They claim I am always happy because I plug others into my problems, half the time of which when my Book of liabilities helps them with clinical depression it should be sold solely for that because they have no respect for others. I personally do think about whether I am always excited because it’s that scenario where poor people are usually the most generous because they understand what it is like to be poor, which is not the case and hence the reason they are always cracked up getting deeply involved with my concerns and more so without consent. For me however it is apparently manliness for people to spend my time and money showing that I have a Court people hear about all the time but how easy it can be for me to hate it needs to be proven – it has led us to this point too where they do not like the high-flying jobs and how much they hate it needs to be proven, whereby the fact I am a man is not a bad thing after all since it is obviously what Men do as it were.

They say I am unable to cope with the Nationalism that seems to show up everywhere and its utter nonsense since such things are meant to be a matter of feelings as it were; feelings of somebody who does not fancy religion but although it will turn his tummy upside down if he does popularity for scores of years and prayer is suddenly sprung on him, he wants the livelihood of an Arch Prince he claims does not exist if he doesn’t want him to as well and then blame others and gets into a habit of telling lies right up to the point where he is claiming the Prince wants to get involved with him when he is out of the Prince’s league which does make me very angry as well. Their theory they say is supported by the idea that the Royal Family does not support me at all, whereas we all know HM is interested in my sense of humour which is an unprecedented reality at the Monarchy but is an example of me stopping short of mentioning the Royal family absolutely loves me and nobody knows where they get their story from. I mean it’s what they live for, which beats the imagination all the time i.e. a human being’s whole life can be about how a person’s job has gone to somebody else, somebody is talking about a job that another has already taken up, somebody is talking about a job that another is more qualified for and the popularity phrase is usually ‘it’s already been done’ – now they are asking me. Hence, they say it’s about people at the Monarchy who do not like me and want to replace me causing all the trouble, which is usually a matter of the fact they are doing their jobs, especially those of them that had won elections some time ago. They always say that my people and I largely think we are involved with job roles that are set for life but everybody knows a career is something you work in for somebody and get paid for, which creates outcomes in which you pay your taxes and get a statement from the government who also keeps a copy of this monthly or yearly receipt, at the end of which you retire and become part of that government and society full time – they have always loved factorising others on the basis of jobs and changing jobs which is always only as far amusing. Naturally the story is that I will do anything to ensure my people keep jobs they are not good at but after scores of years of male colleagues getting what the female ones have because I have a Court for those, wrecking everything here while managers look on, I doubt they are able to support such claims with factual evidence, considering a job is something people are employed to do and a career something people do till retirement first and foremost before there is talk of an existent team; when no respect for what I want to do with my own time starts to pay off in such a grand theatre on a daily basis – the one where even a private diary does not help me cope with peoples bullying, that big mouth as such as it were. So they say Politicians are responsible for it all, which I don’t mind – we all know that while I was putting a lever on society and then culture goons and then media goons and then industry goons, the ;Politicians were warned and informed all the day, it’s their case I am working on now and I really want to hear what they and their local idiots are thinking so I can be told about shit 24/7 and also which one people did or didn’t and which ones I am to pay for with respect to their stupid problems.

It’s that old case of not making up anymore ideas about what people are saying to me and sitting back to listen to it and understand what they are saying, showing its about lick my bum, lick the shit off my shoes, somebody treated me in that way and I am doing you as well to create equality – I generally want to hear what they must say concerning the world around them as it were and its reverse psychology of that for my part and all. I mean it’s a matter of selling books, keeping a means that helps you pay your costs and attending college being replaced by all kinds of nonsense at Parliament that causes such intense distraction that a personal diary cannot help manage – they always say it’s the same pain we inflict at the Monarchy which tends to evoke the need to make it personal and get them to remove their community croons from my concerns as they are no one, as they are nothing , as they are not famous and the supposition that they are will always mean others cannot have normalcy – I want to see less of them show up around my Books, as it is not their Book I should suppose it cannot be that difficult to have it that way; yap, yap what Monarchy does as well so as to continue. I mean from Christian who is happy when they do not approve of him, to this via some media controlled familiarity is extraordinary too I suppose – they like to think they are making me look after them women who are beyond my league but not beyond their own as it were, that stupid insolent notion they can do anything. They do speak of a matter of dignity while we all know the prevalent atmosphere is one about my leadership being replaced by dichotomies of body type that protects me from the world around me, to be simulated on media by which everybody can have it too – it’s when you end up with a botched academic work it starts to get serious, all that nonsense from them; the number of times I get poked while they were taller with a physique that cannot tolerate it and should be respected, sometimes there is the sense they are going to get right through me one day as it were.

