Now it has become a really popular disposition these days for Labour Party Ministers to push their way into my atmosphere and personal space in order to settle a process where I can get angry all I want but will always do things in a way that makes them happen considering what is coming to me if I do not - would not know anyway, what I do know is that from the tramps on the streets to the fanatics and supporters and Ministers, nobody has an empirical explanation for why that party is so destructive and why it is made up such a collection of really stubborn compulsive lairs who enjoy their filthy activities these days way too much; next we hear the talk of anti-Semitism and racism from them as well while they spend money on every idiot with strange powers of evil that can make people rich to ensure that when it does not work these monies can set out an alternative argument as their need to target those they want to be able to make these excuses to bully therefore intensifies because of it. So these books here are going to get sold with those stupid salaries of theirs, either my way or theirs and by the way of which it is not as if the Conservative Party is not geared up as well anyway; this process of making them listen to what people are saying to them so they can hear when they are hurting others in order to decide when they want to stop or if at all will it seems have to be enforced from very high places yet as it were, So the Ministers of Parliament for them have not yet learned not to threaten me or to stop if they are at it; hence it is getting to a stage where this need to live in a world where the violent people they want the rest of us to think are stupid when that is not true because they believe it will hide the reality that they are ignorance and that the rest of us do not know we do what we do the way we do it to ensure both sides do not ruin our lives and living all together will become physical as well - just one more threat from any stupid Labour Party minister that thinks he or she has got the guts for it and we will get to the bottom of the matter as well (year date 10/2/2015). 

All they seem to want to do with their time is set out endlessly that I make so much noise and boast all the time but when any little trouble shows up I run away and cringe and it is becoming everything right up to government or business wants to operate these days and it gets to the stage the chasing my anus and penis past as well - I mean is that what I am really like anyway? The bit where scum like them all over the world must steal everything, must steal money, must steal ideas, must steal personality, must steal fame and in the case of Royalty like myself must steal my royal order and use it to furnish a rebellious army they will create to upturn the system of things and realise a world where they are boss and they steal and share with Terrorists even and whilst the terrorists do not want it as well do I have to keep doing an international clean up exercise to ensure conflicts have not been complicated beyond what they really are and in like manner have no idea which part of setting out they are fair game to me as far as the Islamic State is concerned that they believe constitutes the person who cringes at the sign of trouble anyway; they like to say I am a bad person but nobody knows what they are doing in my personal space if all the destruction and abuse on a daily basis of the last fourteen years is to be forgiven and them time and again its yapping that I cringe at the sign of trouble, its yapping threats endlessly that they increasingly build up confidence for and other fools can become opportunistic with as if that is what I am really like in the first place. I do not think it is a crisis matter, it’s simply reality that they are very stupid people and the reasons for it being others made them that way and the reasons for that being their need for theft and destruction and vandalism in a quest to be the boss, especially that concerning the theft of fame and personality and warrior spirit.

We see them do these things all the time and it was much the same with racism as well – they push it and advocate it and nothing is too low for them until they are food for it as well and nobody is ready to allow them any of the benefits before that if everybody were as insane as I am for instance, since the reality around it is ever built around their stubbornness as it is more important to stir racism against you and copy how you get around it than it is to do what you ask them to because that will make them inferior. Now there is talk of Labour Party policies that were ahead of its time but now everybody has caught up with because of me concerning which there are actually only two reality facts in it i.e. the need for them to keep their concerns outside of my personal space and leave me alone and the other being the importance of that i.e. the assumption that idiots whose plans for getting what they need and want in life is to have those that can do it for them wrapped around their little finger and make a career out of bullying and manipulating them into doing it will not take advantage of 14 years of pillaging my finances to get Labour Party business into my personal space while talking nonsense about somebody that is so scared of them he has to do things to please them at the end in order to avoid trouble. I really, really hate the part where I am said to be in trouble with those that are older and wiser and richer than I am of course because it’s the same old case where they need to get copies of my books not turn up to extract the contents and benefits of it from me as a person and in an otherwise situation the reality will always be they are nothing and there is nothing they can do; there are various reasons for this that goes beyond what will happen if I build a public life on it since we all know the attitude has continued everyday for more than a decade so far – it goes beyond the problem with seeing me on the streets and setting out to deploy whatever it is that makes me look the way I am, the same old case of some people being rude and others being beyond rude because they are bad for you in every way especially financial and some adopting a position whereby they are older than you and therefore feel like creating some vanity into absolutely every single little thing that you do, so that the reality is that there is nothing they can do – it goes beyond that and into the bit where they see me and want to become my father’s because it would make a mad proud and confident with the end result of wrecking everything else to give their bone headed children a boost and then robbing it in my face as well in public places trying to get important but the most important bit being the part where they want to express themselves the same way that I do which has never been an issue save they buy the books which they don’t want to no matter what they have as it were and so it leads to a problems right up to the squander of their civil rights idiots that simply want to detach people from their lives and own it with popular culture and civil liberties and that is why I hate that story so much of be scared of those that are more successful and older and have more money – the success of my money depends on not getting involved with them and making sure they don’t get involved with me. I hear they say it is all my fault, as I am known to blow off everything I do absolutely anywhere I may be located but there is nothing new about that – only when they say it is my fault I feel like I am being punished, so we have to review the facts whereby it goes beyond the bit about their bad habits helping them to fame and fortune and making sure those who have it but don’t hand it over to them do not have it anymore either way and into the bit where their Politicians and a case with my feelings being that they are stupid and there is a reason people made them that way as well in the first place leads to a process where they seem to have a strange relationship