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The idea I have problems with my tummy and therefore am no longer publicly presentable is absolute rubbish. I have no problems with my tummy, I just have frequent tummy issues because I am really uncomfortable; try having breakfast while idiots are taking away your breath and then while it continues lunch 6 hours later. It does strange things to the tummy and then you begin to see them get on media to make up their own facts of what your life really is and I need a long holiday from their stupidities but their sociopath thing will get me to hurt them seriously instead.
They say these things happen to those who don’t know this is how to deal with it while I keep all the solutions to myself. The truth of course is that those are really lazy people who bring up such things when they have recently taken advantage of somebody to be where they should not, hence media is always the usual get away because people cannot catch up to have their problem fixed. I for my part have no issues with their problem but have a parent that is their biggest asset instead who thinks the things she does is unlikely to ever wind up anybody; such as doing those things to sacrifice me for stupid Politicians not even good ones then go off to earn money that is not enough for two. The matter of bad relations with parents however of which does not apply because I played my card well to ensure that she paid for my ticket when I returned to the UK and this advantage she has moved everything in the world to undo and I will never allow to be undone, just like the one where she carried me for 9 months and breast fed me as well, so if she wants to set me up for their society of women to fuck I wonder if they all do understand what it means for idiots on media and their women and children to hate somebody in their own individual ways? It’s about the things they do to change facts about what your life is so people can have sex with you and the ones that you do to them as well.
Naturally they always revert to claims it all happens because I am the kind of man that likes to be served by women who feel like being slaves. Rubbish; the truth is that if you go along with what they are you will lose your God given rights i.e. when they are young they excuse their wickedness even in Church with the fact they must make money i.e. gather it from older men who are actually married etc, so that they might be able to settle down and become Godly later on but we all know that the only process by which this happens is ganging up and conniving with men to bully boys and grab lots of money from those who work for it, then get into church to lie even when they see people that are old enough to be their grannies in it who actually have seen everything there is to see about things, then get off on media to make those lies credible because there is somebody it is likely to oppress.
So the real issue as it stands is that the men who work with such women have really tested me to the point where they have seen the worst of me. Now I am quite happy for these women who help me dominate my wife at home because of them but they on the other hand will always have getting on media to interfere with my fame and areas of my life where I make a living and people adore me as the only means of hurting me, they and their girls. True it is that I get asked all the time whether I never bother that men might take advantage of me because of the things I say but when you have been hated by men because you help their wives to dominate them at home you can say anything you like. I mean you need to look at the way their mind works; my wife can do and undo and you are the one that can control her for me and I am the one that can control you-it is just a function of where we want to be in life and how we get there. So it was in the past before they got themselves where they are; tyrants are tyrants because they are bigger in size than most people and you can take care of the tyrant I am the one that can dominate and control you, it is a matter of where we want to be in life and how we work and plan to get there. So lesson one was my wife can now do and undo, this is lesson two.
A typical example of these games is when the Prime Minister says the Scottish National Party need to come to a quick resolution on the referendum because of the economy. The only outcome was opinions which showed that because the Prime Minister interfered more people might be pushed into voting to stay outside the UK i.e. what Mr Cameron says will determine how the Scots vote. So it is a typical example of how the Scots and Welsh have been given their paper devolution but no entity in England has been informed that Scotland and Wales are now a devolved countries.
Its much like those compromises they seek from me when they have not brought their insults to an end. Has something to do with taking the biscuit I think; insult and abuse me on the global stage wreck my business and help celebrities to get rich with my income, then come round to seek compromises from me that will ensure you run things in a way that you plan to run it. For it has become a matter of those rights I give up which I will regret doing so later; so I know I am well within my rights to ensure the Prime Minister does not get his Salary next month no matter how much idiots in this country are passionate about their Politics in revenge and so am I well within my rights to ensure they stop seeing it as a joke my completely destroying the Political system so it might cease to function just like my damaged business. The question is that it is up to them now and so am I going to pick it up now or pick up protecting and holding this right true when I am a pensioner and it is too late. It is what Politics is anyway: if the rule is first in the circle wins then you must assume everybody is going to win provided they push their feet deep into the middle of the circle and if everybody does that, everybody will win. So what you do is push yours beyond the middle as far in as possible so that if you end up grabbing the entire circle for yourself it could not have been a bad thing. So its up to the English-they can continue to insult and abuse me and ask me for compromises that will ensure they lead the way they want, typical example of which is that when I go to Church on Sunday I get cut off at the Job centre and then complete relocated with the use of media into another life when people work hard on me like some witch working on a potion on a daily basis until that happens but for the Scots they can continue to tell them what Cameron says will determine how they vote in a referendum.
