We understand all these matters to be completely avoidable if I had only stopped pretending Industry people care about me when they don’t; the reality of which is that the Industry people exist in another planet and somehow the worst case of seeing your work and livelihood become a plaything for them has to happen no matter what. Hence they dig when you step outside of your door and they dig when you step inside of your door and dig until they dig personal and family life and so I only needed to make them understand that if the personal and family life was gone, they will have no more personality to dig and that is the bit I have taken responsibility for. Personally however this tale of how they are high and great and mighty and have seen and enjoyed great taste and money and I am a low life that does not even come close has reached a climax and they need to understand there is no academic link between picking on me and making profit no matter what an idiot who got rich quick wrote in a book that contained the secret of success and we are not talking about their idiots who have nothing to live for aligning themselves with my books to pillage it and chase industries they know well around lifestyles that exist at manufacturing which suits the daddies and what they want, and expresses itself at daytime television advertisement where they pile products and sell quick on an empire that belongs to a kid who will not taste any of the success with that big mouth - here we are specially talking about the bit where there is an academic name for it and it’s something as perverse as the fact somebody else is responsible for and makes my foregone alternatives decisions for me, like the fact it is plagiarism and eventually we see it lead to an amusing realisation for them where they say they have ascribed my entire empire to their products and can now invest in it and own it all together, such fun - needs to leave me alone as we are not mates - it's a really bad time at this point, considering they have started talking of how I have lost everything and need to admit it all together as well. Like that story where they say I have lots of work to do to pacify British Army personnel who have been pushed into stress disorders by their American commanders while they worked embeded with them, especially the blacks that wanted to make statements about slavery - which I do not as it has now all blown over and is not going anywhere; we can see the one the goons want to do is slavery and slave trade issues very quickly not the one about being big bad criminal whose mother spends all day seeing me naked and opening up my right hand on his account for example. It's always been a simple matter of things I have no time for i.e. they have just worked out it's only me an Arch Prince, a handful of Women and some Books and I am looking for more trouble than I can handle already, story of that stupid greed wanting to talk with me all the time and the picture is one of his limousine in a dilapidated neighborhood where he got rid of the bums right next to a warehouse that belongs to him and he happens to be the only successful business person in the area, yap yapping, I already share a skin colour with them obviously and it's a curse as we speak and it can bring it here and talk with me all the time too if it wishes, otherwise they are doing very well blabbing about how the daddies will make sales riches first before I sell any Books with that bloated ego stupidities and celebrity idiots prancing around with boo boys their serve their insanity to brag with. I mean it's always been a simple case of a space I am informed about on their left hand side and right hand side and I don't know what it means but oh I do, its where all the goodies are to end up with that big mouth; the story of expressing the slavery issue when commanding British officers does not wash, it's not going anywhere and they can fuck themselves if they wanted. Its nothing new; the US is a Political entity, our closest ally no doubt but only the President wields all the executive power, really difficult place to pinpoint whom the buck stops with all together and hence its never true we are the same kind of Country as a whole, it does not stop Britain being what it is in Asia and South America and Europe and Africa as such. It's not really the case that I am Royalty that is interested in these matters, I am not interested in it more than Politicians even as such - it's a case where people who have various forms of badness, some greed, some murder, some robbery, some drugs but the greed one especially wants to talk with another person who is royalty and has a public image that fans of the renaissance handle for him as such, which is what really does happen with Royalty unlike the politicians that do the opposite and so the need for them to be the only successful persons in dilapidated neighbourhoods will savage everything to do with a television personality handling my Admin and diplomacy public image as a matter of the enterprises associated with her, while making sure I am the one getting famous if there are high end matters that need be resolved etc, whereby it wants to talk with me like that all the time. So there is talk of that need to put an end to the fact I am never earning money, which is not a complicated matter just like everything else, being that I dropped out of University over their gimmicks in 2008 and according to plan found a self publishing company and got published in 2009 - so it's all cut to pieces by their games and what they need do is pay the benefits as the health issues have gotten worse, while I complete the academic bit they didn't want me doing by myself and return to work environment - alternatively I would have prefered their games around my Books to come to an end, since it is clearly a funny Book because it is written by a serious minded person, so they do not have to pay any benefits and none of my academic endeavours be any of their business too, which is the desired outcome. I for my part want to stop them all turning up at this Royal Estate to take out equities they can do film and music with and if we think about the process - I got ready for trading in december and since then have put handles on society, so when I walk down the streets celebrities can be updated on my personality which jeopardises my Royal Estate and lets them tell me to become a fame seeking vagabond first before I can make a living to prove one of their incredibly stupid points, flushing my life down the toilet on account somebody had money and media - the Media ones being the one where the Court has not actually been cheating on me as such for the most part but is a game they play to ensure things are not boring and because those comments that affect my profit margins are so easy to make, and they cannot be stopped, I can see myself pulling the media lever ever so often - I am working on the Industry ones at present i.e. I have a space on my left and my right and if I ask what it does I get told it's where all the goodies will end up which is such a big bluff, that assumes I will be troubled when I oppose and resist them and the result is that there is global disorder when nobody is working for them free of charge, to ensure a certain kind of customer is comfortable for them to get rich with, like resist them and oppose them and take charge sort of thing. It feeds into this case where people say they don't know how I work otherwise they would support etc but it's a case where the social media profiles are platforms where those who are fans of my renaissance can get in touch and communicate and I can sort out any issues outstanding and keep abreast with what is going on and each of them have a separate purpose to that effect too. Eventually we reach this point where t is said I mess around with gangs and it's a stupid thing to do but I don't; the reality is that black people especially want to live like gangs all of the time and some of the things that happens as a result serves them and their greed right in my view but most of the time, it's largely a matter of that greed playing out in such ways as means when I walk outside they have been keeping an eye on my body and have been imagining my bum and penis and I can never feel good, so I have to image a crime is about to happen and rout the entire neighbourhood, so anybody that wanted to do some crime will have to make a new one every single day and this is how I do my own in such a way that they run out of time to catch on like they do mine too but it's mostly not the gangs and criminals but the greedy idiots looking for people they can toss to the dogs whose parents are much the same and driving a bus means when they see me walk down the streets a celebrity gets updated because I had insulted them with that big mouth - then we hear it's about bad neighbourhood I am messing with which does not look it to me anyway, the neighbourhoods always become the way the scumbags make it every time as it were; I would want to explain that when I walk down the streets and look at the shops and their massive banners, what I do is write on intellectual property administration, so it means something to me but a Bush driver would understand which is why it is his business to a point of calling crowds like we see all the time and if he does a celebrity fool will not be updated as it were;  usually the point where they say I have gotten all I wanted and now they wish to know if it was worth it but as ever my feelings are the same simple case of a Journalist at Court and then job threats and me taking the fall for it because the male counterparts must have the same thing, have a selfishness and a stupidity and a vanity ego to feed, goes from there to being the ones that look after the wives for the husbands at Media studios and progresses further to being the husbands behind the Camera and then it turns out I was being set up to fall for that too with a big mouth. It does not mean I do not want people at Court and Brokers at the Estate to be updated with what I have gotten up to, it just means there is a give and take relationship where the Civil service is a place where normal people sort out the insanity of the general public and not the other way round - anybody that will be messing around is not going to be updating any Celebrities and Brokers with my Current Status.