with their ability to hurt me because it could make them untold riches – the other side of this story of what is my fault however being that I do what I do the way I do it to ensure the lower classes are furnished with what I know and knowing they are bad for me either way and I am only comfortable with middle classes to an extent, they will start to seek the same things the middle classes get and that means some stupid girl can always pillage my books and get some millionaire to buy her a department store, get a camera man to take pictures of her and slap it on large bill boards in the city, wear expensive jewellery and attack the guy that gets involved with women that have done better than he does to make idiots and herself more money claiming to be celebrity whenever they want. As for the rich people, they are not a problem for me and have never been, they simply have this difficulty working out I don’t like them at all; those that had jobs in the middle east were asked to run a business, what they did was achieve a process where people feel like flying planes into the buildings of this Country, the ones at home where asked to run a financial system, they created one of the worst crisis there has ever been and don’t care what will happen still as we can see to those who have a Royal Estate to lose if poorer people start to pick up spaces and knives and gardening equipments to turn up on the streets and demand removal of government – so that it really does come to a matter of how much they think I know about them and that assumption of theirs that they know much about me, hence everything about them and my relationship with them has been resolved on Company websites and I don’t want to see them around my books and or the market – typical example being the things they do to my Asian Markets for instance where they seem to ask how long that part of the literary empire will stay untouched if they have a need that is so intense and no matter how hard I try it will be damaged anyway while they make away with some profit and it really does get to a point because their only explanation is usually that they should not be expected to have their millions in silence while they pillage my books and only understand a process of working for money to mean gathering girls and having parties, spending money on a warehouse stocked with predicts and then some more on media and snacks for sales companies, then plug them into my books and get twice as rich in a couple weeks as I can see they are so wealthy I wouldn’t mind and it goes beyond this to their need to spend money on celebrities that are bullying some guy that thinks he can tag along too which does make me feel that if I want to catalogue all the main central banks on this planet in order to ensure that financial hole appears in their pockets every time they do, then that is what I must do – but then again we see them at the stock markets too making trouble and it is not only about a process where they wreck an economy and when I run my business and take fixing it into account they turn up to make profits in my stead no matter how much they have, or messing around in the middle east and when I am off fixing that too in order to sell my books they turn up to make profit in my stead and then talk lots of nonsense that tends to suggest they think that whenever they sell things to people it puts them in the same league as other peoples Royal Princes – and it is the same old issue all around of the fact they all are losers who want somebody they can groom into a state where he does not mind if they pick on him in order to feel good about themselves, the one about the fact I am a Christian and instructed by my religion concerning the fact humility is one of the main corner stones of social behaviour, they have to come up with their own ideas of what I am really like even when they are warned the personal diaries are full and trouble is about to brew as well due to me being fed up with coping with them all as the typical stubbornness that is their power all around from lower classes to middle classes and business and industry goons. It has never been a problem, only a matter of what will happen when I build a public life on it as well bearing in mind, it has never been an issue only when they say it is my fault I feel I am being punished and it goes beyond their bad habits deciding who keeps his fortunes or not to the part about what their ideas for economic recovery by manipulating those that can get it done for them because it was about them  or indeed the one about copying things from Royalty to learn how to be in charge which is why they are so stupid and why people made them the way they are in the first place. We hear their fools speak of how I do more harm than good while thinking I am a hero when in actual fact we all know they don’t have to listen to anything I get up to for my part as well anyway; I mean somebody is good looking and wants a job in a large company and gets the job but because she has a community and family and thinks about that all the time, when a manager loses his brains he wants sex with it – so I can do more harm than good if I wanted but the advice is that people can always keep their insults to themselves too; I hear some of them are fans but I don’t see them buying the books of course so they must be fans of the business and what I do on the websites which does mean they are now doing my job and this is how they will find out what I said about American and British tourism industry for instance and that will be their version of turning up here with problems everywhere they are asked to do a job: I mean the men have their own story that says I am a scared patriot which makes no sense since if I got a job to manage a large company in a Country that was bigger than mine it would have been easy to see that if people turn up with pitch forks and garden equipments from such a Country there will be serious problems but we all know they care about nobody no matter what they have as it were making more money and stifling my books. They say I don’t see anything wrong with the fact that a particular group of people are always made to suffer the most whenever there is an economic crisis but that will go beyond keeping millionaires off my book sales margins and my Royal Estate (no matter what they have and the story of what is my fault to make me feel I am being punished as well with a big mouth), it tends to mean I am supposed to feel there is something wrong with a diminishing tolerance for those who create people financial problems when people have less money to spend on them, considering I am the cash strapped Royalty that systematically has his human rights abused in order to groom me for it – they obviously have the strength and power for that anyway; so they do say people don’t know how to work my position of course but apart from the threat that is their undying need to do Royal tasks and military sensibilities and any other violence and bloodshed they can get their hands on including  anything else that makes them feel untouchable while they carry on with their projects that have to do with their Politicians getting into my personal space while they use the opportunity to express their low levels of tolerance for a condition where they don’t have everything others do which they clearly worked for as it were and end with their community croons knowing how to hurt me which means they can make me pliable at will and make fortunes from that rather than get a job, the men version is that of travelling off to other countries to get jobs and make people there feel like flying planes into the building in this Country and so this must be the female one (they do say I glorify Terrorism of course but the last time we checked ISIL was actually a collection of Generals and Colonels and Commanders and Captains and Sergeants from what is the dismantled former Saddam Hussien Military - so there is really no point being scared of them, people can ask them out for a picnic if they wanted).