One moment I am being made to look after the high-class ladies I make use of, the next I am said to be on a verge of career loss – in terms of the former, these Women have done everything to protect me from luck hunters to no avail because Men want to be scumbags in school that were multimillionaires in the real world and I am being school on how it works. In terms of career loss however, the protection the ladies provided is now something of tale of me and anal sex doing whoopee’s and losing everything but now that they are solving the problems of society goons that show us all how pleasurable anal sex can be while I supervise, they still think they should be blabbing at me about career losses, as if a campaign against men being arseholes at school and turning up to be millionaires in the real world, for which I am being groomed into an item cannot become a reality as it were. It’s the same old story where they are supposed to national media career losses every morning keep their community croons and gang land idiots who want to wing another album off my case and brag about it again off my case before I find a way to do it myself. The story of me as victim of bullying is ever so popular with them but we all know it is obvious what makes them tick and it is more a matter of having access to those things that make them such manly men that they have no respect for others, such as money and they do say I do not need mine because I am solving my problems with an inbuilt strength and ability, looking for trouble; they have continued to explain this, especially the Americans, as something to do with the importance of getting me listening to what people are saying as well and I do not think I have said a complicated thing they find difficult listening to when I mentioned they should be here to buy my Books not create one of their own being real pricks everyday as it were. They do say I started hacking people over career piracy when the career was not yet ready but its a matter of being told that I was never going to get the chance to be a millionaire that lost it in order for them to gain access, since they were determined to make me the millionaire that never had the millions in the first place to have their access anyway with that big mouth, now they have to explain to me that they love their high-flying jobs all the time and I am having trouble being convinced over the Book items that clearly are being handled as though it were their belonging, about which the issues they are complaining about on the right hand side is clearly first album and we are definitely going to end up with a second one on the left.

22 March 2017.

The SNP wants a second referendum but nobody will get on and say it is meant to be a mandate on leaving the EU since Scotland did vote to stay in it and nobody knows why the Scottish vote had to be a separate thing from that of the rest of the UK or indeed why it was disclosed to the public anyway but we do know a certain sturgeon is making a real mess since we are not yet done cleaning up mobility of crime and criminal elements that were brought about by the first referendum while we are about to have another in less than five years, of which they will likely tell me that saying the referendum is a mandate on leaving the EU is absolutely stupid since a referendum is not an election and I will be wondering why I am being educated on that such a fact by them anyway – I personally would never know why a referendum was chosen as a means of resolving Scottish mandate on the EU anyway but they will tell me the SNP is running Scotland and has already dreamed of it which means they are making these mess in a very deliberate way and that it means nothing at all as a whole, except the premise that lay people will always develop a violent platform to support any proposal to control a Country, then get to tell me what I am saying is not representative of what Scottish people want, whereas there was nothing representative about my activities, as much as it has to do with the fact that they have all that energy to chase those things and tell me to be representative which makes me very angry because they never work for anything in their lives and each time a job is given them they select peoples energy to do it with from the useless ways they have lived out their lives and it will mean that eventually doing something popularity for an employer becomes the way it works, giving employers ideas all the time about cracking people up, which feeds into mainstream living and gets used by them to attack famous people whose public image they want to make themselves comfortable with after passing around lots of insults that involve teaching such persons everything – it has become a political problem obviously with an SNP talking about independence and they are telling me to be representative as well.

