I am said to be in total denial about the difficult position I have found myself which is not really the case – reality is that I end up pointing out one issue after another at Public work because the main problem is the Media and it is such an issue even for their managers that when told to arrange some Music on the radio it is in some way about me, making reference to my Estate and some Media personality trying to become an Arch Prince all together by replacing me. The outcome naturally is that they never stop as usual bearing in mind they have no discretion and my Books are never found as I left them – they do like to boast that it adds up to power but we are here because I am consistently failed or refused to do anything about insults and abuses of Media and Celebrities, what happens then being that with society trouble makers making sure I cannot get anything done because they want to be important in my stead, filling their heads with what I do and expecting them to get jobs and pay taxes no matter how much it hurts them will soon end up being a matter that I am going to deploy them as a tool for resolving it, especially the part where people put up their pensions at Industry to build up a crowd and extract an income from my Books because Media will not stop making a mess of it then use their disposition to hold companies to ransom and to damage any companies that employ me through market, after setting their out children to show up and imagine fingering my bum until I can feel them do it, which is usually what sets the stage for this question of whether I do consider my actions to be extreme which I do not and I do not even imagine such things let alone train younger people to practice it on those that are older than they are.

They do claim I have no control of the society issues which is utter nonsense as I rather do, we now have an understanding that people blabbing war at me will mean they get to complain about the smell I cover up so as to make a nice environment, as cracked up out of my league is blabbing about war while they cannot stand the smell looking like that all the time; all is usually well without Media disobedient involvement and they are so slippery it is impossible to just handle their case on a whim, same as we see the Celebrities had decided that they want to be working for companies using my corporate identity and cannot stop taking pictures of themselves on my public image blowing kisses at criminals, all which shows they are absolute scum and leaves me wondering if human beings really can be so stupid. So, the insults and abuses have carried on for a very long time right up to the stage where they are able to inform me they were Celebrities who got what they wanted most of the time with a big mouth – as ever which if I do not destroy it they will never believe that I can.

It’s usually a three part case of Politicians talking about the relationship I have with my Court being one that has such an effect on the women in it that they were the ones important enough to have sex that appears that way, of which all is well managed if people are just journalists and not journalists plus aspiring writer and goon seeking industry connections with my Public life, of which when it does become a big problem I am never going to be swayed by the sense they want to be journalists the most because it’s the one that is actually paying them – the second bit is the Industry goons picking off outcomes of the relationship between me and my Court to peddle and sell products by leaving their queer city centre fools to claim my Empire exists only in my head – the third is the male journalists who must have what their female colleagues are having to prevent discrimination, ripping up my career and finances and spending time making out what women do at work is the same as the way they behave at home so they might be able to pretend to be family. So obviously when I do start tackling it, the result will be carnage but whilst I need to ensure that peoples deviant lifestyle does not exist so close to home and I am not working with a Court that shows up here to screw with me, they will never let my Books look the way that I had left them where I had left them.

Instead we hear that it is a big problem for me, about which is the old matter of ageists putting up money to extract an income from market I built for my Books, buying shares in companies that will employ me, chasing my bum to make me smell like my loo and training their children to do the same because their understanding of what it means when they see property in public which does not belong to them and more so legally bearing in mind their stupid freedom is incredibly queer. It’s much the same as people talking about the welfare of men so the goons might built up society strong and go around stinging peoples bottoms, concerning which I had allowed my finances to end up being messed around so they might get off to their own concerns with the money that gets to their heads but it was not enough hence society is now part of the monarchy and the more they show up around my concerns or make a mess of it is the truer it will become. Much the same as the story of my main problem being caused by Muslims who discriminate unlike racists who speak of what they can do with jobs and livelihood and general public progress talking nonsense in the UK where you are at a real disadvantage if you think your civil rights involves what happens outside of your four walls as though they live in the middle east where they can kill people simply because people were beautiful and arrogant about it, looking like they want others to do the bad things and find out how they will blow off their big mouth from then on – so I might be said I am partly supporting racism which is utter nonsense as we know over 50 Million persons laid down their lives some 70 years ago because the world was at war due to racism and yet we still live in a world where there are racists because of the stupidities of Media goons and their Politicians – so keen on playing the race politics at all times and yet has not the means to pay what must be paid when a white Man is hurt by race Politics or an ethnic minority is hurt by racism, in fact the most high profile and most destructive so far being former US President Mr Obama who will persecute me and ask people to put a stop to my Books as he would not wish to tackle the matter of some deranged women who hangs around neighbourhoods picking on white people and whispering racism into their ears until they are insane due to some great big cowardice that has become increasingly profitable when people pass insults at me and we can see if they do not do such things, like in my case facilitate the one thing they are doing here which is about rounding up all means I might defend myself by because some free people want to spend Royal property on themselves, they could never be real Liberal Men – the race politics that is vital for trapping in cycles of civil violence like animals those who will not share what they have with people that are much more superior than they are.