So its not that I am completely incapable of handling the verbal and physical assaults I put up with from women anyway, the reality of the matter has always been as simple as pack mentality boss is having his corruption clipped so I might keep my job and then employer her as mistress and knowing we already have a history of her ending up with enough local community criminality to deal with for 3 lifetimes back to back when she threatens me on account she wants to deploy my life to make money, she still gets up on Media to start a trading day blabbing about my problem being a lack of respect for women and then pretending it has no effect while it damages my Books and does not allow the Bookshop operate as a Library, later on I get told I give them false hope that they can take advantage of me like I make them think I will get killed by racists on their behalf when things go wrong but refuse to whereas we all know we have never seen a person with an imagination that can achieve such a thing as getting them to keep off a business premises when they have been told off, especially when they have got some stupid Media leadership playing foolish games with them as well. So its not that we do not have a history and they do not have a reason to hate my guts, it just seems that when it starts like this it starts just like that; blows off a vaginal monologue at me and fingers my bum to tell me I am talking out of my arse and so I am about to start another one as well concerning whether I owe a debt in this world to ensure women are comfortable and I intend to run it until they understand they need to stay away from me as I am not their fucking mate. Its nothing unusual i.e. when people ask why I never respond to it in good time; it’s a group of very twisted evil twerps and this is about punishing me for wrecking atmospheres of wickedness in the local communities which they love to deploy to target me whenever they see me attend Church and then make their own Church with which they start those gimmicks about how I should be used as well; so we see that I have had my academics and finances wrecked and they have acquired Media to keep it that way by and this is what gives them the impetus for such nonsense most of the time and as for their work place bosses who send them out, there is no way the scum will run their lives for them all together as well by the time I done with the matter a good start they are proficient with as it were. Its an old story about the link between their social sexual corruption nonsense and its link with racism including all other forms of extremism and how it has taken 14 years of my time, not their time, to wreck everything around here and make me look like Stephen Lawrence, then find it impossible to fix the problems and we all know its not a new story, we see it all the time when it is not the ethnic majority eliminating the leaders and leaving them with those who do what have you as it were; so the racists will always want to improve themselves with anything I do to keep them off my concerns in order to be free, they will always invent and run off these stupid evil wickedness seeking to punish any who has defended themselves and now it seems I have a Bookshop on the internet and the social media ones have now got a new life that involves goading me as well but they need to watch their insults as my life is not free for all and we are not mates as it were.Its always said I have a sense of security where I do not actually have any security, but I am always safe when no scumbag is building any Celebrity culture or popular culture up my Public image, especially as nobody is telling you to go out and have a conversation with pack mentality racists about who really owns the Country. What these fools are starting to find out is what people become when they have to deal with a decade of financial difficulty being mocked and abused while those who create it will only make friends and trade if they have such a person to antagonise, which end product is that they wish to find out how their victims deal with bullying then copy it and leave their victims dealing with bullying for everybody else with Media Publicity – so we find that whilst there is no rule that you must get out and risk your life to talk with racists about who owns the Country you have self-appointed and very insulting ageists putting pressure on your tummy and anus to make you get into violent difficulty because they want to deploy attributes they have seen on you or in your life to make money and need to ensure you understood the consequences for not co-operating; what they are starting to find out is what people can become to create a breathing space if they have made money at other peoples expense but will not give one. The Politicians are usually the most stupid of them all because not supporting these sorts of things happen to have been beneficial to the day job all together and yet it is the last condition you will ever see them comply with, talking nonsense at me about where I feel safe whereas its only a business of what stage I get to classify every behaviour towards me as a form of damage for my finances and property so I might damage their own well and stop talking about social issues and it is where we are at presently; only started taking this problem seriously in 2016 after it became obvious that there wasn’t a job on this planet they would ever let me keep as it were, as equally as it was impossible to have an existence their stupidities were not getting involved with. They do love to say it means the ageists are getting the better of me which is utter nonsense; I am just not doing anything about the ageists because it tends to mean that we see the Politicians fear the 5th of June that was meant to be the highlight of their own careers. Its exactly the same way it happened at University – first year meant the person in final year will grab all I have and