In terms of confusions of what I get up to everyday of which is a matter of the fact I always do Court business at 6.00am and have been running my concerns that way for more than four years now and the prevalent atmosphere is that the Men enjoy taking over our lives and making us into puddles that are muddled at 6.00am every day and then the mess will continue the rest of the time too; what becomes of it being that when they are affected as well then there is an effrontery for that stupidity that involves Men and an alliance with stupid girls that always want to cut down on other people’s pubic respect to secure an exit for the way they have lived out their stupid existence of an unapologetic vice has become so notorious that we can clearly see why Women, especially the Americans think that I will ever solve such a problem for them when the boardrooms are full of skirts first; of which the media ones are the ones who want me to sell the fact that they do smell for them as well, which is why they are still the most insolent bullies of the lot.

With respect to which they will say I have gone about hurting myself and then set about claiming I have accomplished some form of power – the reality is of course that my actions were clearly random as we can see that when politicians wreck my finances and it means they can always get on a political platform to reverse any financial gain I have made and blame me for dropping out of University, Media and Celebrity fools get involved and show themselves all over my Public image since making fame and fortune on the public image of a broke person will not cause them trouble if the person gets hurt each time it does with that big mouth; so the damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation shows I have not done anything wrong and more so as to deserve it too but they do bandy it like it was my portion in life too and are set to find out what will happen when I get out and build a public image on their predicament as well and we are not talking about the Media ones either, they are the puddle that gets muddled 6.00 am every day, except when they are affected too, tummy churned and a smell being made, its that big mouth all the time like they want me to sell it for them too.

I understand on one hand they want to get around telling others how to exist because they think of themselves as civilised, on the other hand I am a wonder that is so different and has to be blamed for everything; in terms of the former of which it’s a case of matter of tell what to do and get ahead of it in life and there is no other mode of conducing your concerns, which they are finding out is a problem I have always lived with because it runs in my ancestry and what they are complaining about on the left is initial album to sing as popular culture just yet as it were, current behaviour tends to suggest we will have another one on the left too – the one about being different having more to do with getting to work and returning to a meal with wife to talk about nothingness of what happens, only when you step outside of your door, you are confronted with idiots who make a deal with society to establish their marriage all together in the first place and cannot keep off your book sale income if they want to make their stupid lives easier as a whole.

It does come to this case of me breaking up marriage of work Court members, which is not really happening – they are the ones that decided to bring their bosses and Husbands into the Court and by the way of which these are not the people that established the Court all together in the first place; the ones that did are the ones who were able to pick me out from the crowd if they were having trouble with being moral and doing honour based jobs such as reporting news and being bullied by society; these other ones just get me wondering how they will do the journalist career by letting society and husband and manager into the Court but they do other things such as a condition where I do a whoopee but it does not ruin my life, which requires a lot of positive emotion towards others, hence there is enough trust to keep a Court and look after it but I am not the one breaking up their marriages and do try to help but can only do so much, when they are ever so keen on grabbing my stuff to go around making fame and fortune with all the time, then blame it on Women that are loyal to me calling them names, whereas what will likely happen with that being a condition where Book sale community will buy Books and replace Court and some people in it will be Media managers who give me media job roles as it were all together, of which a clearly set out career wasn’t emerging from it all together.

They love the victim roles of claiming nobody can really tell what it is about people I tend to hate so much but we all know it is really silly and full of hot air and cannot exist without insulting others to squander their property, never does anything well and will likely show up at diplomacy frontiers to ensure others cannot live in their Countries, then have a problem joining Military to the do the fighting; consists of some socialists dotted here and there but mostly look like they were all cut to the same size by the devil and of course have politicians placed at all necessary corners and needs leadership all the bloody time.