Of course it is said I am one of those people that are killing off UK economic frontiers which is utter nonsense, since the Politicians and their media idiots that are always getting clobbered by society people because they are bullies which is what all that moving into people’s right hand and living there permanently is all about in the first place, have been going about seeking fellow trouble makers from overseas to give visas to travel to the UK to make trouble for society and like to target me as the blame figure for the racism that will emerge as well while their Industry fools do all they can to get on media and savage my market from the start of the day to the end of it which is always finished off with popular culture kids getting rich and famous to threaten me with it. So the reality is that investing in Countries that are fundamentally unstable leads to problems like terrorism and we all know Islamic terrorists for instance want to destroy the world. It’s a simple case of the fact if the prognosis of an entire country and its nature is developed around the unworthy working for it so it can be taken off them and handed to those who were always worthy, to ensure they get to ask before they work for it, then you know that investing in such a Country will drive it towards trouble all together unless somebody stabilises it and so if somebody actually does then, it is time to go there to invest. At the moment these idiots do like to think they are reorganising the world when they decide where global wealth ends up temporarily with a game of how much we can hurt the Americans and the British to get rich and its storing up big problems for the future as well. They do tell me I talk for my part but am actually not faring so well which is utter nonsense; how well I am faring can be measured by the fact I am the guy they could not fuck, can be measured by the fact I am the guy popular culture kids could not use, can be measured by the fact I am the guy whose personal life freedom idiots and media men could not confiscate – so I am actually faring very well indeed and they are paying the price as it were for 15 years of unemployment that appears to them to be an amusing past time to engage in because they can have sex for instance, hence why I must be forced to have sex before I can get a job – we see them deploy even the prognosis while they have failed at it to create some exclusivity when they appear on media and like to pretend they are having some intelligent conversation. This whole idea of how well I am faring to be put in context is rather simply; I have real difficulty tolerating social democracy – I don’t know what it means and cannot make sense of it and it annoys me uncontrollably; I mean rather than people studying and being professional at the jobs they have, they cut corners and make my life hell with social democracy – the part about them which I tolerated was the civil rights bit, that was the bit where the definition of freedom is to ensure those who have not had the misfortune of suffering what they have suffered are made to suffer it and that is how I came to exist in this bubble where the law does not protect me and people can do whatever damages they please to anything I own for whatever reason they see fit; so I have so far become the guy whose income feminists could not earn and whose property feminists could not confiscate when they could have spent all that energy working for their instead of seeking a man’s life on whom to dump their problems. It is not an emotive issue, I am only making it clear this story of how badly I am faring is seriously deluded at the end of the day, for of course I am certain they don’t want me to adopt these dispositions in public as a face of an endeavour of any kind too as it were – so their need to set out somebody’s possessions and build a subculture of sharing it to encumber all its purposes was never going to drag me down, it was always going to create the sense I have a challenge I must overcome and that has resulted in books I have written which contents they know everything about which I will then sell and they are beginning to realise in very painful ways that you get involved with a writer if you are interested in his work and when people write books you buy your copy not exasperate them to get the information from them instead of pay for it. It’s the story of how Politicians and civil rights and media fools do the things they do because society likes to invent this process of moving into their right hand to live there permanently, so they like to think what has happened to them needs to happen to you and I would like it if they got off my Book sales and cleared my space as well for my part – it’s not something you respond to when you know what it is. As for the case of how I made contributions to create confusion that leads to an outcome where industry sales and exploration of markets always trumps government priorities of defence and security, there is no truth to that claim, what is happening at the moment like black people would bear witness is that people’s are paying the price for getting their Politicians to rip up my finances and trap me at their level in society so they can look upon me and abuse me to feel good about living and go out to take on the day to get rich; so their African Countries might be unstable but people still feel like investing anyway so we can see what their own looks like all the time too. It’s the story behind how well I am faring which is actually very well indeed as it were; they on the other hand have this task to explain what social democracy means and do like to set out I am obliged to help with the answers which is utter nonsense too – there are two answers and one of them is that I am in charge and I decide what happens not them, the other is that they can stop the frivolities like social democracy and do things in the straight and correct way or they can continue the other one if they are paying for it i.e. they think the wars they are good for creating is actually not evil because people like me are supposed to relish it but I have no idea anyway, I just know that you need to have been doing these things for long enough if you hit the ground running when it comes to teasing people exactly the way their parents do when you are not their parents and by the way of which people had better given you a bloody job so that you can plague people in that way or else there will be trouble with a big mouth – like that old tale of whether I have a problem with feminists which of course is not actually a problem as such, only that they lie all the time and get on my breath endlessly with accusations and calls to society and the public to act on me while they use sex to dig money and fame from my business showing themselves all over media and abusing me to ensure I don’t chase them up and stop it, which becomes a power prerogative they want to sell to industry idiots in order to get rich, so it’s a tale of the fact they are really stupid and useless people and generally look like shit all the time and by the way of which in any case I am a Christian and do not approve of homosexuality so if they table that at me there will be even more trouble but having said so they do look like shit. It’s a simple case of what I do here which is intellectual property administration and for that reason they are always seen at Industry villages and communities taking over what equities participation of Companies have afforded me like it was their own, it’s not just become a lifestyle for them, it has become an obsession and so this whole process of managing the Company has led to this result where there is the rest of us and there is Industries and they are the morons getting rich and famous in the Middle, so they will start with their boys at popular culture loutish nonsense insulting and threatening me, move off to their girls threatening me which is unbecoming and their women will chase my anus and penis and then they can put a raunchy idiot for five minutes on TV doing something about a product to cash into my market, change my quality life gradually in such ways every day until they had extricated it and it has become their own the social bloody democracy as it were and they will expect me to feel cheerful all day long as well with a big mouth. I