so on, never took it seriously and dropped out; faced the same at the work place where factory work meant celebrities bought the products and they had made me smell like my loo so the Celebrities will confiscate my Public image for consuming my shit – then I got a security guard job after that and it took a whole new dimension, started happening everyday all together. Then we hear about how I play around with peoples wives and must be made to pay while what I do with any wives that get involved with me adds up to a trust issue and they show up here to churn our tummy and then it leads from my Court being free for all because the husbands will want all I have first before they have had any conversations which suggests I had slept with their wives, so a case where people smell like their loo and will lose the jobs and caused me to adopt this disposition where the employers are free to make the decision and find out how I will do their own as well, bearing in mind I may work in an environment for years being bullied every day, what they are usually good at is a process of confiscating anything I do to stand up for myself to make themselves feel important and safe by, as insultingly as their Politicians teach them to take the Lion share whenever I cook my own business in my life without discretion; so there is no way I will likely do their own as well if I had lost the job. In the end they like to say I am at war with everybody whereas all can see its impossible to concentrate on anything while getting around with these fools, just as I cannot run my writing career at home because their popularity local scum do not think writers look the way I do considering they have dreams of their own, which I could make a living from if I were a comedian but obviously not therefore very tough nonsense to contend with at the Office every day; I am not at war with everybody -simply cannot concentrate while getting along with these goons and we can clearly see how stupid they are most of the time and if people just gave me the time, I would not smell like my loo first of all and then of course I would make time to find out how they stand up for themselves when being bullied so I can copy and take the Lion share each time they defend themselves as well, rather than lose the job and get told I did not look like I was getting bullied, much the same as the lecturer said before I dropped out as it were. So there is this other question of whom I think is to blame for the condition in which I find myself which I find difficult to understand as there is no condition I find myself that causes me difficulty, just the business of other peoples intrusion whereby if I need to raise funds for my Books there will be interference until the day the funds are ready and then the funds will be wasted because they are busy with practical jokes that involve a process where they want to be me and I end up penniless because of it thereof too. All is well as long as I can say Media Bosses and Company bosses who love to employ Celebrities that are doing such things to me for advertisement and Film Producers cannot deploy any of my property without buying my Books and without permission; we can see that if I were to be able to do this the little attention I get on social media would be enough to get this business floating properly and if I am not able to, I would waste thousands on advertisement and self promotion never the less while it continues. So they do say I permit celebrities to deploy my work and property anyway but its all patented all together, same old case where they have no wish to understand that what allows me go into an Office to work without trouble is the patents ring fencing my property in Public; it’s a specific system concerning how distracting popular culture is for young people in school, every Celebrity that gets involved with operates in the understanding this is the most important benefit I get from their involvement and so I do not think those who will not want their music studios to be deployed for such things should be popping out popular culture over my life as often as we see, so that others might show up to conclude the violent bits for them as it were. I did drop out of University of course but since then, although they are all still keen to deploy my work and property, the behaviour of making out that when people want fame they are supposed to get it off me is still the most persistent, followed quickly by clinging to my Books because they are Media Bosses and Film Producers and Company bosses and whenever I walk for anything the business of the young people shit I hurt myself with especially when they claim my Court is free for all on one hand while on the other I am looking for trouble when most of my friends are female and older than I am turns into something of where all I work for is spent on somebody else. So it has to stop and with the threats, with the abuses they approach me with, making use of my work and person and property by buying a Book will come through in a certain way for it too; if blame therefore were to be apportioned, it would have been pointless to do so as I have got it under control but as we see, it become more important to inflict me than to get on with a day job for this guys, so its rather widespread. I do get asked about my so called controversial behaviour towards endorsement but obviously when it is not endorsement it is idiots getting themselves into trouble based on personal choices and showing up to cling to my books because it will help them extricate how I defend myself when bullied, so they can copy it, damage everything here, leave me without an income and then feel special too at the end - apparently they believe I will not reach a stage where I classify it as damage especially if it starts to cost me my allies and people think I should not classify such an outcome as a form of very abusive leverage based blackmail.