assume nobody will likely fly into a blind rage and want to find out what they are made of as well. Of course I am aware it is said I expect too much from them, especially the Fashion Models and Celebrities but I am really tired at this stage and need to make them a deal concerning the way things will work around my affairs.