Created and posted Mar 10, 2011, moved to blog on blog date

There are no friend bashing issues here just the usual evils that those who operate work based oppressions on others love to carry out, to wind people up to the point of acting and in this case I have been returning the favour of the work based oppressions, which earns me their hate as if there is anything they can do about it.

The main issue here is that being exasperated for years over my income by fools, they have reached the point where they do it to feel good for so long that my successes can be claimed by them to be something I have done to be like them without actually being one of them. Hence must court their anger and destruction.

Their Politicians are hurting themselves now more often than not refusing to recognise my authority as well, while trying to make use of my office at the same time:-the extra problem being that when they must do so in order to make use of my office then they loose everything including their right to hold the Monarchy to account.

All together a matter of those who are always trying to cheat me out of victories I have won against problems they could not surmount, which they pushed into my path and into my life as if it is theirs to use, that causes me to make them less than me (especially when it comes to the matter of telling me what to do with my income and books as insolently as possible, in order to use power on me to make me do it without actually knowing I am obeying their will) so they can get all over the place.