I hear I am hated because I have wrecked everything, I could not make out if it just happens to be other peoples lives and property I wrecked or shut down anyway; all I know is that these fools have not got a clue what they are doing and love to show up here to take over and provide leadership that leads to gang fight and counter gang fights, wars and counter wars and it would be nice if Politicians had stopped claiming they are the good part of the Country or the poorer ones are nice people who just need money. Its not what we are taught to say at Church but it goes without saying they are not important and can never stop insulting people, such that I should be on the left with their big mouth because they want to feel sensations of safety and security on account they are important, with my position and my personal life and the big mouth shows up like that all the time for where their personal decisions have ended them up as it were being fully aware if I started their own as well it would become a racism issue in a short period of time when white people start hurting them by finding out facts of what most of those abusive and insulting nonsense really mean. They do say I smell like my loo half the time and the other half I do not smell that bad but make such a case out of it that I end up doing so; in terms of the former it’s a matter of the fact I have stomach Ulcer and Haemorrhoids, so there is no part of their practical jokes which are tolerable for me but I seem to be the weak link on whom they want to practice all of it, leaving me to wonder if they wish to stop it or keep blowing off that big mouth about beating up somebody for the bad smell – I personally can see a point at which they do become my main preoccupation and when it is all wrecked or they are past the fame and media insults being profitable, the beat up will become very necessary and they will have to if they were mad enough; its like the old case of having anal sex with women putting you in a position of being vulnerable to gangs and criminals, so I thought that with an inability to keep the job in hand or showing up here to take over and provide leadership that later puts my life at risk because they are a handful of meddling and insulting bloody idiots, I should be creating imaginary anal sex with women that ensures I had enough enemies to fit the fact I have a problem with my temper as well and now I am shutting down that stupid popular culture with it too. The other business of making such a case out of it that I end up smelling bad will be their insults and the fact if I wore a perfume I will be alright due to the fact its normally a matter of stress which gets worse when you think you smell. Its blabbing at me all the time and yet we know if I started a public campaign against the quest for easy life blabbing about picking a fight with people they have never met so Community croons can spend time rising ideas about my bedroom window and help them build a crowd on my door step because they want to make use of my Public image for fame and fortune, I will secure the results I want to get from handling their stupidities as well; for now its blabbing because I have not done that and enjoy making a mess of everything I do with Media job attention and lots of Liberal and Socialist insults alongside it too, especially now they think the Community croons have wrecked my health to make me weak and the Politicians have built up their stupid self-confidence – same old case where it knows playing with your tummy and your private parts and generally keeping some open secretes about your personal space, churns your tummy but will not stop it because it prefers to blow off that big mouth and issue threats instead, hence this is what has become a question bearing in mind they are not twice and three times my size as their big mouths have constantly suggested – I have got tummy ulcer and piles and they need to make announcements, this is okay, their big mouths, insults and blabbing about wanting to own my Royal Office is that which will end very well too. wholly reliant then on me being afraid of them that if playing foolish practical jokes with the tummy and private parts of somebody who suffers from Ulcer and haemorrhoids makes a bad smell, they carry on and issue threats for it instead with that big mouth and so we find their stupid children cannot stop pretending when they show their foolish faces on media and get into a habit of telling me what to do, the expectation I will comply is actually based on that which may happen and it will likely end in my view with a terrible fight with Media and the Celebrities, as I do not have to smell like my loo anyway. they do say its about teaching me a lesson for shutting down the Popular culture but so is that about teaching them a lesson on crowd control as well, next time they are free to pretend their civil rights involves building a crowd on my door step and wrecking my academic work to make fame and fortune with my public image, see what will come of their world of Men stupidities too  one has to restrain the self from ending up in a position where people are attacked by me or on my account because they are stupid, as only stupid people will mess with the private parts and tummy and personal space of somebody who had piles and tummy ulcer to issue threats for the bad smell, same case where they think culture exists to ensure I complain about them all the time and if they put it alongside that stupid society in my face, I will do my best to ensure they saw it for the last time too. They do say it does not help them and their American friends very much which is not an issue at all; it feels like what they did in the 1980s and 1990s about which they have to hunt people down to handle people like meat, just so they can build a crowd on the door step and live off incredibly insults and disobedience that facilitate quick money and easy life and my parents never stayed married beyond my fifth Birthday, about which I have always had to live with the problem associated thereof as they got to hate each other and made talk of the town out of themselves and me my whole life, so it exactly the same thing I am dealing with here - it is issuing threats over the effects of my illness that it makes worse by getting its stupid self involved with me and my personal space to seek conveniences and issue while adopting a disposition of violence: have to avoid attacking people because they are stupid as my grand parents were in the Business of running education systems and my Dad was a Polytechnic rector before he sadly passed away, so I am well aware it wrecked my academic work and keeps it wrecked to enjoy practical jokes, intends to carry on and eliminate anything that suggests it has gone too far with its version of fun at somebody else's expense then stop when it wants and tells lies that add up to a big white Elephant on Media which helps it keep an eye on me at the work place for employers and customers with Media abuses and I am starting to think it is important to pick up a physical fight with the media as it seems nothing is ever serious to them. They even speak of how I avoid the right decisions while they spend their time making sure culture and society goons can decide the fate where the law is being delivered to the Public, so that even when people have done something wrong and ended up in a Law Court it is still a profitable practical joke to play whatever the outcome, talking nonsense about the right decisions because it is not in my interest that while somebody is trying to teach those who want to learn a job or trade what matters, the biggest problem is that their easy life stupidities was getting famous. I have no idea when they created this sense that there was a Community that I shared with them in which they were leaders and I was one of those being controlled anyway, I just know they have been talking nonsense about how they hate my guts because I have wrecked everything since three days ago, the first day involved a group of useless youths from the world of Men who think war on their easy life will not do me favours as well, blabbing about hating me and how I am about to pick up my life from where I left off, two days later after a 24 hours undercurrent of it in between, its the same thing all over again just to help them deal with their own anxiety levels.