I hear some people think they want to hurt me badly but I cannot tell if they are clever enough for that but found it so difficult to see that the business of showing up to run down my finances, get me all stuck by means of incredible disrespect with sensibilities of the powers their money may have because I am trying to run a Bookshop, then set me out as a tool into whose life social goons can insert their violent and gang based problem, knowing well that if I handled their own in the same way as well, I would have been doing it when they were famous or chasing that job role that gets to their heads for my part thereof. I cannot tell if it was not simple enough that people should not be wrecking my finances just so they can push me into social issues as rudely as possible. I cannot understand why people think they may do anything they wish with human beings and make out their own ideas about how it is to end (I mean if my parents passed away, I would in a short while be dealing with how to fund my way in the world as well, which would add up to two different big problems through no fault of mine - it is how humanity works and these sorts of insults deserve the consequences that they get, with every goon talking nonsense about hurting me thereafter living in dream land; it all adds up over time, the practical jokes and the boasting after it are never really worth the time), now that they believe they wish to hurt me all together as well holding true to that assumption I have not had enough of them as well, after the last 16 years of my time has been spent fundamentally assessing my skills and Ordinary level qualifications so they can round me up at any attempts I might make with high institutions, just so that when they work some form of discrimination on me it might have extricated a reactionary effect on my part.

So yet again another US School shooting is at the heart of the issue and they say I need to pick a side and I could never understand that as well as neither the shooter nor the victims have made it past school and since we know that the shooters fate is decided, we need to talk about the fact there are now rules or laws compelling those who end up being victims to be so bloody inconsiderate in public places anyway. If I said I had no idea why those who just need to pass exams in school so they can get jobs in future like to think they are superior even to those who need to pass it in order to run a Royal Estate or need to pass it in order to head a Business they have inherited from their parents all together anyway, I have no idea why they generally love to consider themselves superior to others at all times and why their parents are so fond of disciplining young people whose names they do not know; to this they will say I am at last starting to look like an Elite that I really am which has nothing to do with the burden to knowing people may broker equities with you and in the microcosm of people getting jobs in the process there is bossy little lady getting a job as well and will never be given an opportunity in an otherwise setting no matter what her abilities were and it is the same with those who inherit companies from their parents too, nobody knows why those who need to pass exams and work for others love to think they are superior to all these people in the first place anyway and asking me to chose a side between school shooters and the victims is just stupid.

In the end we see the examples when I have written a Book and they have decided the way I have set out the Book does not allow them take advantage of me to make money, so the barrier to this on the left hand side and the right hand side is the reasons I have provoked them and have been getting attacked, while I may just rather have set about ripping up the popular culture to leave them complaining about freedom because their sense of property that does not legally belong to them is perverted, while freedom to them means the places where other peoples endeavour can go to disappear just before it is time to earn from it, which means they do not understand why personal finances is called personal finances in the first place. So I have no idea why they are always bringing up the issue for my part anyway, I just know that I need to be careful about making sure their whole lives are about their jobs and family runs and the shopping involved in both because it is a social crisis to ignore them so that the abusive ageist parents they have might spend money on it since my crime is that I stepped into Church and must be made to do what I promised, yet making sure their lives are about jobs and family run and shopping means that they are exposed to Industry and I may end up with a Political crisis for trying to avoid the social one – that said however it is still obviously the only way to ensure they are not bugging me. I used to be confident about working as a Financial adviser, I used to be confident about working as an Asset Manager, I used to be confident about working for Government at the Diplomatic front, not that I cannot now but I am much older and my age will tell as such all over my work, hence now I am just the writer trying to keep them off my earning margins and they claim they want to hurt me while complaining of the consequences with their big mouth.

Its apparently the older people that are scared of younger people taking their jobs, first making the decisions to spend money on the bad behaviour and then the decisions about the social crises which emerge – I am then told that I want to lead where I am not recognised and needed but for me it will always be a matter of the fact that people are selfish, evil, stupid and want somebody to blame for their problems therefore need to stop threatening me as well.