see them around my concerns all the time and for every time I decide they can work it if it kills them the response is always that they are here to dump problems in my life and make me sort them out while they cash into my empire, not work for anything with a big mouth, so I don’t actually have a problem with feminists and they know it. They are always seen at Industries getting after the bit that is actually my property all the time, only to claim I speak of Industries where I have never been and know nothing of none of which was their business at all in the first place – so it is something that has to stop or I am going to stop it my way as well. It is not a conversation that I am having here as such – I mean the colours are developed by Industries to match my temperaments from their position of Association with my Renaissance but it’s a matter of how much they spend to create the specific pigmentation for instance which is clearly not the business of these goons never mind the market they create for  me all together but by far the one that gets to me the most is the abuse of product appearance equities i.e. somebody develops a bra to match my equity and some girl buys it as a means of showing herself in public or working for some phone shop where the bra will work for her to beat her high sales scores this week of which the last time we checked I was pretty sure people don’t own phone shops so idiots can use it to fight others like that in the first place and the participation based development of public product showings and so on i.e. CEO of Mercedes is going to show their new product at the auto show today and he wants support from my participation based equity but if he leaves any market for me somebody will train cameras on it or a feminist will get after it until it is no more, so it’s a question of why they are always after my own, whether that was actually their own business but for them, the fact they are rugged goons trying to make it by any means is a good enough excuse that means the law does not protect me anymore but then again it really isn’t that good enough an excuse after all at the end; so it’s that old story of their bottom hurts and many times as much when the elections are on and so on and how what has happened to them needs to happen to me, the story of how little I know of what I am doing is badly placed here. Everything we see them do is developed around that one prognosis – the famous girl that takes her clothes off on the beech during holiday, to be bothered by the media taking pictures who must get me to save her or suffer on her behalf or I will get into trouble because she knows what she wants, when we all know they care about nothing and will soon be making sure they are successful where those who have a sense of Country that they share with others fail or are made to fail and the reason is always that it is a short cut to getting what they want, another scheme, the fact they are so stupid they care only about money but still cannot make any either way – so it’s difficult to locate to what purpose One is supposed to save them from the media for but it gets even better as they their entire lives are about making an arrangement with the media which is an unwritten contract and so these things mean their society and community croons can chase my anus and penis and help them make fun of me for it to cash into my public life all the time, looking for trouble; so I have made myself clear on my feelings about sorting out how they are getting involved as such, it has not improved the situation so I am going to get them off my Royal Office, especially the diplomatic front my way as well. So it’s the guy they never got to fuck, the guy their stupid children never got to make fun of when they are doing fame and fortune with his public life that was previously his but is now theirs because of media, it’s the guy whose personal life media and freedom goons never got to own, so I am sure they don’t expect me to keep it to myself anyway either whenever I watch pornography as it were i.e. they don’t care about anybody or anything only money except when the fact I create creates community and I have some leadership going on their hatred turns to me over their need to be successful by making me fail because even in all that time when they were able to care about nothing but money they were still so stupid they couldn’t make any – it is never true that what I say is not clear enough to lift any weights, I am sure the fact I am fed up with it is clear enough for all as well; the fact that while I cared about communities and societies and the Country while they cared only about money did not end with a process where they became millionaires is because they are bloody idiots and I am not hoping to make myself clear enough to deter them; I have taken up and consummated with action every thing around me they can pick to be relevant and that has led to a fight, this fight with a big mouth because they cannot leave people alone as it were, so I am going to have to physically keep them off my Books; I mean Someone mentioned something about not thinking the UK exists in a tiny world and that there are markets out there and they came to a realisation they have got more work for me with a big mouth - its all power stuff - I do get told the way I handle it makes things worse but that is because people think there is a purpose they serve in society whereas I know they are people who start prognosis of conversation with those they have met for the first time on the basis of being liberal and free and how the careers of those they have met has been done by somebody else, this is not something normal people do, they look like shit, they talk like shit and are filthy in every way even spiritually, it is the reason they think their involvement with others can constitute power and destruction that is an expression of it and the black females especially cannot stop threatening me too, so they have been organised and set lose as civil rights goons who are always seen around my concerns because their civil rights has now been defined by those who sent them out as having what I have - this is what I mean the guy their fame and fortune popular culture stupid children could not use, the guy whose personal life their media and freedom idiots could not own, the guy they could not fuck and when I watch pornography I am supposed to deploy the disposition to show them where their lives are not keep it to myself - they cannot stop threatening me you see, they think its power especially black girls for whom this power is necessary for every single penny of the millions they want to own: so I cannot have a life with my own family due to hard knocks and anus and penis grabbing with their filth, I cannot get a job because it is constant and causes a depressing feeling while they tell lies and make accusations to ensure they are not prevented from seeking more access looking for trouble, and the really big black idiots that support it I am certain are preparing themselves to show how tough they really are on my account too. I only one to sell my Books and Administrate my Court which is what my work is all about but it seems these fools have decided their problems will be solved on it and the ones that stand out the most are the Muslims claiming they have bullied me into deploying every strategy in the Book just to get out of their clutches, whereas they claim they hate my guts and cannot keep their fingers away from a fantasy around my anus and penis which causes me tummy upset that seems to be constant and sees them follow it on with various other forms of distant violence and to make it clear therefore as such, following on from informing them this is the one they never got to fuck in the first place and the story of not being in a place where I can handle myself so are to brush others up is going to change too on their account if this route is followed but if they want a real goad then the reality is that I really love to look like I deserve their parents inheritance better than they do, so if it annoys them enough they can turn up and show how tough they really are and we are not talking about the sense Muslim girls are not human beings and therefore cannot be allowed to just fancy people and get over it thereof with their big mouth.