They have excuses for these things too; it has a lot to do with how people like me which is utter rubbish since people cannot like me if they love to keep my life open for access whenever anybody else does in order to do anything that others do, so they can have it as well. Its about power and I see it all the time in Pornography; the British will make Pornography but when the Americans make their own there will be the American one and then the one by which Americans do my stuff for me as well and it goes on like that forever and their Politicians will pay for it; as I said first in the circle wins. So they can tell me it is punishment for getting around with the media, which then means that because some stupid women likes to get on Public places to insult me I don't know which is my Court any more and they can ask any media idiots to put me below them with random cheap shot insults that affect my earnings, in order to feel like they are in charge, for which they are doing very well too, like they always do especially when it is election day. As for the rest; they work in the civil service and I am their league, same with when they work for Politicians, same with when they are politicians, some work on media and I am impressed, some are famous and I am blown over, which will never end well either. I know these are spend, spend, spend freaks; good for them next they will want a glorious death. The history of my life is that people like them are responsible for wrecking my parents marriage and my childhood-so I got a good childhood but my education was the price which they are screwing me over for now looking or trouble. They spend their property and control them as well. I have no idea what they want from me; I guess it is a glorious death with a large Gob.
Same old story; you study five things and you career wise are okay but they are never okay, however are good at spending yours and it is never enough-then you hear them talk more rubbish about glorious death while their stupid women are already getting sex object treatment out of you without your consent. All I have done is show them a crisis is something that will never spare them and their new found wealth without there being any stupid new found wealth to show that with except what Politicians give them. So I accept the insolent tag from their women and children I never think about anybody because I am much too busy about myself which is good bearing in mind the number of wicked people out there that are doing things for people to get back at me: as they make their beds. So I spend most of my time with women they say and hence feeling their wrath as a result because they are do things with people whenever they want; it makes me ask what they are going to do about it anyway? Crime of passion maybe with a big mouth? I am not the only prove they are cursed.
The thing with the media is not a big issue for me as such to say the least. All these things are happening because media idiots have big egos and stuff nothing else and when I say anything about it they simply get more fun. What blows my mind is how somebody would think it is important to have an ego when he has just barged into somebody else’s life with his western power insults and modernisation and has by it damaged the persons business because whatever he wants he always has and in this case he wanted to get involved with the person and that his beautiful Christianity from which he thinks he can exclude those who do not do the will of God and another will think about making shit noise at somebody who talks about it because they are ugly like to pretend to be more beautiful than others and hope to make them mentally ill all the time because they have communities all in the name of teasing somebody else? So if I am getting it correctly those times when I was targeted by people whose names I do not even know or care to remember because I have become am adult and my parents don’t have to look after me any more and they can move me left and move into the history of my life they have moved me on from which is still not successful after a decade of unemployment and cash flow crisis, the purpose was to ensure they get fun teasing me. See why people should be concerned about what happens to them and how they look in the Political scheme of things; I mean don’t get the wrong idea those are supposed to be idiots that women affiliated to men have clubbed in the past.
The reasons for it is that no matter what I do to them, they will never stop because they have media where they can change on a daily basis what people think about them whenever they want. So I have made it clear to them apparently since they have these media to do so with, build up perceptions that are not true and then live a new life but it but it is not enough and then complain currently that I fuck their wives which is not enough for me too as well, at some point I will take away the media and see what becomes of them when I do.
They love to claim to be responsible for the state of my finances which is utter rubbish, what they are responsible for is make a lot of noise about having more money than I do which means I can do nothing to them and therefore am meant to be their plaything by right. The truth is that if you have sex with Giant Lesbians as much as I do it will always have an effect on your finances. Yes whether or not I really do have sex with the giant Lesbians is none of their business, I am a Christian Prince and what I do with my Giant Lesbians is none of their business.
Of course they suppose they have had enough of the fun they needed to have at this point but I do not think this is a matter about which they can end in their own time, it is my life and work so when they sacrifice their own salaries for such fun they can decide when to end it. I say I will have my revenge no matter how long it takes and that is how it will be. I have already spent so much to keep it going over the years so selecting a Christian and moving him on to move into his right and have emotional and psychological management then a great defeat for a good history is not something people stop at their own time and it will always be that way for as long as it takes-my question was whether it required the sacrifice of their Political system and civil rights for it and it has taken a decade so far of unemployment and cash flow crisis for me and they already believe they will determine when they are satisfied with a big mouth, so in my time not theirs. Apparently their history now looks really good yap, yap, yap. Their women think I am in the market place with some scallywags and so my products will always be a plaything and making a living will be impossible and so I know my answer to this as well and it involves hitting them so hard they are unrecognisable; this is my answer to media and advertising power set on me daily to ensure my books are never sold so they can tell me when they have had enough of their fun and I need to move on before it gets worse with a big media mouth.